4 Myths I’ve Heard About Airbrushing (before I tried it)

Have you been interested in trying airbrush, but you’ve heard mixed reviews and don’t know who to believe? Well, honey, by the end of this blog post you will know exactly what to do. 

Since the world of airbrushing is extremely foreign to many, there are a lot of false and fictional claims about airbrush makeup. From my own personal experience, I’m going to share things I’ve heard about airbrushing that, come to find out from my own personal experience, are the farthest thing from the truth. 

Myth #1: It’s ONLY For Professionals 

As you all know, and I continue to mention,  I am NOT a professional makeup artist and I use airbrush makeup SUCCESSFULLY EVERY DAY. To be honest, I’m not sure where this myth started, but it must’ve been someone who tried the airbrush system once and struggled (which is totally normal).

Now, it’s not like I don’t understand that it’s different from traditional makeup applications. Like I always say, airbrushing isn’t difficult it’s just different from what you are used to!

Once you practice a few times it becomes second nature. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, it took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it, and of course, I wasn’t great at it on my first try. 

Think about the first time you put on traditional makeup (yikes), were you an expert? The process of achieving desirable coverage with an airbrush system is no different.

And this goes for all LUMINESS airbrush systems, Icon, Icon Pro, Legend, and the Breeze. They are all makeup lover friendly and I promise with practice, you will achieve flawless results with every system.

However, if any of you are traveling these days, the cordless Breeze System may be a better option for you as it is perfect for on-the-go glam. The Breeze is travel-friendly with a long-lasting charge making it so easy to airbrush from anywhere.

Also, guys, it’s 2021 what makeup products are exclusive to makeup artists anymore? Nothing is behind the scenes these days, you might not have a piece of paper to prove it, but you ARE an artist.

So don’t settle for old-fashioned makeup in a fast-moving world! Embrace the gift of technology and allow your makeup game to soar. 

Myth #2: It’s Too Expensive

At first-glance, joining the airbrush world may seem like a big investment, you see is a shiny new tool that’s powered by mysterious little bottles and it can look pricey.

However, would you believe me if I told you, it’s actually more affordable than traditional makeup and you save a ton of money in the long-run? I know my makeup posse would believe me, it was rhetorical.

If used correctly, airbrush systems release less makeup than you would use if you were applying it yourself (traditional makeup). This is because of the great coverage airbrush products provide and the airbrush system itself.

Side note, for those of you who don’t know how to achieve a flawless finish with airbrush, see below for how to become an expert. Our airbrush systems are designed to cover imperfections with precision.

Therefore, your using way less product without even realizing it. Don’t you love how the airbrush thinks for you? 

So we’ve confirmed that airbrush products are long-lasting, now let’s talk about quality. Our foundations are formulated to not only give you flawless results but also contain other active ingredients that are good for your skin!

Did I mention that some of our foundations can shorten your daily routine? Our Rose 4-In-1 Foundation acts as your foundation, concealer, primer, and anti-aging serum. (See next Myth for another multi-purpose foundation)

Multi-purpose is the ULTIMATE money and time saver if you ask me! Along with providing great quality products, LUMINESS wants customers to feel confident in their application and results!

That’s why LUMINESS offers 1:1 sessions to answer ANY questions you may have. Another great option is the airbrush starter kits. These starter kits include an airbrush system, two foundations, airbrush blush, and Luminizer.

To allow you to shop with confidence, every airbrush system comes with a one-year warranty and you can try the starter kit for a 30-day trial, it’s only $19.95!

This allows you to play with your system and fall in love with it and if you love it as much as I do (which you WILL), you pay the rest later on! As you can tell, airbrushing is affordable and LUMINESS ensures amazing results by giving you the tools to perfect your flawless finish. 

Myth #3: Airbrush Won’t Replace Everyday Makeup

Just like traditional makeup you can go all out for a special occasion or create a subtle everyday look with your airbrush system, it’s completely up to you!

I’m sure this came from someone who automatically associates airbrush with a professional result.  Not only can airbrush make your skin look flawless on the reg, but as I mentioned before it can also shorten your daily routine.

You can save yourself so much time by using our Silk 4-In-1 Foundation, its formula acts as your primer, concealer, foundation, and anti-aging serum. So tell me again, why isn’t airbrush foundation the ideal makeup for every day AND special occasions?

I know we all love a good multi-purpose beauty product, so incorporate airbrushing into your daily makeup routine to make it shorter and easier for you! (and look amazing, of course). 

Myth 4: Impossible to Find the Right Shade

First of all, I have been there. Can I tell you what is impossible?? Going to the drug store, or even the high-end makeup stores, oh and don’t get me started about online makeup shopping…. Fast forward to my foundation graveyard.

Colors that just weren’t right. Colors that were ok for the two weeks after I just got back from that family vacation at Disney.

This color and that color, this heavy coverage and that barely-enough coverage, they have all made tiny little foundation bottle homes in the bottom of my makeup drawer.(And as much as I know they aren’t the perfect shade or coverage for me, I keep them there. Like small soldiers ready to battle if I could just change them a little.)

AND the GUILT! Don’t even start on the guilt of how much money I have spent trying to get the perfect foundation. 

LUMINESS couldn’t make it easier to find your perfect shade. You can request a shade from one of our makeup artists or chat with a makeup artist LIVE: https://www.luminessair.com/colormatch or you can book a 1:1 virtual appointment: https://luminessbeautybar.as.me/

So don’t stress, LUMINESS has 18 foundation shades to choose from. Does this sound like it’s impossible to find the perfect shade? If that doesn’t convince you maybe this will,  you can also mix together different shades using your airbrush system.

Coming from a person who would rotate have 5 different foundation shades a year, I am so thankful for how easy it is to match your foundation and mix colors with airbrush. I have two colors for each foundation, I have a lighter color for the winter and a darker color for the summer.

I’m mostly in between both colors so I simply put 3 drops of each shade in and combine the shades with the system by putting the power on, pulling back on the trigger, and holding my finger over the edge of the stylus. 

So for those of you who were hesitant about joining the airbrush world, I hope my personal experiences have calmed your nerves and you are eager to start spraying!

Just remember the few simple rules I live by and you will feel silly for EVER believing these myths. I can’t wait to hear about your airbrush love stories, happy airbrushing!

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