All Hail Lash Lure

Easy application, professional results.   

Hi, I’m Liv and I have been personally victimized by fake eyelashes. As you all know I live and breathe makeup, but unfortunately, I’m awful at applying fake eyelashes.

I’ve always loved the way false eyelashes looked but always avoided them because I couldn’t apply them myself. Then, I discovered Lash Lure. 

LUMINESS’ Lash Lure are beautiful false lashes that are SO easy to apply. I’m sure you’re asking, what makes them easier than other fake eyelashes? Well first off, there’s no glue involved….these lashes are magnetic! 

The lashes cling to the 2-in-1 Magnetic Smart Adhesive eyeliner, so all you need to do is line, define and effortlessly apply any of the three styles of silk magnetic lashes.

Skip the mess of the sticky glue and enjoy the worry-free hold. Lash lure is the upgrade we all need in our makeup routines, especially with wedding season coming up!

Lash Lure comes in three different styles: Natural, Diva, and Glam- so there’s a perfect lash for every personality and all occasions.

Natural lashes fill in the volume and length of your natural lashes with just enough boost to feel your best self! The natural lashes are perfect for a daytime event or if you like the subtle look. They truly are natural-looking, with the perfect touch of extra length. 

For more of a dramatic look, I like to use the Diva lashes. Diva lashes start out shorter towards the inside of the eye and extend length towards the outer corner for a flirty feel with a splash of drama!

Lastly, for ultimate length and volume, Glam lashes are the move! Glam lashes are full volume and length from end to end bringing you the fullest lashes with the most impact.

It’s time to gear up for wedding season with these easy-to-apply lashes. Say goodbye to stubborn traditional lashes. Remember guys, I’m NOT a makeup professional, just a makeup enthusiast so if I can apply these gorgeous lashes, you can too! With Lash Lure, you will feel confident in your application and show-stopping results. 

Which lash style are you dying to try? “All of them” is an acceptable answer and don’t worry the Lash Lure Complete Kit comes with all three styles!