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For my loyal readers, you know how much I love airbrush and I know you do as well. To fill in the newbies, an airbrush system is a magical makeup tool that makes it so easy to achieve flawless makeup results. 

All LUMINESS airbrush systems are versatile tools, you can use an airbrush system to complete most of your makeup look and shorten your routine- no brushes required!

For those of you who are just starting to play with your new toy (airbrush system), I’m sure you have a few questions! Here are a few helpful tips that can elevate your airbrush results. 


If you haven’t found one singular foundation shade that works for your skin tone, don’t worry with an airbrush system you can personalize your foundation shade!

One of the best airbrush features is the ability to mix shades…at home! Remember, I’m by no means a makeup artist so the fact that it’s easy for anyone to create a personalized foundation shade is amazing!

I’ve always been in-between shades and with traditional makeup, it never looked right or blend well when I would mix shades manually. Here’s how to effortlessly create the perfect foundation shade for your complexion. 

  1. Apply 3-4 drops of each shade into the foundation well 
  2. Firmly hold finger over the tip 
  3. Pull back on trigger to mix colors 
  4. Start applying your PERSONALIZED foundation

See, I told you airbrush elevates your makeup game, you can create the perfect shade right from your very own makeup chair! Isn’t this everything we’ve ever wanted?

Say goodbye to buying a new foundation every season! Take a peek at the amazing selection of airbrush foundations:


Has anyone else struggled with finding the perfect dewy finish? To me, I always felt like I either looked greasy or the dewiness was invisible, but with Airbrush Love Illuminator, I found the perfect in-between.

This hydrating formula contains a tinted sheer base which, when airbrushed on the skin, creates luminosity and natural dewiness to the skin. Here are a few ways I have fun with Love Illuminator.

For all dewy finish: 

-Add a drop or two of LOVE illuminator in with your foundation for a subtle glow.


Highlight (don’t worry, there’s no shimmer, just glow): 

-Apply lightly to your cheekbones, brow bone, nose, and cupid’s bow

As makeup lovers, I’m sure you are so happy to finally have found the PERFECT dewy finish (I know I am). 


Are you loving your Airbrush Blush, but want to achieve a softer blush look? I’m here to save the day once again! I personally love blush, but I love the natural blush look.

Since LUMINESS’ blush is amazing and extremely high-pigmented, I have a quick tip that will give you a way softer look. 

  1. Apply airbrush blush on cheekbones
  2. Apply airbrush foundation over it! 

A simple fix is an understatement! I’m sure you use to the application of traditional makeup which requires blush after foundation, but if you’re looking for a softer look- apply blush first! 


Do you have a little too much shine and want a little bit more of a matte finish? Well then, you are going to LOVE this last tip. Here’s how I reduce my natural shininess.

  1. Before applying airbrush foundation, apply setting powder to oily areas like your brow bone, nose, and chin.
  2. Apply airbrush foundation
  3. Enjoy your oil-free flawless matte finish

Applying powder before airbrush foundation is a great way to absorb excess oil, this will ultimately lead to more of a matte finish. For peeps, with oily skin, I’m sure you’re stocking up on setting powder as we speak!

I’ve always struggled with oily skin, so this is for sure a go-to hack of mine. I recommend the Sheer Compact Finishing Powder, it is life-changing!

I hope all of my fellow airbrush lovers are excited to try some of my helpful tips and the newbies are looking forward to joining the airbrush world. Newbies, here’s the link to all of LUMINESS’ Airbrush Systems:

As always, I want to hear from all of you! If you have any questions about my airbrush hacks, please comment below or if you need help getting started with airbrushing, schedule a session with a LUMINESS airbrush expert:

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  1. Ok, the Airbrush Love Illuminator doesn’t get enough credit. I love having dewey skin, and this stuff is perfect!

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