Secrets of Skin Care

Having beautiful skin is cultivated and maintained. A glowing complexion is just days away when you use our airbrush makeup system, designed to give you the utmost in protection and moisture. Unlock the magic of youthful skin by utilizing the secrets of skin care that must be maintained for a supple and soft appearance. These are the secrets that will keep your skin in great shape any time of the year:

Protection is key in having beautiful and supple skin. Our airbrush system provides moisture and extra protection to ensure the utmost prevention against harmful rays or environmental factors that can affect the skin’s appearance.

Our airbrush cosmetics feature a unique blend of calming botanicals that visibly reduce redness associated with inflammation. Fortified with Blue Lotus and Lavender oil, these ingredients provide essential nutrients needed to maintain skin elasticity and smoothness.

Using the right airbrush foundation will give you a glow while protecting your skin. The combination tinted moisturized and SPF promotes a healthy skin cell renewal cycle, perfecting the appearance of the skin while shielding it from the sun and other environmental factors.

Our airbrush makeup works around the clock to replenish the skin and restore any nutrients and skin healing properties that were taken away.

The multitasking Vitamin C serum in our airbrush makeup combines powerful antioxidants and citrus extracts to brighten, lighten and tighten the skin while the infusion of aloe soothes and penetrates to heal and nourish, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The moisturizer and its skin rejuvenating properties work to replenish and preserve the skin all night long. Aloe and essential oils help promote a supple look and feel, leaving the skin silky and soft.

You can have beautiful and radiant skin with the use of our airbrush makeup system. Designed to work with all skin types, your skin will be protected and nourished with the finest foundation and makeup that moisturizes and promotes a youthful glow. The secrets of beautiful skin have finally been revealed. Are you ready for the new you?


Use and Care for Optimal Performance

Luminess manufactures the best airbrush system on the market. A revolutionary design that allows a smooth, professional finish, airbrushing alleviates the need for expensive powders and foundations. Good for any skin type, this airbrush cosmetic system is compatible with regular, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. Young and old alike benefit from the natural ingredients and polished appearance that comes from using this system. Any shade of skin can be perfectly matched, providing a natural, youthful glow.

How do you use the cosmetic airbrush system?

Ease-of-use is one of the reasons this is the best airbrush system you can find. In five minutes or less, you can create a long-lasting look. Here’s how:

  • Place a few drops of the liquid into the stylus.
  • Turn on the compressor.
  • Slightly pull back on the trigger and brush across your face with soft, sweeping strokes. You may want to start by using a paper towel to determine how much you should pull back on the trigger, but that’s about it.

As you continue the process, you will be able to assess when you have used too much makeup, and your control will become better with each use. In a very short time, you will have mastered the art of a professional makeup job!

It’s important to keep your Luminess Airbrush makeup system properly maintained for continued professional results. This airbrush cosmetic system is fast and simple to clean. Here are the proper steps to properly care for your system:

For quick maintenance:
  • Unscrew the tail on the stylus. You should see the needle and the needle retaining bolt holding it into place.
  • Carefully unscrew the needle retaining bolt and gently extract the needle from the stylus.
  • Use a damp paper towel or cloth to remove any excess makeup from the needle.
  • Firmly holding the stylus, carefully clean the nozzle using a cotton swab.
  • Replace the needle into the back of the stylus, gently pressing it into place. Return the needle retaining bolt and screw. Make sure the bolt is secure, but not too tight.
  • Return the tail onto the stylus.
  • Once you have put the stylus back together, place five to eight drops of water into the airbrush cup of the stylus and turn on the compressor.
  • Cover the nozzle with the tip of your finger and pull halfway back on the trigger, causing the water to back bubble.
  • Spray the water from the stylus onto a paper towel until all the water has been extracted.
For deep cleaning:
  • Follow all the steps for unscrewing the back of the stylus and extracting the needle. Disconnect the stylus from the compressor. Soak all parts of the stylus in hot water for 30 minutes.
  • After extraction, reassemble all parts of the stylus, and continue with the back bubbling process.
  • Pour remaining water onto a paper towel.

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Skin Match Savvy for a Flawless Finish

Using the Luminess Air Brush system works for a variety of reasons. Why? It’s quick, easy and provides a polished, professional airbrush makeup finish. Celebrities and individuals alike have found this system compatible with a number of skin types.

What skin types work well with the Luminess Air Brush system?

The system works for almost every skin type and allows your skin to breathe. Regular, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin type clients have shown positive results. It works for the young and old, providing a smooth, flawless finish.

The airbrush system also caters to any skin shade through the ethnicity color match. No matter what color or shade, through the use of a simple photo, the experts can match your color to make sure you get the right shade all the time. Long lasting performance, natural ingredients and expert shading make this a worthy investment.

With the Luminess Air Brush system, you eliminate costly powders and foundations that look pasty and don’t match your true color. The specialists at Luminess have unlocked the secret to beautiful skin through a simple solution.

We take pride in the reactions from users of the system through their Luminess Air Brush Makeup Review. We can’t pay for those accolades! Try the Luminess Air Brush system for yourself to see how to enhance your beauty with astounding results. The secret is now in your hands.

There’s Magic in the Brush

Have you ever wondered how some people always have flawless skin? What’s their secret? You don’t have to ponder it anymore because we’ve got the answer right here! Air Brush Makeup. The Luminess Airbrush Makeup System makes it possible to cover all blemishes and flaws while leaving your skin looking youthful and silky smooth.

How is this possible?

Unlike a traditional system, the airbrush makeup system utilizes natural ingredients and provides an 18-hour performance. It helps sensitive skin, is easy to learn and has substantial benefits over powders and foundation. Many customers have given an airbrush makeup review giving their views on how the system works and what it has done for them. Available in a variety of shades, it is an excellent option for any type skin – regular, dry, oily and combination. No matter what age, you can experience the benefits of air brush makeup.

How does it work?

The makeup is sprayed on the face or body as a mist that blends with your skin color to create flawless perfection while allowing your skin to breathe. The steps are simple:

  1. Once you match your color, everything else falls into place.
  2. Place 4-6 drops of makeup into the air brush wand.
  3. When putting on the makeup, hold the stylus comfortably in your hand to spray the area.
  4. Lightly pull the trigger to release the makeup. It’s best to test the makeup on a piece of paper to get a general idea of how much makeup will release depending on how much you pull the trigger. Once you have become comfortable, lightly spray your skin in a circular motion. It should feel like light air skimming over the area. You only need a light layer for success. Let it dry for 5 seconds, check your results and if you need to touch up certain areas, proceed. The airbrush system is safe for your face and body.
  5. Thoroughly rinse your stylus after completion.
  6. Smile and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

In as little as five minutes, you can completely transform your look into one that mirrors a professional makeup job. An airbrush makeup system creates definition and helps accentuate your inner and outer beauty while giving you flawless skin each and every day. Millions of people have discovered the secret of glowing skin that provides a breathable, healthy alternative to commercial makeup.

Airbrush makeup review testimonials on the Luminess system can be found on YouTube and other venues where people can’t stop raving about the product. The Luminess Airbrush Makeup system is affordable, cost-effective and was a well-kept secret of all the professionals. We’ve given you the formula to get the same results as the pros. Being beautiful doesn’t have to be a secret – Unlock the magic of this makeup system and experience how ravishing your skin can be!

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Think Like An Artist

airbrush makeup, makeup airbrush, at-home airbrush makeup, airbrush makeup system, airbrush makeup kitApplying makeup is one of those things that some people pick up instantly and others struggle for years to figure out. You might have started out playing with your mother’s makeup or you might have read beauty magazines until you were old enough to try it on your own. You might even still feel like you are playing in your mother’s makeup and just can’t quite get the hang of it. Let’s see if we can’t fix that.

What Can Airbrush Makeup Do?

airbrush makeup, makeup airbrush, airbrush makeup system, airbrush makeup kitEvery makeup application has its pros and cons. Whether you use brushes, sponges or your fingers; whether you use creams, gels or powders; whether you use a little or a lot – every makeup method has it’s benefits and drawbacks. So what about airbrush makeup?

Luminess Air Customer Comments

Yesterday I received my Minus 10 and I have to tell you the name is all wrong it should be Minus 2 ! I was actually carded yesterday while buying wine, the clerk looked at my drivers license and said “oh my that’s the same year I was born” 1959 Even after washing my face my skin still feels and looks amazing Thank you! – Kimber M., actual Luminess Air customer

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And the advice out there can be confusing – don’t wear too much, don’t wear too little, etc. Lots of advice, but what works for someone else might not work for you. So here are some suggestions and ideas to help you find the eye makeup look that works for you.