The Best Way to Spend your Staycation

Dying for a vacation, but don’t feel comfortable traveling right now? Contrary to popular belief, a vacation doesn’t have to include Pina Coladas and Palm trees.

A vacation can still be relaxing and fun from your own home. My staycation has been filled with self-care and playing with new beauty products like their toys! Here’s how you can give yourself the relaxing staycation you deserve.

1) Selfcare

 There are days I dream of wrapping my hair up, putting a mask on, for like the full recommended time suggested, then plopping on the couch with a box of truffles and binging Rom-Coms till the TV asks me if I am still there. 

It just feels like I never have the time. But hey, you’re on staycation! Throw on your robe, pour a glass of wine, and slice a cucumber because we’re having a spa staycation!!

This is the perfect time to enjoy that face mask that you’ve been dying to try! For my dull and tired skin, I like to use our Reco2very Oxygen Mask. This mask gives my skin energy making it bright and radiant- it truly is the ultimate reset.

It’s also fun to watch the mask change on your face and feel the tingling- you can feel the mask working its magic! This mask only takes 15 minutes to achieve amazing results and it’s so entertaining to watch it change color and texture (just thought you should know).

2) Practice Airbrush

As we all know, airbrush takes a little practice. Take this downtime to MASTER your airbrush makeup kit and explore all of its features! Practice your whole makeup routine with your airbrush system.

If your already an airbrush pro, have some fun with the airbrush eyeshadows, or fill in and shape your eyebrows! Haven’t been able to get to the hair salon?

Fill in your roots with our airbrush brow and root! Although these applications don’t take a ton of practice, it’s always fun to just play around with all the great features your system offers!

3) Play with Techniques

Spend your staycation testing out all the new trends and techniques from my posts last week! Nowhere to go and no one to see? Test out new techniques with no pressure at all. This is the best way to see which trends you’ll be following this season!

Remember the cut crease trend I mentioned? This definitely takes a few tries to master, so get your concealer, powder, shadow, and foundation ready because you’re going to be a cut crease expert by the end of your staycation.

Like I said guys, I’ve been playing with my makeup like a kid on Christmas morning and I’m loving it! A staycation is a makeup lover’s dream- when do we have the time to sit around and play with all our products with nowhere to go? I’m telling you guys, staycation was meant for makeup junkies.

4) Give yourself a Sunless Tan

You don’t need a tropical island to get a gorgeous tan! I’ve achieved my sun-kissed look by using Airbrush Tanning solution- I need instant results this staycation.

When my tan faded towards the end of my staycation, I’ll use my tanning tonic mist to freshen up my glow. Remember guys it’s important to exfoliate and moisturize your skin 24 hours before tanning to remove excess oil and dead skin cells.

I recommend Bambo Polish to exfoliate and Snapback Serum to hydrate the skin! This will allow your tan to apply evenly and smoothly! So friends, spa day first and then tanning the next day! 

I know we’re facing challenging times and we all need a vacation more than ever. Give yourself the gift of a staycation to unwind, reset and improve on your makeup skills!

Open that sealed lipstick that’s been sitting on your vanity and test out your airbrush eyebrow stencil because you finally have the time to enjoy it all. So my makeup lovers, continue to think positively and treat yourself to a self-care and beauty-filled staycation. 

 P.S. Here are some other things I’d personally like to try (if I have the time).

  1. Actually letting my hair air dry. A break from the heat is a great idea and you can finally see what your version of wash and wear is!
  2. Practicing with my opposite hand. I have always wanted to nail a home mani but I totally need the practice, so why not now!?
  3. Soaking my feet. I know I get a good soaking at the salon but why not at home. We really put our feet through a lot. They deserve a good soak.
  4. Stretching. And not just a quick quad stretch before a walk around the block. I’m talking about a yoga-style stretch sesh to refresh my body. Goal? 10 min. 

Face Forward: Spring 2021 Makeup Trends

*Breaking News* Face-makeup and skin trends

Spring is in full swing and so are these must-do face makeup trends. Trends are popular changes or developments within a category. If you’re anything like me, change may scare you-especially drastic changes!

I like to look at trends as inspiration to fuel my creativity and enhance my makeup routine in my own way! So freshen up, grab your airbrush kit and let’s get trendy! Look alive makeup junkies, were elevating our makeup game with new techniques and products. 

  1. Blush is BACK

Your old friend blush is back and bolder than ever! (If you missed it, I talked about some blush hacks in our 5 Must-Do Makeup Hacks post) Rosy cheeks are in so get cheeky with airbrush blush.

Airbrush blush will add color and give you a youthful look! Remember, apply your airbrush blush before foundation for the most natural and blended look. 

  1. Contouring with Self Tanner 

The definition of long-lasting contour. Apply Airbrush Tanning Solution to areas where you would normally apply dark tones for contouring: cheekbones, upper forehead, and underneath the jawline.

I would recommend using a regular Stylus for precision and accuracy. By using self-tanner for contouring, it will add dimension and shape to your face.

The darker tone of the sunless tanner will create shadows on your skin giving the illusion that this area is pushed back (aka sculpted and more defined). 

  1. Dewy Highlight

Powder is soooo last season – especially if you are trying to achieve the highly coveted glow that only comes from the most perfectly, hydrated and illuminated, healthy skin to achieve this liquid highlight look- you need look no further.

With our Exposure Highlighter, you can create this look so flawlessly that it will leave them wondering where the light came from.  It’s so easy to use, you don’t even need a brush.

After applying highlighter with the applicator use fingers to blend by dabbing lightly. This will enhance your complexion with a subtle but glowing, finish.

I’ve personally always been a little hesitant about shiny highlighter, but I feel totally confident in the application for Exposure Highlighter, I can probably do it with my eyes closed! Quick and easy to apply for natural results? Yes, please!

  1. Skin is Sacred 

If I didn’t stress this enough in my last blog post, here’s your reminder: in order to achieve these looks flawlessly, you must be kind to your skin! 

Let’s take a moment to get real. And I mean real, real. Every single one of us is concerned with our skin for many different reasons. We see the pressures everywhere to look younger and have flawless skin.

But I am going to tell you how to achieve the perfect palette (palette = your gorgeous face) so you can rock these new trends, flawlessly. 


Step ONE – Remove your makeup. Take a Makeup Eraser Cloth and get rid of the makeup, oils, and environmental impurities of the day. 

Step TWO – CLEANSE YOUR SKIN. And no, we didn’t just do that in step one. Let me put it to you this way…. Step One is taking off your clothes before you get in the shower.

Step Two is the shower part. (Hear me?) Now that you have taken away your day, your cleanser can actually clean your skin, as it was designed to do.

If you go right in with a cleanser on your makeup, you are just moving the makeup around. Use Superfruit Cocktail Cleanser to eliminate excess oil and skin impurities for a clean and brighter complexion. 

For a deeper and more renewing cleanse, use Bamboo Polish to exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cells, this will allow your makeup to apply evenly and give you a smooth finish.

Use Superfruit cocktail cleanser to eliminate excess oil and skin impurities for a clean and brighter complexion. Lastly, moisturize your entire face with our Snapback Serum.

This serum will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate your skin. This will provide a tighter palette for your eyeshadow and make your primer’s job a little easy. 

Last but not least, ALWAYS protect your skin (#1 from above) from the sun. I don’t leave the house without our Sunscreen Setting Powder. It absorbs excess oil, keeping my finish smooth and shine-free.

And get this, it’s SPF 30 and comes in cute little on-the-go packaging! So please makeup junkies, give your skin a little TLC for better makeup results. 

So my fellow makeup lovers, who’s ready to elevate their face makeup game with these Spring 2021 trends? I know new trends and products may be intimidating at first but at the end of the day, this is our passion-we live and breathe cosmetics!

New products and new techniques just take a little practice to achieve awesome results. Happy spring my cosmetic queens!  Ready… Set….Glam! 

4 Myths I’ve Heard About Airbrushing (before I tried it)

Have you been interested in trying airbrush, but you’ve heard mixed reviews and don’t know who to believe? Well, honey, by the end of this blog post you will know exactly what to do. 

Since the world of airbrushing is extremely foreign to many, there are a lot of false and fictional claims about airbrush makeup. From my own personal experience, I’m going to share things I’ve heard about airbrushing that, come to find out from my own personal experience, are the farthest thing from the truth. 

Myth #1: It’s ONLY For Professionals 

As you all know, and I continue to mention,  I am NOT a professional makeup artist and I use airbrush makeup SUCCESSFULLY EVERY DAY. To be honest, I’m not sure where this myth started, but it must’ve been someone who tried the airbrush system once and struggled (which is totally normal).

Now, it’s not like I don’t understand that it’s different from traditional makeup applications. Like I always say, airbrushing isn’t difficult it’s just different from what you are used to!

Once you practice a few times it becomes second nature. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, it took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it, and of course, I wasn’t great at it on my first try. 

Think about the first time you put on traditional makeup (yikes), were you an expert? The process of achieving desirable coverage with an airbrush system is no different.

And this goes for all LUMINESS airbrush systems, Icon, Icon Pro, Legend, and the Breeze. They are all makeup lover friendly and I promise with practice, you will achieve flawless results with every system.

However, if any of you are traveling these days, the cordless Breeze System may be a better option for you as it is perfect for on-the-go glam. The Breeze is travel-friendly with a long-lasting charge making it so easy to airbrush from anywhere.

Also, guys, it’s 2021 what makeup products are exclusive to makeup artists anymore? Nothing is behind the scenes these days, you might not have a piece of paper to prove it, but you ARE an artist.

So don’t settle for old-fashioned makeup in a fast-moving world! Embrace the gift of technology and allow your makeup game to soar. 

Myth #2: It’s Too Expensive

At first-glance, joining the airbrush world may seem like a big investment, you see is a shiny new tool that’s powered by mysterious little bottles and it can look pricey.

However, would you believe me if I told you, it’s actually more affordable than traditional makeup and you save a ton of money in the long-run? I know my makeup posse would believe me, it was rhetorical.

If used correctly, airbrush systems release less makeup than you would use if you were applying it yourself (traditional makeup). This is because of the great coverage airbrush products provide and the airbrush system itself.

Side note, for those of you who don’t know how to achieve a flawless finish with airbrush, see below for how to become an expert. Our airbrush systems are designed to cover imperfections with precision.

Therefore, your using way less product without even realizing it. Don’t you love how the airbrush thinks for you? 

So we’ve confirmed that airbrush products are long-lasting, now let’s talk about quality. Our foundations are formulated to not only give you flawless results but also contain other active ingredients that are good for your skin!

Did I mention that some of our foundations can shorten your daily routine? Our Rose 4-In-1 Foundation acts as your foundation, concealer, primer, and anti-aging serum. (See next Myth for another multi-purpose foundation)

Multi-purpose is the ULTIMATE money and time saver if you ask me! Along with providing great quality products, LUMINESS wants customers to feel confident in their application and results!

That’s why LUMINESS offers 1:1 sessions to answer ANY questions you may have. Another great option is the airbrush starter kits. These starter kits include an airbrush system, two foundations, airbrush blush, and Luminizer.

To allow you to shop with confidence, every airbrush system comes with a one-year warranty and you can try the starter kit for a 30-day trial, it’s only $19.95!

This allows you to play with your system and fall in love with it and if you love it as much as I do (which you WILL), you pay the rest later on! As you can tell, airbrushing is affordable and LUMINESS ensures amazing results by giving you the tools to perfect your flawless finish. 

Myth #3: Airbrush Won’t Replace Everyday Makeup

Just like traditional makeup you can go all out for a special occasion or create a subtle everyday look with your airbrush system, it’s completely up to you!

I’m sure this came from someone who automatically associates airbrush with a professional result.  Not only can airbrush make your skin look flawless on the reg, but as I mentioned before it can also shorten your daily routine.

You can save yourself so much time by using our Silk 4-In-1 Foundation, its formula acts as your primer, concealer, foundation, and anti-aging serum. So tell me again, why isn’t airbrush foundation the ideal makeup for every day AND special occasions?

I know we all love a good multi-purpose beauty product, so incorporate airbrushing into your daily makeup routine to make it shorter and easier for you! (and look amazing, of course). 

Myth 4: Impossible to Find the Right Shade

First of all, I have been there. Can I tell you what is impossible?? Going to the drug store, or even the high-end makeup stores, oh and don’t get me started about online makeup shopping…. Fast forward to my foundation graveyard.

Colors that just weren’t right. Colors that were ok for the two weeks after I just got back from that family vacation at Disney.

This color and that color, this heavy coverage and that barely-enough coverage, they have all made tiny little foundation bottle homes in the bottom of my makeup drawer.(And as much as I know they aren’t the perfect shade or coverage for me, I keep them there. Like small soldiers ready to battle if I could just change them a little.)

AND the GUILT! Don’t even start on the guilt of how much money I have spent trying to get the perfect foundation. 

LUMINESS couldn’t make it easier to find your perfect shade. You can request a shade from one of our makeup artists or chat with a makeup artist LIVE: or you can book a 1:1 virtual appointment:

So don’t stress, LUMINESS has 18 foundation shades to choose from. Does this sound like it’s impossible to find the perfect shade? If that doesn’t convince you maybe this will,  you can also mix together different shades using your airbrush system.

Coming from a person who would rotate have 5 different foundation shades a year, I am so thankful for how easy it is to match your foundation and mix colors with airbrush. I have two colors for each foundation, I have a lighter color for the winter and a darker color for the summer.

I’m mostly in between both colors so I simply put 3 drops of each shade in and combine the shades with the system by putting the power on, pulling back on the trigger, and holding my finger over the edge of the stylus. 

So for those of you who were hesitant about joining the airbrush world, I hope my personal experiences have calmed your nerves and you are eager to start spraying!

Just remember the few simple rules I live by and you will feel silly for EVER believing these myths. I can’t wait to hear about your airbrush love stories, happy airbrushing!

Spring 2021 Eye Makeup Trends

Neons, flashy liner, and crease shadow, oh my! We are springing into a season full of colorful and bold eye looks. As usual, these Spring 2021 trends are full of oldies but goodies, but also new techniques that I’ve never seen before.

I use makeup trends as inspiration and put my own creative spin on them! Here’s how I’ve been embracing and loving Spring 21’s eye trends! Now, don’t feel pressured at all to take on these in full force and definitely not all at once in the same look.

These trends are suggestions and I encourage you to play around with them! Unlike trends in fashion, (which can go sideways fast with regrettable consequences!) makeup trends are low risk and super affordable.

1)Pop of Color Eyeshadow

This spring, don’t be afraid to add a little POP to your shadow. For my spring pop shadow, I’ve been using airbrush eye shadows Royal and Sheer Purple.

This is great because you don’t have to worry about having the right brushes for eyeshadow, you’re already using an airbrush system for foundation, all you have to do is change the product in the foundation well – so convenient!

So my fellow makeup lovers, have fun and embrace neon and sparkly bright colors, apply them to your eyelid and your lower lash line, it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days! Not wearing shadows? Check out the next trend. 

2) Colored Eyeliner

I know it’s hard to believe, but bright eyeliner is making a strong comeback. (Think 1980s but better technology!) Personally, I’m excited about this because blue eyeliner makes my brown eyes really pop!

I love using our Persuasion Liner in Nautical. Yes it’s blue, but no panic needed -the color is subtle, and it compliments my brown eyes beautifully! For makeup lovers with light eyes, try warm tones for liner like gold or coral.

I’d recommend our Temptation Liquid Liner in Champagne to accentuate the cold tone of your eyes- it’s also waterproof and smudge-proof (bonus)!

Emerald Persuasion Another way to spice up this trend is going mono-chromatic – Emerald Persuasion eyeliner makes green eyes the envy of this trend. 

3) Cut Crease Shadow 

Cut crease is a technique of using eyeshadow to create a line above your natural crease line. This will add more dimension and depth making your eyes appear bigger.

This technique works for all eye shapes, but cut crease is especially popular for hooded eyelids because it adds extra depth to the lid. It’s super easy, this is how I apply cut crease shadow:

Step 1: Blend a dark brown eyeshadow into your crease and wing it out! 


Step 2: Using a flat line concealer brush, apply a thick layer of our Nude Illusion concealer (because the coverage and color are AMAZING) over your crease!

Step 3: Cover the rest of the eyelid with foundation and add setting powder over your entire lid.

Step 4: Add some shimmer! Apply eyeshadow until desired shimmer is achieved

4) Emerald Smokey Eye

If you can’t tell, this season is all about adding color. Apply Click N Play shadow in Moss in the inner part of the eyelid and use a dark brown or black in the outer part of your eyelid. Not a huge fan of the smokey-eye or dark eye makeup?

Don’t worry, you can rock the emerald eyeshadow by itself! The green is powerful enough to be worn alone!

With the crazy year we’ve all had, I’m sure we all have a serious case of Spring fever. I want to see you all shine- whether it’s in your own home or out and about!

So, my fellow makeup lovers, test out and play with these trends! Don’t be afraid to be bold and creative this season, all the colors of the rainbow are in. Have fun with your glam this Spring, I know I will. Happy Spring, go show off those wink-worthy eyes!

Springtime Prep for Glowing Skin

Have no fear, my Spring Forward Survival Kit is here

Uh oh! It’s that time of year again, your skin is dry and dull, your body’s been covered up for months, but it’s almost time to put those spring break shorts on.

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered-I’m happy to share my annual transition secrets with my fellow makeup lovers! Not only do I survive this transition…I thrive. Here’s how:


It’s always good to start with a clean canvas and yes, your face, well anywhere you want to tan, is the canvas. Use our Bambo Polish (you only need a dime size) to exfoliate your face. ( You can use this yummy scrub on those dull, notoriously dry areas on the body, too. Think elbows, knees, and ankles.) 

This exfoliant will make your skin brighter-looking and remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin is key to a silky smooth finish because it prevents pockets of sunless tanner from collecting on those dry, dull skin areas! 

PRO TIP: Speaking of sloughing away the skin, don’t forget to give your lippies some love with our Pomegranate Lip Scrub. This will buff away any dead skin cells on your lips and provide lots of moisture. There will be NO crusty lips this season. Remember, new season, new canvas. 


Sunless tanning comes in many forms. From barely-there color to “wowza, when did you get back from vacation?” From gradual color build with clear application to sun-kissed in an instant.

No matter how many different formulas there are out there, I think we can all agree on a few fears we have when it comes to application.

  1. The dreaded orange hue – it’s a big fear and there are many tanning products out there that fail to capture that natural tan essence. (Some by inches, and some by miles.) 
  2. Streaks! – full body application can be just scary enough for us to want to skip it altogether. And just imagine… what if you got distracted and forgot a whole limb!

Let me tell you, I have tried so many sunless tanners and have had my share of tanning turmoil. I’m going to make it easy for you with two easy remedies for your application fears.

Flawless Formulas

Tanning Tonic and Tanning Solution. Two flawless formulas that won’t steer you wrong.

Tanning Tonic – a juicy concoction of good for your skin ingredients. Makes my skin look healthy with zero traces of the off-putting orange. And if you like to feel like you have been whisked away to a tropical island, just close your eyes and take in the aroma of a Caribbean breeze.

Tanning Solution – This seemingly magical formula not only gives me color that lasts up to fourteen days, I get instant color. And forget about that telltale tanning odor… not with this formula. 

Airbrush application

Always even. When you go to the salon to get sunless tanning, what do they use? A modified airbrush device. So why would you settle for anything less at home?

The reasons why salons use airbrush application is because it’s reliable and even. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Skip the streaks and use what the pros use – but at home!


After completely drying, I like to sleep in my new tan and yes COMPLETELY DRY. We’re giving our skin a glow, not our bedsheets! While I know that my tan starts to kick in 4-6 hours after application, I also know that if I sleep in my tan, it soaks in a little longer and motivates me to hop out of bed a few minutes before my alarm to check out my new glow!

I also sleep soundly because I know that (once I am dry), my new glowing color won’t transfer. Trust me, it’s worth the wait. Plus, it’s really hard to keep checking your tan line (obsess much?) while you are catching your Zzzzzzs.

Shower (not scrub)

Be sure to skip any scruffy, rough cleansing, especially the day after you apply. Your tan is fresh and even and you want to keep it that way. It’s best to use cold or room-temperature water when showering.

Be sure to dry with caution, dry in a light dabbing motion to avoid streaks, and accidentally removing your tan! 

Touching Up

Days after tanning, you might need a little refresh or touch up in certain areas. Our Tanning Tonic Mist is great for a quick and easy touch-up or as I like to call it on-the-go glow-it’s the perfect size to fit in your purse!

It’s clear and the color aligns perfectly with Tanning Solution or Tanning Tonic. And let’s not forget that ‘take me away’ tropical scent! 

I hope my survival kit has calmed your spring scaries and you’re excited to feel confident in those spring break shorts! Remember prep is key (clean canvas), follow the simple aftercare steps, and always keep your Tanning Tonic Mist in arm’s reach. Now, GO GET YOUR GLOW ON!


I’ve officially joined the world of airbrush and thanks to LUMINESS, my makeup is looking better than ever. Here’s why I ditched traditional foundation and never looked back. 


Although airbrush systems look very different than traditional makeup tools, with some practice, the application will feel just as easy and natural. Were you a pro the first time you applied traditional foundation? Doubt it!

If you follow the basic airbrush rules, keep the system 4 fingers away from your face, always keep the system moving and lightly pull on the trigger, you will love your airbrush experience.

I’m by no means a makeup artist, I just LOVE makeup. To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by the systems at first, because it looks so different from a traditional makeup brush.

However, applying airbrush cosmetics came easy to me very quickly. After about 3 tries, I felt like an airbrush pro and I started to love the results. 


When you think of airbrush, you probably only think about foundation, but you can complete most of your makeup routine and more with an airbrush system.

You can accomplish killer contour, symmetrical eyebrows, the perfect smokey eye, and root cover all with any of LUMINESS’ Airbrush Systems. Oh, and I can’t forget about using the airbrush systems for a sunless tan, especially during the cold months of winter.

LUMINESS Airbrush Systems offer a feature for everyone, even if you’re not a makeup person, you can give your body a glow, fill in your roots or bald spots-the list is endless. 


It’s safe to call LUMINESS’ airbrush foundation a triple threat, the finish is natural, long-lasting, and provides amazing coverage. If you are a makeup enthusiast like myself, you understand how rare it is for a product to have all of those qualities.

The airbrush foundation covers my wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration, my skin looks flawless and that’s just the foundation. With the other airbrush products.

I never have to feel insecure about my hairline, my body always has a little extra glow, and I can make my eyebrows balanced in shape, size, and fullness. 


As makeup users, it’s important to understand what the main ingredients are in the products we’re using. LUMINESS’ Airbrush foundations are water-based, oil-free, and cruelty-free. and it gets even better.. take back the triple threat label because that’s selling airbrush cosmetics short.

Some of the foundations act as your foundation, concealer, moisturizer, primer, and anti-aging serum, ALL IN ONE PRODUCT. I love multi-purpose products and I’m always looking to trim my daily routine. LUMINESS understands my fast-paced lifestyle. 


With traditional foundation I always struggled to find the perfect shade, I was always in-between shades, and manually mixing them never quite worked!

However, with LUMINESS’ wide variety of shades, you can mix foundations within the actual system. This feature makes it so easy to match your color perfectly. 

If you are looking for a sign to join the airbrush world, this is it. If you are nervous to learn on your own, don’t worry- LUMINESS offers free 1:1 appointments to answer any airbrush or cosmetic related questions you may have.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with a LUMINESS airbrush expert, click link below to schedule!

Of course, It’s great when a company provides high-quality products but it’s even better when they care about their customers and strive to make them feel confident in their results and application.

I truly recommend joining me in the world of airbrush, elevate your makeup experience and enjoy the flawless results.