Airbrush Away Your Acne

It’s no secret that makeup can be bad for your skin. We know makeup can clog our pores, cause infections or even wrinkles, but we still apply it daily. Whether your style is natural or glam, there is a way to make your cosmetics work for your skin.


Airbrush makeup has the daunting reputation of being a product used only by professionals or for special occasions. We argue that it’s for everyone. With light, water-based formulas ideal for any skin type, and an easy on/off button, an airbrush makeup system is perfect for everyday use, whether you’re young with acne-prone skin, mature with fine lines and wrinkles, or anything in between.

No dirty brushes. Raise your hand if you should be more diligent about cleaning your makeup brushes. Don’t worry. Our hands are raised, too. Most women don’t regularly clean their makeup brushes and sponges, which can transfer bacteria onto your skin, worsening your acne and even causing infections. With airbrush, you simply put a few drops of makeup into your stylus and let air do the work for you. There is no need to touch your face with dirty hands, brushes or sponges; it’s completely hygienic. Bonus: Because you’re never touching your face, you’re also never pulling on your face, so you won’t develop wrinkles from makeup application.

Your skin can breathe. If you have acne or even a minor breakout, chances are you also have a full face of makeup to conceal the blemishes. When you pile on makeup to cover up pimples, though, you’re only making it worse. Most makeups are oil-based and comedogenic (meaning they clog pores), so they block your current blemishes from breathing and healing, and clog your pores, causing more pimples. Airbrush makeups are lightweight and made with water, so they allow your skin to breathe while providing perfect coverage. You can use airbrush eraser, concealer, or just foundation to cover up your acne, and you’ll be left with a flawless finish that lets your skin heal itself.

Get flawless coverage. As mentioned above, you never have to sacrifice perfection for lightweight coverage. With airbrush makeup, you can apply as little or as much foundation as you want. You’ll always look flawless, and your skin will always be able to breathe.

No irritation. Luminess Air airbrush makeup contains no fragrances, citrus extracts, menthol or denatured alcohol, which are the most common skin irritants found in cosmetics. While you should always check your skincare and makeup products for ingredients you may be allergic to, you never have to worry about common irritants from us.

How to Heal Your Acne with 6 Easy Tips

Acne can feel like the seventh circle of hell (and, probably the fifth, too). It’s painful. It’s embarrassing. And it never seems to go away.

Lucky for you, we have six tried-and-true methods to heal your skin for a clearer, more beautiful you.

Drink more. Water, that is. Water is paramount to your skin’s health, as it refreshes and revitalizes your entire body and helps it perform its functions better. Staying properly hydrated helps your body process and clean out toxins. Often, when our kidneys are overloaded with toxins, they’ll expel them through our skin. Drinking plenty of water helps flush them out.Experts recommend drinking half an ounce of water for every pound of your body weight. So, if you weigh 130 pounds, you should be drinking 65 ounces of water every day for adequate hydration.

Take it off. Always, always, always remove your makeup before bed. Sleeping in your makeup once in a while won’t necessarily cause a breakout, but it’s best to consistently be in the practice of taking it off first. Sleeping in your makeup can cause bacterial infections and clogged pores, making your acne worse. Wash your face after removing your makeup to ensure you get all of the concealer and foundation off.

Baby your skin. While acne can be exacerbated by a poor skincare regimen, it’s not caused by dirty skin. People who believe otherwise often end up over-washing their faces, or using harsh chemicals and treatments that only irritate the skin more. As important as it is to wash your face before bed and in the morning, it’s just as important to be gentle in your washing. Over-exfoliating can dry out your skin and cause “microcuts,” through which bacteria can enter and, again, worsen acne. For a gentler exfoliation than grainy scrubs, use a salicylic- or glycolic-acid cleanser. Start using one of these three times a week, alternating with your regular cleanser, and adjust depending on your skin’s reaction. Avoid getting a daily cleanser with fragrance or harsh soap. If you have dry skin, try a cleanser with shea or glycerin. If you have oily skin, try a foaming wash to help your skin feel cleaner.

Toss your brushes. Most women don’t clean their makeup brushes regularly or take any extra precautions to ensure their brushes and sponges are hygienic. They leave them in the bathroom, in the open air, etc. and never clean them. When you apply makeup with dirty hands, brushes or sponges, you’re transferring bacteria to your face which can clog pores and, sometimes, lead to infection. Using an airbrush system to apply your makeup means you never have to touch your face and make your acne worse. Just drop your makeup into the bowl of the stylus, pull the trigger, and let air do the application and blending work.

Check the label. There are many chemicals and factors in the ingredients of your skincare products that can actually irritate your skin more. Check the labels of skincare products for known irritants like essential oils, citrus extracts, menthol, denatured alcohol and, obviously, anything you might be allergic to. These can cause daily irritation that only lengthens the amount of time before your skin can heal and your breakout clear.

Check your makeup. Oftentimes, the relationships we create between acne and makeup is a vicious cycle. We have a little breakout, so we cover it up with oily, pore-clogging (comedogenic) makeup. The makeup makes our breakout worse, so we cover it with more caked-on heavy makeup. And the cycle continues. So, break the cycle. Using a water-based, non-comdedogenic airbrush foundation provides a light (yet acne-concealing) coverage that allows your skin to breathe and, therefore, heal.

Give Your Makeup Drawer a Spring Update

With yesterday being the start of Spring, we’re operating under the gentle assumption that you’ve already broken out your sundresses, gingham, and sandals. But, have you updated your makeup drawer?

Winter was all about vamp lips and graphic eyeliner, but spring is a time for fresh. Fresh starts, fresh air, fresh looks. Go for a natural look this season with these quick (and affordable) replacements for your winter staples.

Replace your oxblood and chocolate lipsticks with a light pink lipgloss.

Diversion Lip Finisher – $24

Opt for natural shades of pinks and golds during the day. When you need to glam up, go for metallic instead of smoky.

Nude & Naughty Eyeshadow Palette – $30

We’ve been seeing heavy contouring for a while. We propose you go back to your roots with a more natural look. Blush is all you need.

Soft Rose Airbrush Blush – $9.99

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Sarabeth from The February Fox remembers her reaction to the first time a professional makeup artist did her makeup: “whoa!” The makeup was done as a trial run for her wedding and it left Sarabeth astounded. “There were angles in my face that I’d never seen before and I had this incredible glow that I couldn’t quite recreate by myself.”

We partnered with Sarabeth to help her finally be able to recreate that glow—and the angles and flawless skin—by herself. The benefits of airbrushing your own makeup quickly became apparent.

“I didn’t have to touch my skin! I’ve never really had A+ skin and in college it got out of control with acne, so putting my hands all over my face was never the ideal situation. I have to work really hard to keep my skin looking completely clear. Another high point of not touching is the lack of pulling on the skin, resulting in less wrinkles.”

Sarabeth shared that she also loved how easy it is to match her skin perfectly, as the foundations are easily mixed in the airbrush stylus.

“The airbrush makeup was really simple to apply. Luminess has an app to download and plenty of help on their website to show me exactly how to hold the stylus, how far to hold [it] from my face, and what goes where. The product rested over my pores and gave me a flawless finish, plus it actually lasted the entire day without sliding off!”

Read what else Sarabeth had to say at

5 Easy Ways to Instantly Look Younger

Makeup, we all know, can be a girl’s best friend. Within a few minutes you can erase a pimple, make your cheekbones more prominent, or enliven your tired eyes. Some of the best makeup secrets, though, are those that shave years off.

  1. The Beauty of Air – Using airbrush makeup is essential for a younger appearance. The water-based foundation mixes with air to create a truly flawless look that instantly minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Make it Yellow – Pink-based foundations tend to bring out the redness in your skin. Try using a yellow-based foundation, instead. Not sure how to tell? We make it easy. Our odd-numbered foundations have a yellow base, and our even-numbered foundations have a pink undertone.
  3. It’s All About the Eyes – The eye area is key to your youthful glow. As women age, they tend to lose eyebrow hair, so be sure to fill in your brows. Feather the color onto the tails of your eyebrows, as that’s where hair loss usually focuses. Use a light-reflecting concealer around your eyes to instantly brighten them, and line the eyes with a soft color (such as brown or a nice taupe). Black eyeliner can look harsh and severe.
  4. Focus on the Apples – Many women tend to apply blush beneath their cheekbones. But, using a peach blush on the apples of your cheeks will bring back your spirited, youthful glow.
  5. Keep it Natural – For your lips, opt for lipstick shades that are as close to your natural lip as possible, or a shade darker. Dark lips can instantly make you look older.

What are your favorite makeup tips and tricks?

Demystifying Airbrush Makeup

One common theme we hear about airbrush makeup is that it’s intimidating. Even celebrity Makeup Artist Nikki DeRoest admitted that the technique gave her pause at first. But, it didn’t take her long to realize how easy it really is.

“I must admit that I have been a little intimidated myself about airbrushing. I had played with it here and there throughout my career, but never fully found something that worked for me,” Nikki confessed on her blog, “I love airbrushing because it allows the skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage, doesn’t look cakey or thick, and it definitely has a beautiful ‘camera ready’ finish. When I got my hands on these machines, I couldn’t believe how simple it was and how beautiful the result could be! Luminess Air really broke it down from the beginning, and from the second I opened the box I was well on my way to being a pro!”

5 Reasons You Should Try Airbrush Makeup At Home

Kristina at has dabbled in airbrush makeup since her mother gifted her with a “cheap” system from Amazon. After moving into her current home, though, that system was lost and she needed an upgrade.

We were happy to fill the void. After trying our systems, Kristina came up these 5 Reasons to Try Airbrushing at Home.

With her traditional makeup, Kristina says “there have been times when my foundation just does NOT want to cooperate with my skin. Whether my skin is too flaky, too acne-prone, or just too reddened from harsh treatments — sometimes it seemed like it would just be best to go without makeup than to cake foundation on my face and make the problem even more obvious.”

  1. Quote-OpenAirbrush foundation has the benefit of allowing skin to breathe without sacrificing longevity or coverage, it doesn’t look cakey or thick. It’s great for “camera-ready” skin, fabulous for video, or even selfies.
  2. Many people tend to think of airbrush makeup as “special occasion” makeup, but I would argue that it is actually incredibly simple. I can apply airbrush makeup in less time than it takes me to painstakingly bounce a beauty blender sponge across my face to ensure even, blended coverage. With airbrush, the blending is done for you–by the air we breathe.
  3. This system can be very easy to use and I found the effects and finish to last as long if not longer than standard foundation. I especially liked that it did not cling to dry patches
  4. You have an endless range of color possibilities. You can use the same type of makeup in summer as in winter, and you can custom mix you own shade any time you like – and always have the perfect match for your skin without buying another $25-50 bottle of foundation!Quote-Closed
  5. The effects are near-flawless, and I quite like that it felt like I had literally nothing on my face.

“All in all, if you have been thinking about dabbling in airbrush makeup, I would wholeheartedly recommend Luminess systems as your go-to choice–and most specifically, the Luminess System, for reasons I outlined earlier in this post.”

Mastering the Blue Eyes Trend

You can’t escape it. Between runways and street style, celebrities and cool girls, blue accenting on the eyes is everywhere.

We know, we know. You’re still recovering from the blue eyeshadow-ed days of the early 2000s. But, this time its different.

Instead of pairing the trend with your hoodie t-shirt, low-rise flare jeans and Doc Martens (bless your junior-high self), try a subtle blue eyeshadow with a cream structured blouse tucked into high-waisted trousers and a neutral heel. It’s a basic, classic look, but, it’s a solid bet for dipping your toe into the blue water.

Make the accent work for your everyday look with a simple blue eyeshadow. No neons, no coloring your waterline. Just a pop of color to show off your sparklers.

For the look below, we used our Airbrush Eyeshadow in Smoke (Shade 20), but if you’re after a nighttime look, try Midnight (Shade 12).


Want to see more blue eye looks? Check out our #TrendSpot posts on Twitter (@LuminessAir), Instagram (@Luminesscosmetics) and Facebook.

How to Get Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Carpet Glamour

Awards season is one of the biggest highlights of the year. The gowns! The shoes! The jewelry! (And, you know, the awards.) But most of all: The Beauty!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of our favorite starlets to watch glide (and sometimes stumble) down the red carpet. Her Dior Couture gowns never disappoint (marshmallow dress notwithstanding), and her next-level hair and beauty is always stunning.

At the 2016 Oscar’s, J-Law’s look was one for the books. She was stunning in a sheer, black lace gown with plunging neckline and cascading black feathers, landing her on ever Best Dressed list for the night. But, as always, her glamour continued with her hair and makeup. She opted for a pin-straight bob (so as not to overshadow the dress), and a soft but subtly sexy bronzed makeup look to complement the Dior gown.

Get the Look:

  1. Starting with our Silk foundation, apply light coverage to the entire face. One-to-two passes is plenty.
  2. Contour the hollows of your cheeks with foundation one shade darker than the rest of your face. (Starting at the temple, lightly apply the darker shade in a downward motion to your smile lines.)
  3. Use bronzer for your eye shadow. With 1-2 drops in the stylus, and holding the stylus close to your lid, apply the bronzer from the outer lid toward the inner in a gentle sweeping motion. (The motion is similar to using your traditional shadow brush.) Alternate eyes when applying, because the bronzer will darken as it dries. Alternating eyes will allow you to see the true color as you go. Layer the bronzer until you reach the desired shade.
  4. Take your favorite black liner (liquid, gel or pencil) and, starting from the center of your upper lash line, trace the eye toward the outer corner.
  5. Using a smudge-able eyeliner or dark shadow, trace the lower lash line from the outside toward the inner corner. Smudge as desired.
  6. With 2 drops of Glow in your stylus, gently highlight your inner eye area, high cheekbones, and just above your eyebrow.
  7. Finish with a brushed eyebrow (for a natural appearance) and pink gloss.
  8. Get ready to rock the red carpet!

Who was your favorite celebrity beauty look from the Oscars?

Get the Look: Oscar de la Renta

Makeup minimalism transcended the spring/summer season to overwhelm the runways of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016. Models from Proenza Schouler to Anna Sui showed us how to rock a naked face, a graphic eyeliner and an overstated Audrey (thank you, Brandon Maxwell).

But, our favorite look of NYFW was the severe cat-eye at Oscar de la Renta.

To get the look:

  1. Start with a fresh, clean face and add a soft Glow. You’ll want to keep an understated face for the rest of this look.
  2. Draw a triangle with our Persuasion Eyeliner.
    • – Start halfway on your lash line and, extending toward the outside, draw halfway between the outer corner and your eyebrow.
    • – Finish the line by tracing the crease of your eyelid.
    • – Just inside of the outer corner of your eye, draw the bottom of the triangle and fill it in.
  3. Use Mascara just on the outer corners of the eye, where the eyeliner is. It’s effective and effortlessly sensual.
  4. Fill in your eyebrows with our new Brow Pencil to get confident, alluring brows. Using the brush, swipe up and  out.
  5. Finish with just a hint of Lip Finisher, so you don’t distract from your statement eyes.

Now, you’ve got the look. And when you got it, flaunt it!