Beauty Spotlight: Olivia Hancock

Introducing the beautifully courageous Beauty Editor and Podcast Host, Olivia Hancock.

The need for more inclusion and representation in the makeup world is very important to me and as members of the beauty community, it’s something that we all should strive to change.

The beauty industry is infamous for its exclusive past of ageism and falsifying reality through ads, but I’m so glad that beauty companies like LUMINESS and beauty professionals are recognizing those flaws and creating a better future for the beauty world. 

It’s super important to recognize individuals who use their platforms and dedicate their work to make a positive impact in the beauty industry. I’d like to introduce you all to Beauty Editor and Podcast Host, Olivia Hancock.

Olivia provides a community of recognition and inspiration for the black community in the beauty industry.

I’m thankful for people like Olivia and companies like LUMINESS  that support this change by promoting genuine content that speaks to all ages, races, and ethnicity.

Olivia Hancock is an Associate Beauty Editor for a very well-known and respected beauty outlet, Byrdie. Olivia’s stories mainly consist of beauty news and beauty profiles, with a focus on acknowledging and celebrating powerful black women or businesses in the beauty industry.

I truly enjoy her content because she has a great variety of feature pieces and must-know beauty news, which is perfect content for a dedicated makeup lover, like myself! 

Olivia is also the founder and host of the podcast, The Hue Report. She created this outlet to talk about beauty through the eyes of black beauty founders and entrepreneurs. Through her podcast, Olivia strives to be a destination for black inspiration and connect the black beauty community. 

She covers all things beauty from natural hair tips to hustling in the beauty industry as a black journalist and I am here for it all! Advice and tips from successful women in the beauty industry?

Um yes, please. It’s so interesting to hear her guest’s experiences and how the industry has impacted their career paths. 

And get this, Olivia just graduated from Georgia State University in December of 2020 with a B.A. in Journalism, with a minor in African American Studies.

It’s so impressive that she’s been able to inspire the beauty world through her very own platform at such a young age! I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

As someone who creates content for makeup lovers, I truly respect and enjoy her makeup tips and industry insight because she offers a unique balance of fun/product-focused content, but also brings attention to conversations that need to be heard. (yes I look to her for inspo).

I’m so proud to be a part of a company that was founded by a family of South-Indian descent, LUMINESS understands the importance of diversity and inclusion and we provide products that can make all races and ethnicities feel beautiful by offering a wide variety of foundation shades and color cosmetics.

And of course, we would NEVER forget about different skin types and age groups- there’s a perfect foundation for everyone. LUMINESS recognizes that makeup is for enhancing an individual’s qualities, not changing what makes them unique. 

So my makeup lovers, I know we love learning makeup hacks and tips to look even better but we should also take the time to see this beauty world through other’s eyes and always remember to make other’s feel beautiful as well. 

The Hue Report is available on Spotify and Itunes. See link for more information!

To see more of Olivia’s awesome work, check out her archive:

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