Airbrush for Everyday

Lifestyle Blogger Janey Jessen ( first tried out Luminess Air airbrush makeup a few months ago, and has fallen more and more in love with each application. She’s found that airbrushing her makeup in the mornings allows her to get a flawless finish in a fraction of the time as traditional makeup.

“These boys keep me so busy on the daily. Especially in the morning, some days my get ready window can be 5 minutes long and other days 30 minutes. I just never know what I’m gonna get, so spending as little time on my makeup as possible is key,” Janey shared.

Luminess is so easy to use and it goes on so fast, it has cut my makeup routine in half. I use Luminess Air all the time now, I’ve been loving how dewy and natural it makes my skin look, especially on those days I want to have a light makeup day. It takes little to no effort to achieve a smooth porcelain finish. I know airbrush makeup sounds a little intimidating and daunting, but all you have to do is try it once and it’s an automatic love connection.”