Fall Sale for a New Autumn You

Airbrush Makeup SaleThey say Spring is the season for renewal, but I disagree. I think you should take any chance you get to shed your skin and start again. Certainly the change from swimsuits to sweaters and green leaves to red is reason enough to change up your look. For some reason, those beachy looks just don’t look the same when you are out in the pumpkin patches. So how do you change things up for fall?

Think Like An Artist

airbrush makeup, makeup airbrush, at-home airbrush makeup, airbrush makeup system, airbrush makeup kitApplying makeup is one of those things that some people pick up instantly and others struggle for years to figure out. You might have started out playing with your mother’s makeup or you might have read beauty magazines until you were old enough to try it on your own. You might even still feel like you are playing in your mother’s makeup and just can’t quite get the hang of it. Let’s see if we can’t fix that.

What Can Airbrush Makeup Do?

airbrush makeup, makeup airbrush, airbrush makeup system, airbrush makeup kitEvery makeup application has its pros and cons. Whether you use brushes, sponges or your fingers; whether you use creams, gels or powders; whether you use a little or a lot – every makeup method has it’s benefits and drawbacks. So what about airbrush makeup?

Luminess Air Customer Comments

Yesterday I received my Minus 10 and I have to tell you the name is all wrong it should be Minus 2 ! I was actually carded yesterday while buying wine, the clerk looked at my drivers license and said “oh my that’s the same year I was born” 1959 Even after washing my face my skin still feels and looks amazing Thank you! – Kimber M., actual Luminess Air customer

Eye Glasses and Eye Makeup Go Hand in Hand

airbrush makeup, makeup airbrush, airbrush makeup system, airbrush makeup kit, natural makeupGlasses are worn by every type of person – the hipster and the punk, the businesswoman and the teacher, the mom and the child. Figuring out how to apply your eye makeup is a dilemma faced by nearly every woman who wears glasses.

And the advice out there can be confusing – don’t wear too much, don’t wear too little, etc. Lots of advice, but what works for someone else might not work for you. So here are some suggestions and ideas to help you find the eye makeup look that works for you.

Finding Makeup Inspiration in Everyday Life

airbrush makeup, makeup airbrush, airbrush makeup system, airbrush makeup kit, natural makeupSome mornings it’s just tough to get out of bed.  The same old routine has you worn down and you just don’t feel like putting on the same outfit, doing the same makeup and heading out the door. Shopping for something new doesn’t help, eating doesn’t help and you can’t just give up and go back to bed. So what do you do?

You have to find inspiration somehow, so start looking around you.

What’s Better Than a New Airbrush System? Two Airbrush Systems!

makeup airbrush, airbrush makeup, at-home airbrush makeup, airbrush makeup system, airbrush makeup kitThe world is full of acronyms these days: LOL, YOLO, BRB, OMG, BFF. But the best one is definitely BOGO – Buy One, Get One. And we are having a BOGO sale right now. Buy one Luminess Air Everyday airbrush makeup system, get one free.

Our Everyday airbrush makeup system is already discounted at $169. But now, that $169 will get you TWO airbrush makeup systems. One to keep and one to share, or just keep them both if you like. Either way, this is a great deal.

Accent Colors Aren’t Just for Houses

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Celebrities with Accent Nails

Any woman who has had a manicure or pedicure in the last few years (or watches Drop Dead Diva) knows about the accent nail. If you have a red manicure and a lone white nail, that’s an accent nail. Just like when you decorate your home and you paint one wall a different color or you chose throw pillows that complement your color scheme, you can use accent colors in your makeup.

Obviously, this works great on nails. Use a complementary color to match your color scheme or use a contrasting color to really make it stand out. Instead of changing up colors, you can use a nail decal on your accent finger or even change up patterns – go from a traditional French manicure to and upside down French mani.

But you don’t have to limit accent colors to just your nails and fashion choices. You can do this in your airbrush makeup, as well.

Feel Transformed with Airbrush Makeup

airbrush makeup, makeup airbrush, at-home airbrush makuep, airbrush makeup foundation

Capt. Jack Sparrow

Airbrush makeup has been used by professional makeup artists for years. They have used it on celebrities and non-celebrities, on and off the red carpet and for subtle looks to complete makeovers.

You have seen hundreds of celebrity red carpet pictures and they always look so glamorous and amazing. And while these women (and men) are definitely good looking in person, it still takes makeup to get them red carpet ready.