4 Beauty Products that Save You Time and Money!

Do you dread your longgggg beauty routine? You know that I’m always good for beauty advice, but not just any beauty advice. I like to share products that make my routine easier, save me money and help me achieve amazing results….and this is why I love LUMINESS.

LUMINESS provides high-quality products that are multi-purpose and long-lasting. As makeup lovers, we understand how HUGE this is! Although LUMINESS offers an abundance of multi-purpose products, here’s a few that shorten my routine and save me money….oh and of course make me look flawless!

Airbrush Systems

Starting off with the most versatile collection of products, the life-changing LUMINESS Airbrush Systems. These airbrush systems save me time and money because of the abundance of features, from at home spray tans, to eyeshadow and foundation….the flawless results are just the cherry on top! 

Please name a makeup tool that allows you to apply your foundation, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter and saves you a trip to the salon by filling in your roots, AND provides a natural glowing sunless tan……..having trouble?

My answer to this pop quiz question is the Icon Pro! But did you know you can complete almost all of those steps with all LUMINESS airbrush systems? LUMINESS even offers a cordless airbrush system, the Breeze-allowing you to achieve amazing results from ANYWHERE. 

Say goodbye to the time and money wasted on makeup brushes, I can’t even imagine how much money I’ve spent on makeup brushes throughout the years and the embarrassing amount of time I spent cleaning them! 

So if you’re sick of wasting money on makeup tools that don’t make your life easier… run, don’t walk to check out all of LUMINESS’ Airbrush Systems

Brow and Root

So remember when I mentioned saving you a trip to the salon? The Airbrush Brow and Root will allow you to push back that root touch-up by filling in your roots naturally and quickly with your airbrush system.

This is the ultimate time and money saver, spend less time in the salon and more time showing off your airbrush results.

Oh and since multi-purpose is my word of the day…I’d like to mention that this product is not just for your roots, it’s also for your brows. You can add shape and color to your brows with this formula using our helpful brow stencils. You never have to stress about your brows being uneven! 

4-IN-1 Foundations

So if we have one tool that shortens our routine, what else could we possibly need? Yes, it gets even better, imagine having FOUR products in ONE! Not only does LUMINESS bless us with a machine that makes our lives so much easier, but they also offer multi-purpose foundations. 

For those of you who like medium to full coverage and love the smell of fresh roses, say hello to Rose 4-In-1 Foundation. If you like light coverage, your new bestie is Silk 4-In-1 Foundation.

Both of these multi-purpose foundations act as your primer, concealer, foundation, and anti-aging serum and help you achieve the finish you’ve been yearning for!!!

Think about how much time and money you can save! Purchase one product, enjoy the amazing results of four products. Apply one product, enjoy spending less time getting ready! 

Don’t sleep on the spa-like experience you can have with Rose 4-In-1 and the natural-looking results of Silk 4-In-1. It doesn’t take a million products to feel confident in your results, all you need is a reliable tool and the perfect formula for your skin type! 


I want all my makeup lovers to get the most out of ALL their beauty products. Even if products aren’t promoted as “multi-purpose”, that doesn’t mean they aren’t.

I’m sure you have a few products sitting on your vanity that you never even thought to use in a different way, but definitely can! I say this because sometimes I only discover things like this until I’m in a pinch and only have one product. So I stumbled upon this hack by accident, but chocolate chip cookies were originally an accident, so it’s a positive. 

LUMINESS’ Luminizers are beautifully pigmented highlighters that can be used wherever you normally place your highlighter. I like to apply highlighter on my brow bones, the tip of my nose, cupid’s bow and chin. However, you can always use these gorgeous shades as eyeshadow!

These Luminizers are the perfect shimmer for your lids! This hack is great to keep in mind when traveling to save space in your makeup, but can also save you money! Utilize LUMINESS’ high pigmented formulas and have fun thinking outside the box. 

You no longer have to dread your routine or worry about overspending on products because LUMINESS understands your needs as a makeup lover. We all want to spend less money on makeup products, shorten our routines, and achieve beautiful results-thankfully LUMINESS makes all of this possible! 

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  1. The brow and root product makes my brows look so beautiful quickly! As a single parent, this really helps when I’m rushing to get out the door in the morning, and don’t have a lot of time to get my face together lol

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