5 Must-Do Makeup Hacks

Listen up makeup junkies, these hacks are life-changing! Although I love doing my makeup, I just don’t have the time! These quick tips have shaved off time and truly elevated my makeup game.

Check out these simple, but super helpful hacks that have really given me noticeable and flawless results. 

  1. Blush Before Foundation

Blush, a personal fave and major staple in my makeup wardrobe, has had quite a whirlwind career in the cosmetics world. At one point in history, it was called rouge and was the only thing separating the healthy-looking from the less fortunate.

Fast forward a few hundred years to when some decades skipped the trend completely. Then, here comes the 80’s – making blush almost as important as those frosted shadows that crept up to your eyebrow. No wonder why blush can be intimidating!!  


With airbrush, you can forget those blushing mishaps because you can switch it up! There are many differences between airbrush cosmetics and traditional makeup. One of the most important differences is the order of application! 

Step 1: Using any LUMINESS airbrush system, apply blush to your cheekbones. 

Step 2: Apply your fav airbrush foundation over it. 

The Result: Perfectly blended blush, every time. 

  1. Powder Before Airbrush  

Is your face super oily? Or oily in just your t-zone and dry everywhere else? Applying powder before foundation will prevent oil breakthrough. Applying powder over airbrush foundation takes away from the flawless finish, making it look dry and we do not want that! 

And because it’s airbrushed, you don’t have to worry about moving the powder underneath! (Remember, airbrushing is touchless!)

Step 1: Start with a hydrating spray.

Step 2: Apply setting powder where necessary to absorb excess oil.

Step 3: Apply airbrush foundation. 

The Result: Soft matte, but not dry looking, foundation. I recommend the Translucent Setting Powder!

  1. Open Your Eyes

 Lining our eyes can backfire – quick! We love to accentuate and draw attention, but too much liner can make our eyes look smaller and closed. To avoid heavy eyeliner overload, switch to shadows for lining under your eye. 

  • Step 1: With a medium-toned shadow and a dense brush (try brush L210 and Click N Play Shadow in Cave), buff the color from the outer corner of your eye to about ¾ of the way towards the nose. PRO TIP: Gently lift on the brush as you come towards to nose to lighten the application and avoid hard lines
  • Step 2: Take the same brush and a darker shade of shadow (Try Click N Play Shadow in Coffee), repeat step 1 ( yup! Right on top of the Cave) but stop ⅓ of the way and blend into the first color. This will draw attention to the outer corners making your eyes look bigger. 

The Result: Softer looking liner, but more defined and open eyes. 


Unsteady hand or a little intimidated by liquid? No worries. Line away! The liquid liner will give the depth of color that a shadow just can’t do on its own, (yes, even if you wet it!) and the precision that is unparalleled. Add the soft blur of shadow and you look like a master liner!

Step 1:Line and let the line dry completely. 

Step 2: With a deep shadow color (Like Click N Play Graphite) or a pop of color (Like Click N Play Iris) and a dense brush (Like L210) buff over the liner staying close to the lashes. 

The Result: Blur out any imperfections and create a soft, blended line.

5) Lighting is EVERYTHING

I’ll say this one loud for the people in the back… DOUBLE CHECK YOUR LIGHTING after applying your makeup. Match your lighting to your destination.

Step 1: Determine what look you’re going for based on time of day/ occasion

Step 2: Check your light based on occasion.If you’re going to an outdoor daytime wedding check your lighting outside or by a window. If you’re going out to a romantic dinner or a dark club, check your makeup in dimmed lighting.

The Result: Desired colors and coverage, allowing your features to pop for each occasion. 

Whether you are a makeup artist or a makeup junkie, we all want to achieve amazing results in a shorter time! Less time in the makeup chair, more time flaunting your fresh beat face. Make these little changes to your routine, for a big impact on your results!

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  1. Luminess is truly re-inventing the way we do makeup. I have oily skin, and I always apply setting powder after my foundation, but applying it before has been an absolute game changer!

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