Back to Reality

Friendly reminder, your vanity is for getting dolled up-not video calls! 

Well, it’s safe to say we’re easing into normalcy this summer and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super excited! We are finally allowed to reunite with our loved ones and attend events which means, we get to wear clothes other than sweatpants AND most importantly, wear MAKEUP again. 

Although it’s exciting to return to normal life, it also can be stressful! Look, we haven’t had to see people face to face, so I’m sure your usual beauty routine is a little foggy. The thought of getting ready might give you a bit of anxiety, but I won’t let that happen. 

Let’s return to regular life, minus the long and dreadful beauty routine. Here’s a few LUMINESS products that will help you feel confident transitioning back into reality AND shorten your routine!

Airbrush Systems

LUMINESS Airbrush Systems help you achieve professional and flawless results in the comfort of your own home AND get this…it’s so easy! As you guys know, I am NOT a makeup artist, just a makeup if I can apply airbrush easily, so can YOU!

Now that you know the important stuff, which is that airbrush systems provide beautiful results and it’s so easy to apply, BUT it gets even better. Did you know you can apply more than foundation with airbrush systems? 

Airbrush systems are pretty much every makeup brush on your ONE device

. Using your airbrush system, you can apply your eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, and MUCH more! You can even save yourself a trip to the hair salon and fill in your roots with Airbrush Brow and Root. 

If you’re traveling this summer and nervous to bring your new airbrush system with you, don’t worry…LUMINESS has the PERFECT airbrush system for your summer vacay.

The NEW cordless Breeze System is your new travel buddy. This system allows you to bring your flawless airbrush results with you everywhere!

My dear makeup lovers, please make this transition a little easier on you and treat yourself to a LUMINESS Airbrush System. You deserve quick and easy flawless results!

4-In-1 Foundations 

So now that we know the life-changing and routine rescuing beauty tool that we need, you’re probably asking…how can the actual foundation make my routine easier? Say hello to LUMINESS’ 4-In-1 airbrush foundations, Silk and Rose. 

These 4-In-1 foundations shorten your routine by acting as your primer, concealer, foundation and anti-aging serum. Save money and time by completing 4 steps at once!

Silk and Rose foundation provide the same flawless finish; however, they do provide different coverage. Rose 4-In-1 Foundation is medium-full coverage, it covers all imperfections with absolute ease and smells like fresh roses. Silk 4-In-1 Foundation provides sheer-light coverage, enhancing your skin’s natural radiance! 

These lovely multi-purpose foundations are a great reminder that beautiful results don’t have to take FOREVER. Spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time getting ready by incorporating the 4-In-1 Airbrush Foundations. 

Velvet Veil

Velvet Veil perfecting serum is pretty much a beauty filter but in real life.

This customer-favorite blurs large pores and wrinkles instantly. 

The instant results are so flawless you can wear this serum with or without makeup!

Apply just a few drops before applying foundation. Then, prepare for an amazing transformation.

Achieve the smooth and ageless skin you’ve been dreaming about! 

I’m sure you’re so busy during this transition, so let Velvet Veil do the work and blur those imperfections for you!

Like I said, I want my fellow makeup lovers to be stress-free and confident going back to reality and I promise these products will do just that! With these few products, your routine will be shorter, easier and your results will be flawless.

Now, let’s focus on making up for lost time with our loved ones, not our makeup vanities. 

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