3 Quick Steps to a Fresh-Faced Finish

Keeping a clean, fresh face will always give you great results when applying your makeup. You’ll look more youthful, lines and wrinkles won’t be as pronounced and your skin will glow. The first thing to remember is when starting your makeup regimen, you should thoroughly cleanse your skin and moisturize it. Here are three items that will assist in getting that perfect fresh-faced finish:


Eraser is a must-have beauty essential. It is a product you put on before the foundation that is applied with the airbrush system to transform the skin, removing the signs of redness, blotchy and uneven skin. Your skin will be smooth and blemish free, allowing a clear canvas for smooth makeup application.


Glow is a skin brightener that brings the luster back to dull, lifeless skin. This product will give the appearance of dewy and supple skin that provides a youthful appearance. Glow can also be added to the brow bone for highlight and the high planes of the cheekbones.


Foundation is applied for that smooth, creamy finish. There are a number of foundations available, depending on your skin type and color. Matching the right color to your skin tone is essential in having a finish that enhances your look. There are a number of colors in the selection palette to choose from that will enrich and nourish your skin while performing beautifully.

These three essentials for a fresh-faced finish can all be applied with the Luminess Airbrush System. Versatile and easy-to-use, you can apply all three steps to your skin through the convenient stylus. By using this regimen, you will have a foundation in which to build. These steps will have your face ready to apply the other elements of your beauty regimen to achieve winning looks that stand the test of time.