I’ve officially joined the world of airbrush and thanks to LUMINESS, my makeup is looking better than ever. Here’s why I ditched traditional foundation and never looked back. 


Although airbrush systems look very different than traditional makeup tools, with some practice, the application will feel just as easy and natural. Were you a pro the first time you applied traditional foundation? Doubt it!

If you follow the basic airbrush rules, keep the system 4 fingers away from your face, always keep the system moving and lightly pull on the trigger, you will love your airbrush experience.

I’m by no means a makeup artist, I just LOVE makeup. To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by the systems at first, because it looks so different from a traditional makeup brush.

However, applying airbrush cosmetics came easy to me very quickly. After about 3 tries, I felt like an airbrush pro and I started to love the results. 


When you think of airbrush, you probably only think about foundation, but you can complete most of your makeup routine and more with an airbrush system.

You can accomplish killer contour, symmetrical eyebrows, the perfect smokey eye, and root cover all with any of LUMINESS’ Airbrush Systems. Oh, and I can’t forget about using the airbrush systems for a sunless tan, especially during the cold months of winter.

LUMINESS Airbrush Systems offer a feature for everyone, even if you’re not a makeup person, you can give your body a glow, fill in your roots or bald spots-the list is endless. 


It’s safe to call LUMINESS’ airbrush foundation a triple threat, the finish is natural, long-lasting, and provides amazing coverage. If you are a makeup enthusiast like myself, you understand how rare it is for a product to have all of those qualities.

The airbrush foundation covers my wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration, my skin looks flawless and that’s just the foundation. With the other airbrush products.

I never have to feel insecure about my hairline, my body always has a little extra glow, and I can make my eyebrows balanced in shape, size, and fullness. 


As makeup users, it’s important to understand what the main ingredients are in the products we’re using. LUMINESS’ Airbrush foundations are water-based, oil-free, and cruelty-free. and it gets even better.. take back the triple threat label because that’s selling airbrush cosmetics short.

Some of the foundations act as your foundation, concealer, moisturizer, primer, and anti-aging serum, ALL IN ONE PRODUCT. I love multi-purpose products and I’m always looking to trim my daily routine. LUMINESS understands my fast-paced lifestyle. 


With traditional foundation I always struggled to find the perfect shade, I was always in-between shades, and manually mixing them never quite worked!

However, with LUMINESS’ wide variety of shades, you can mix foundations within the actual system. This feature makes it so easy to match your color perfectly. 

If you are looking for a sign to join the airbrush world, this is it. If you are nervous to learn on your own, don’t worry- LUMINESS offers free 1:1 appointments to answer any airbrush or cosmetic related questions you may have.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with a LUMINESS airbrush expert, click link below to schedule! 


Of course, It’s great when a company provides high-quality products but it’s even better when they care about their customers and strive to make them feel confident in their results and application.

I truly recommend joining me in the world of airbrush, elevate your makeup experience and enjoy the flawless results.


  1. 5 reasons why I love airbrush is seriously my fav blog thus far. Like honestly, once you get airbrushing down and understand the benefits, it’s hard to go back to the way you used to do makeup.

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