How to Tone Your Face

Spoiler alert, no sweat required

PSA: Attention to everyone and anyone, did you know you can tone your face without exercising? Yes, my friends you heard me correctly! I know you’re familiar with LUMINESS’ Airbrush Systems, AKA the life-changing tools I’m always talking about. BUT I have another must-have beauty tool that will snap your face into shape better than any fad diet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the Conture Kinetic Toning System. This toning system is an anti-aging beauty device that tones skin to restore radiance and firmness to the three main areas: décolleté, eye area, forehead.

The best part is it’s non-invasive AND painless, which is important because we don’t have time to rest and not look glamorous! So, it’s basically a personal trainer for your face. 

If used once or twice daily, you will see SHOCKING results. I’m sure you’re thinking oh great I have to add ANOTHER step to my beauty routine but stop right there because you know I always keep your time in mind with my beauty advice.

Listen, guys, I use this machine while I’m watching tv or on the phone-I even used it in the car the other day (I wasn’t the driver, don’t worry). But to my point, it’s so easy to use and it takes 10 minutes tops! 

Also, it’s amazing that the device comes with the Kinetic Treatment Serum, superstar backbone of the Conture Toning Device. This Kinetic Treatment Serum is formulated with the revolutionary peptide SNAP-8, which has been clinically shown to reduce crow’s feet. Now that you know a little bit about the device, here’s how to use it!

1) After priming cleansed skin with Kinetic Treatment Serum, turn on Skin Toning Device and place on skin, ensuring connection is secure.

2)After device pulses 3-5 times, gently slide to treat next section, slightly overlapping with previous section.

3)Moving in an upward motion towards the top of the face, repeat until entire section has been treated.

4)Treat one area at a time, working device over cheeks, jawline, forehead, neck, etc. independent of each other.

After you’ve completed the treatment be sure to moisturize your skin. In the morning I use the AM Ignition Lotion to kickstart my day with ultimate hydration.

At night, I use PM Recovery Creme-this intensive moisturizer helps my skin recover while I sleep. Create a smooth and hydrated canvas for your makeup by keeping up with your skincare routine and adding in your new best friend, the Contoure Kinetic Toning Device!

See I told you it was SO simple and can be done anywhere! Relax while you do the treatment, binge-watch your favorite show, and tone your face at the same time. I wish toning the rest of my body was this easy!

This device will improve your overall makeup results because it creates a smooth wrinkle-free surface, which will allow your makeup to apply easily and beautifully.

No need to worry about your makeup settling into fine lines or the dry cakey look, if you keep up with your skincare routine, you can kiss these common issues goodbye! 

So, my makeup lovers, are you excited to exercise your faces with minimal effort? It’s time to restore radiance and firmness to tired and aging skin, the non-painful way! If you want younger-looking skin and more radiant skin, it’s time to start toning!  

Summer 2021 Makeup Trends

Hello hello, makeup squad! I’m in awe of this summer’s makeup trends and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. As you all know, I like to look at makeup trends as fun suggestions.

Of course, I stick to the routine that I feel confident in, BUT I’m not scared to test out a new technique or product because that’s how we grow as beauty lovers, right? Makeup is supposed to be fun, remember??? 

Let’s dive into this summer’s popular makeup trends….


You’re always a go-getter, but this season’s calling for some extra glow. This season is celebrating healthy and radiant skin! Good thing my makeup squad has been keeping up with their skincare routine, but if you’re new here, let me explain how important a solid skincare routine is for your makeup results! 

In order to have smooth and flawless makeup results, you MUST have a clean canvas. By clean canvas, I mean a hydrated and fresh face! To achieve a smooth canvas, please EXFOLIATE, this will remove all dead skin and impurities from your face.

I recommend the Bamboo Facial Exfoliant for thorough exfoliation, removing all impurities from the skin! Another important step in your skincare routine is hydration.

Hydrated skin will make it easier to cover fine lines and wrinkles by creating a smoother complexion. To moisturize, I use Kinetic AM lotion in the morning (hence, AM)  and Kinetic PM Lotion at night (duh).

Kinetic AM Ignition lotion is a lightweight, yet intensive moisturizer that hydrates skin while helping it retain essential moisture. Kinetic PM Recovery lotion is an intensive night cream that helps the skin recover while you sleep.

They both should be used daily to minimize wrinkles and achieve ultimate hydration! This skincare routine will definitely provide the glow-getter look EASILY. 

If you’re looking to enhance your natural glow, I’d suggest using Airbrush Love Illuminator. You can use it with or without makeup to add a subtle dewy shine to your face!

Just add a few drops into your airbrush system and spray where you want to shine. And don’t worry, there’s no shimmer, when I say subtle, I mean it!


This season’s eyeshadow is the furthest thing from shy! If you’re dying to have some fun with colorful shadows, then honey this is YOUR season. I’ve seen bright eyeshadow trends before, but NEVER like this.

This season we’re using the entire color wheel with tie-dye eyeshadows. I know tie-dye sweatsuits are in, but apparently, people are wearing it on their eyelids as well. Our Airbrush Eyeshadows are perfect for this look because the shadows are so pigmented and the airbrush stylus makes it so easy to apply. 

Along with tie-dye eyeshadow, another popular eyeshadow trend this season is pastels. I feel like pastels aren’t used enough for makeup looks and they should be! I can’t wait to show off a fun pastel look using Click N Play Eyeshadows

Whether you’re participating in these trends or not, LUMINESS provides so many different eyeshadows from airbrush to traditional, with an amazing variety of colors. With LUMINESS you will never be bored of your eyeshadow selection


Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend and in this case, a VIBRANT best friend. This summer is puckering up for bright and playful lip colors. Softs and neutrals we love you, but we won’t be packing you in our suitcase for this summer’s vacation!

Get ready to incorporate bright pinks, corals and bold reds into your makeup looks this season, specifically matte or high-pigmented lipsticks. 

Summer proof your makeup bag with my favorite bright and bold lippies: 

The PERFECT Bright Pinks:

Chromatic Lip Stain-Magenta Rock

Forever Reign- Alist

The BOLDEST Reds: 

Creme Confession-Red Cape

Obsession Liquid Lipstick- Big Poppy

The MUST-HAVE Corals:

Captive Lip Liner- Tangerine

Vinyl Slick Lipstick-Merengue


Oh, I am all about that blush, so I guess it’s my lucky season! Everyone can appreciate a classic blush look, to add shape and color to our faces, but what if I told you rosy, red cheeks are back to play?

Remember when you were embarrassed about blushing or ashamed of your sunburn? Well, forget about that this summer! The sun-kissed rosy cheek makeup look is in and I have to say, it’s soooooo cute.

This look is so easy to achieve with our Airbrush Blush because LUMINESS offers a variety of blush shades, so don’t worry-the perfect shade of sunburn is waiting for you.

All you have to do is pour 2 drops of airbrush blush into your system and apply to the apple of your cheek and then do a light pass over your nose, for that naturally sun-kissed look! 

Well, friends, those are the bold and daring summer 2021 makeup trends! How’s everyone feeling about these trends? Comment which trends you can’t WAIT to try!

Behind The Airbrush

As a makeup lover of LUMINESS, I think it’s important to share with you guys why I love LUMINESS, and it’s not just because they have amazing products. As members of the beauty community, we should all be aware of a brand’s story, mission, and reputation. 

As a beauty brand, LUMINESS understands that they have a responsibility to promote the importance of confidence in one’s self and makeup results. They support this responsibility by providing a wide variety of beauty products, from airbrush to skincare.

LUMINESS also offers several resources to help their customers when it comes to makeup applications or beauty-related inquiries. The LUMINESS family strives to make everyone feel like a beautiful airbrush pro!

To me, LUMINESS is like an older sister that I look up to. I say that because I can always count on them to launch innovative products, and they are always willing to help, just as a role model would, but I’ll get more into that later!

Anyways, here’s a little bit of background on my brand crush, LUMINESS!


Around 25 years ago, innovator, artist, and entrepreneur Sean Mehta had a fashion and garment business as one of the largest importers of beaded gowns in the US. During photoshoots for each fashion collection, he noticed the makeup artists were always using airbrush systems on the models. 

He would ask each makeup artist, why are you using an airbrush system? The response was always the same – It’s the best and best way to give you the flawless long-lasting look. So, he thought to himself – if airbrushing is the best way to give women great natural-looking coverage – WHY doesn’t every woman have one? 

And then, the LUMINESS Airbrush System was born, making millions more confident in their makeup results. LUMINESS turned heads by bringing professional makeup results to people’s homes, ensuring that EVERYONE can airbrush. 


What I truly admire about LUMINESS is the support that they offer. This support is shown in so many different ways, it’s hard to touch on all of it, but what other beauty brand do you know that offers free sessions to answer any beauty questions?? If you are interested in booking a session, here’s the link:

Couldn’t find a session that works for your schedule? Did you know LUMINESS makeup artists also go live on FB and YouTube Monday-Friday at 9:30 CT to go over airbrush basics, AND answer any questions you may have-how amazing is that? 

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there, you can connect with a LUMINESS makeup artist to find the perfect foundation shade for you! LUMINESS is truly here for all of you, if you have any questions about your order, customer service is happy to help you as well!

I love their willingness to help and ensure every customer feels beautiful. This is huge in the beauty world and I know all my fellow makeup lovers appreciate a brand that truly cares. 


Of course, I’m forever grateful that LUMINESS introduced me to airbrushing and their airbrush systems are absolutely life-changing, but it doesn’t stop there. LUMINESS understands the importance of versatility.

Yes, the airbrush systems make it easy to apply most of your makeup, by using one tool to apply several different products. But LUMINESS also creates multi-purpose products that can shorten your routine EVEN more.

For example, the Rose 4-In-1 Foundation makes my makeup routine SO much easier, I use that foundation as my primer, concealer, foundation, and anti-aging serum. So, thank you LUMINESS for making my busy mornings less stressful. 


I always appreciate when a beauty company or any company uses their platform to support non-profit organizations. I was so excited to see that LUMINESS is teaming up with ASPCA to join the fight against animal cruelty!

LUMINESS will donate $1 for every airbrush system sold until June 2021, with a maximum donation of $50,000. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides animals medical care and behavioral rehabilitation. This non-profit organization also helps thousands of animals find loving homes every year.

Are you ready to join the fight? Buy an airbrush system when it counts! See LUMINESS’ full Airbrush collection here:

If you didn’t understand why I’m obsessed with LUMINESS as a beauty brand, I’m certain you do now! LUMINESS is a brand that provides amazing products and genuinely cares about its community-as a makeup lover that’s all I ask for!

So LUMINESS, thank you for blessing me and my makeup squad with your AMAZING airbrush systems. More importantly, thank you for being such a positive influence on the beauty world. 

Airbrush Hacks

For my loyal readers, you know how much I love airbrush and I know you do as well. To fill in the newbies, an airbrush system is a magical makeup tool that makes it so easy to achieve flawless makeup results. 

All LUMINESS airbrush systems are versatile tools, you can use an airbrush system to complete most of your makeup look and shorten your routine- no brushes required!

For those of you who are just starting to play with your new toy (airbrush system), I’m sure you have a few questions! Here are a few helpful tips that can elevate your airbrush results. 


If you haven’t found one singular foundation shade that works for your skin tone, don’t worry with an airbrush system you can personalize your foundation shade!

One of the best airbrush features is the ability to mix shades…at home! Remember, I’m by no means a makeup artist so the fact that it’s easy for anyone to create a personalized foundation shade is amazing!

I’ve always been in-between shades and with traditional makeup, it never looked right or blend well when I would mix shades manually. Here’s how to effortlessly create the perfect foundation shade for your complexion. 

  1. Apply 3-4 drops of each shade into the foundation well 
  2. Firmly hold finger over the tip 
  3. Pull back on trigger to mix colors 
  4. Start applying your PERSONALIZED foundation

See, I told you airbrush elevates your makeup game, you can create the perfect shade right from your very own makeup chair! Isn’t this everything we’ve ever wanted?

Say goodbye to buying a new foundation every season! Take a peek at the amazing selection of airbrush foundations:


Has anyone else struggled with finding the perfect dewy finish? To me, I always felt like I either looked greasy or the dewiness was invisible, but with Airbrush Love Illuminator, I found the perfect in-between.

This hydrating formula contains a tinted sheer base which, when airbrushed on the skin, creates luminosity and natural dewiness to the skin. Here are a few ways I have fun with Love Illuminator.

For all dewy finish: 

-Add a drop or two of LOVE illuminator in with your foundation for a subtle glow.


Highlight (don’t worry, there’s no shimmer, just glow): 

-Apply lightly to your cheekbones, brow bone, nose, and cupid’s bow

As makeup lovers, I’m sure you are so happy to finally have found the PERFECT dewy finish (I know I am). 


Are you loving your Airbrush Blush, but want to achieve a softer blush look? I’m here to save the day once again! I personally love blush, but I love the natural blush look.

Since LUMINESS’ blush is amazing and extremely high-pigmented, I have a quick tip that will give you a way softer look. 

  1. Apply airbrush blush on cheekbones
  2. Apply airbrush foundation over it! 

A simple fix is an understatement! I’m sure you use to the application of traditional makeup which requires blush after foundation, but if you’re looking for a softer look- apply blush first! 


Do you have a little too much shine and want a little bit more of a matte finish? Well then, you are going to LOVE this last tip. Here’s how I reduce my natural shininess.

  1. Before applying airbrush foundation, apply setting powder to oily areas like your brow bone, nose, and chin.
  2. Apply airbrush foundation
  3. Enjoy your oil-free flawless matte finish

Applying powder before airbrush foundation is a great way to absorb excess oil, this will ultimately lead to more of a matte finish. For peeps, with oily skin, I’m sure you’re stocking up on setting powder as we speak!

I’ve always struggled with oily skin, so this is for sure a go-to hack of mine. I recommend the Sheer Compact Finishing Powder, it is life-changing!

I hope all of my fellow airbrush lovers are excited to try some of my helpful tips and the newbies are looking forward to joining the airbrush world. Newbies, here’s the link to all of LUMINESS’ Airbrush Systems:

As always, I want to hear from all of you! If you have any questions about my airbrush hacks, please comment below or if you need help getting started with airbrushing, schedule a session with a LUMINESS airbrush expert:

Shine Bright This Summer

It’s your time to shine! See what products can brighten up your beauty routine by making your complexion more youthful and radiant!

Upgrade your makeup bag and elevate your results this summer with these 4 LUMINESS must-have products!


Summer is a busy time of the year, which means we want to spend less time inside getting ready and more time outside to enjoy summer festivities. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a multi-purpose foundation to make your makeup routine shorter?

Well, great news, this life foundation exists and it’s called Rose 4-In-1 Foundation. Airbrush Rose 4-In-1 Foundation provides medium-full coverage and acts as your primer, concealer, foundation, and anti-aging serum.

This is the perfect foundation for summer because it shortens your routine and gives you flawless natural-looking results. Oh, and I’m sure you guessed this, but it smells like fresh roses. Isn’t it the best when your foundation smells fresh and clean? It doesn’t even feel like foundation at that point it’s more like a spa treatment! 

If you don’t need medium-full coverage, but love all that Rose 4-in-1 offers, I’d recommend Silk 4-In-1 Foundation. This foundation is also multi-purpose but it provides sheer to light coverage giving you a natural-looking beautiful finish.

LUMINESS offers foundations for all skin types, with a large variety of shades. To see the full collection, visit the airbrush foundation page:


This product just screams healthy summer skin!!! Airbrush Love Illuminator hydrates while adding subtle illumination, warmth, and glow to the skin, keyword subtle. It’s not overly shiny or greasy looking at all, it’s the perfect soft dewy-finish we’ve been searching for!

If you want a dewy glow all over, you can apply the illuminator the same way you would apply your airbrush foundation, or you can even mix it in with your foundation!

If you’re like me and just want a little glow in certain areas, after applying foundation, apply Love illuminator to your brow bones, cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow! Both applications look gorgeous, it’s all preference! 


Time to get rid of that stubborn dead skin that’s holding you back from flawless results. The Bamboo Polish Facial Exfoliant reveals a revitalized appearance, while greatly reducing clogged pores and removing dead skin. This will help you achieve amazing results because it will create a smooth canvas for your makeup. (AKA healthy and clean skin). 

If you have super sensitive skin, I’d recommend Superfruit Cleanser for a gentler exfoliation. This unique cocktail of papaya and pineapple enzymes balances moisture without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

The Superfruit Cocktail Cleanser smells just as good as it sounds, of course, it’s the perfect product for summer-it smells like a fruity tropical cocktail!

Both exfoliators thoroughly remove skin impurities, you cannot go wrong. Just please, don’t turn your back on exfoliating-be sure to exfoliate twice a week! Remember, we’re not just cleansing our skin, we’re prepping our canvases!! So pretty please, the flawless results you desire-take care of your skin!


So, as I literally JUST mentioned, it’s important to take care of your skin by using the right products in your skincare routine, but a part of taking care of your skin is protecting your skin from the sun.

That’s why I use SPF Sunscreen Setting Powder for midday touch-ups! It’s great to protect your skin from the sun while absorbing excess oil, without ruining your makeup (you know how much I love multi-purpose).

The blotting powder also comes in the most convenient on-the-go packaging, they fit perfectly in any purse, wallet, or even your pocket!

OH…and I can’t forget about …..LUMINESS REWARDS!

Earn points while upgrading your summer makeup bag! Did you know that LUMINESS has an awesome rewards program? You can earn free shipping, store credit, birthday bonuses, and extra discounts! Walk don’t run makeup lovers and get to earning, see more info here:

So, who’s ready to glow all summer long? Get ahead and prepare for a summer filled with flawless makeup days. Which summer-ready product are you most excited about? 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As my loyal makeup lovers, you know I’m always here to give you makeup advice, but for this blog post, I’m blessing you with an amazing Mother’s day gift guide. This is the perfect time of year to thank the woman who shaped you into the beautiful makeup lover you are today.

I totally get that every makeup lover is different, depending on lifestyle or just personal preference, so I know it can be challenging buying beauty products for other people, but LUMINESS makes it easy. (and of course, I’m here to help)

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but remember without a solid skincare routine-it’s almost impossible to achieve flawless results without taking care of your skin. So don’t rule out skincare as a gift for your Mother! I’m breaking down the ultimate gift guide for every type of mom and beauty enthusiast to ensure your mom feels beautiful this Mother’s Day. 

Here’s a list of products your mom NEEDS this Mother’s Day.


I’m sure you guys saw this one coming, but all LUMINESS airbrush systems are PERFECT for moms. Airbrushing saves you so much time, by covering my imperfections so quickly and using one tool for almost your ENTIRE makeup routine!

You don’t have to worry about finding the right brush or making sure they’re clean because let’s be honest, who has time to clean their makeup brushes? Not moms!

They will most likely just buy new makeup brushes because it’s easier..which leads me to my next point. Airbrush also saves you so much money compared to traditional makeup!

There’s no need to replenish your makeup brush collection with airbrush, you use one tool for almost everything! With a LUMINESS Airbrush System, you can apply your eye and face makeup, fill in your roots, and also give yourself a natural-looking at-home spray tan!

LUMINESS Airbrush Systems are so versatile. Are you a super busy mom that’s always on the go? Don’t worry, the cordless breeze system can help you achieve flawless results from just about anywhere! There’s a perfect airbrush system for everyone, check out all the LUMINESS Airbrush Systems here:

And of course, the most important part, the results. You can achieve flawless results so easily with all LUMINESS airbrush systems. They cover imperfections so quickly and easily, making your routine shorter, but also give you AMAZING results. What’s better than that? I think my point is proven!


Okay so remember when I said you or your mom shouldn’t be sleeping on your skincare routine? Would you believe me if I told you, I know a way to exercise your face that doesn’t involve cardio? Well, it’s time to start exercising your skin!

My new favorite toy, the Conture Toning Device is a non-invasive anti-aging tool that tones your face and reduces wrinkles. The Contoure Toning Device utilizes Isometric Compression combined with low-frequency vibrations to gently stimulate and tone skin.

All you need is the Kinetic Treatment Serum and you can get to toning. This is the perfect gift for your mom because it’s easy to use and the results are insane! What’s a better gift than youthful-looking skin? Your mom will LOVE this and NEEDS this. 


Velvet Veil Skin Perfecting Serum is so necessary for everyone…can’t you tell by the title? This serum smoothes fine lines and pores creating the perfect base for your makeup!

And it doesn’t stop there, Velvet Veil is essentially a primer that instantly mattifies and hydrates the skin, I even wear it without makeup sometimes- that tells you something about the results!

This allows mom to take a break from makeup for a day, but still feel confident in their skin. If you’re eyeing an airbrush system for your mom, throw in a bottle of Velvet Veil to enhance her airbrush results.


This hair remover is an absolute lifesaver..have you ever met anyone that enjoys the tedious process of traditional shaving? This hair remover can be used from ANYWHERE, no water or shaving cream required!

This powerful shaver easily removes hair without redness or bumps while covering larger areas with ease-if this isn’t a mommy must-have then I don’t know what is!

The fun doesn’t stop there, with this device you can switch the head for ultimate self-care. The Pumice Head can be used on rough areas like your feet, hands, and elbows to remove dead skin cells to achieve more radiant skin.

The Polishing Head works to remove surface oils and impurities from your face to brighten your complexion. For those of you with sensitive skin, I recommend the Silicone Cleansing Head.

It gently, but thoroughly cleanses the skin by massaging away all impurities. Can anyone say at-home spa day? And I’m not finished just yet, there’s one more!

The Smooth Massaging Head stimulates the skin for better absorption of serums and lotions while improving the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eye. Every mom deserves a relaxing spa day, why not give her the tools to do it from home! 

I hope all my fellow makeup lovers know EXACTLY what to get all the moms in their life for Mother’s Day. You are all about to be the favorite child for these AMAZING gifts.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Flowers are great, but nothing beats a gift that keeps on giving! So give your mom or a special mom in your life a gift that will make them feel confident and beautiful every day, that is the greatest gift of all. 

5 Must-Have Beauty Products for Summer 2021

Summer is right around the corner, and I’m sure you’re thinking about the perfect beach body and making plans for the 4th of July, but I won’t let you forget about your precious face AND the products that will elevate your beauty routine.

New season, new products. Every season is self-care season, because you and your beautiful face, deserve it!  Today I’m pretty much giving you the ultimate summer survival kit. Get ready to have the brightest complexion at the beach this summer!

Here are some must-have products for this upcoming season, that I cannot live without…


This airbrush system is a must-have for every season because it’s so versatile. You can apply your face and eye makeup, fill in your roots, and give yourself a warm glow with the airbrush tanning tonic kit.

To prep for summer, I will DEFINITELY be giving myself a base with the airbrush tanning tonic using the faster speed on my Icon Pro, of course! This speed will help tan your body faster (which is AMAZING)…it looks so natural and it’s so easy to use.

I’m so thankful for my Icon Pro making my skin look flawless 365 days a year! You can achieve a full summer glow in just a few hours. Your body will go from Memorial Day to labor day in a snap!

TIP: Before self-tanning, be sure to exfoliate to remove dead skin to achieve a smoother surface for the tanning solution. I recommend Bamboo Polish Exfoliant, it reveals brighter and more radiant-looking skin.

Exfoliating and shaving before applying the tanning solution will allow your tan to look more natural and even! Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to traditionally shave your entire body, no one has time for that. See my next summer must-have for the future of hair removal….


Who dreads shaving and wishing there was an alternative to traditional shaving besides the obvious expensive options like waxing or Lazor? The answer is everyone.

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to the Silk and Smooth hair remover. This device is specially designed to gently target and remove unwanted hair without causing redness or irritation on your face.

Its older cousin the Silk and Smooth Body Hair Remover is ready to cover all of your body shaving needs with its duo blade razor head. I don’t dread shaving anymore, because these devices make it too easy! Remember to remove hair before you tan, to create a smooth even canvas! 


Travel plans? After a year of no vacations, I’m sure you’re all dying to getaway. Don’t have room to pack your Icon or Legend system? The cordless Breeze system is the perfect airbrush travel buddy!

This airbrush system is cordless so you can do your glam from ANYWHERE and it’s the perfect size to fit in your carry-on. Instead of packing a million makeup brushes, all you have to do is pack your airbrush makeup and your handheld Breeze system-traveling.

The Breeze makes it easy to travel as a makeup lover. You can achieve flawless results from anywhere and everywhere using the Breeze Airbrush system.


I know I mentioned airbrush tanning already, but I’m sure we’re thinking about what can I do to help my glow on the go? Don’t worry as always, LUMINESS, and I have your back.

The Tanning Tonic mist is perfect for on-the-go tanning or touch-ups. It adds a touch of warmth to your skin with just a quick spray, it’s so easy! Side note, it smells AMAZING.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced a smelly self-tanner, and we can all agree it’s awful, but tanning tonic mist smells like a fresh summer day! While giving your skin a beautiful glow, it also moisturizes and softens your skin. When I’m traveling, my tanning tonic mist is always in my suitcase!


As someone who’s tried every blotting-pad ever and settled for toilet paper at a point, I was so happy when LUMINESS’ SPF Setting Powder came into my life.

The SPF Sunscreen Setting Powder is my absolute best friend. I never ever leave the house without it, but for Summer especially, it holds a special place in my heart (and purse).

Now, I never have to feel self-conscious about my oily skin throughout the day and also never have to worry about reapplying sunscreen! This setting powder is designed for on-the-go midday touch-ups.

It absorbs excess oil without messing up your makeup AND it protects your skin from the sun. This product takes multi-purpose to a WHOLE new level, I can blot while protecting my face from the sun making it look fresh all at the same time, it’s incredible. Sunscreen Setting Powder is a beach bag, makeup bag, going-out bag MUST HAVE. 

So, my friends, don’t let summer plans get in the way of your makeup results. Gift yourself with the products that will make your beauty routine easier and your results much better. Which product is number one on your summer wish list? 

Why Every Mom Needs Airbrush in their Life

It’s me again, your friend, your beauty advisor, your life-saver (Not bragging, just happy to hold that title). With Mother’s Day coming up and since I’m always thinking about makeup, I’ve realized that I found the perfect gift for my mom, it’s something that will make her feel beautiful every day, and that in itself is the gift that keeps on giving!

This perfect gift is a LUMINESS airbrush system. I share all the things I love about makeup (particularly airbrush), so why wouldn’t I physically sign my mom up for the airbrush world?

As I’ve said many times, we ALL need airbrush in our lives. However, a makeup tool that saves you time AND gives you flawless results…that’s a no-brainer for every mom out there!

Moms if your reading this, I really hope you’re a member of the airbrush world by now. Also, shout out to the airbrush moms that have been recruiting other moms to fall in love with this amazing tool, no wonder millions are joining the airbrush world!

Here’s why an airbrush system is a perfect gift for all the moms in your life:


In this day and age, we all want to save time, but a mom rarely has a lot of time to apply makeup. *Enters Airbrush* Airbrushing saves me sooo much time in my daily routine, by covering my imperfections so quickly and using one tool for almost my entire makeup routine!

I don’t have to worry about finding the right brush or making sure they’re clean because let’s be honest who has time to clean their makeup brushes? 

Mom’s are busy and all they want to do is achieve flawless results! Well, moms, I have great news for you…airbrushing will give you the results you want quickly and consistently!

With systems like the Legend, Icon, and the Icon Pro you can apply eyeshadow, blush, bronzer…fill in your brows and roots and so much more. 

For moms that are always on the go and need a portable tool..don’t worry there’s a perfect system for you as well! The cordless Breeze Airbrush System is travel and carpool-friendly (only if you are in the park). This system is so easy to use and provides flawless results. 


LUMINESS offers a variety of airbrush foundations and shades, there are many different skin types and skin tones and LUMINESS understands that! For those of you who are frequent foundation wearers, I know you appreciate that. 

LUMINESS also provides foundations that have different finishes and coverage. For example, when my skins clear and I just need a little foundation to even my skin tone, I use Silk 4-In-1 Foundation, which is considered sheer coverage.

When I have dark circles and bad breakouts, my go-to is the Rose 4-In-1 Foundation. Both of these foundations also act as your concealer, primer, foundation, and anti-aging serum.

So like I said earlier, not only does the system itself shorten your routine, LUMINESS also has multi-purpose products-which is always a plus! 

We cannot forget about fine lines and wrinkles…my two favorite LUMINESS products to help hide fine lines and wrinkles are Velvet Veil Serum and CC Concealer.

Velvet Veil is a perfecting serum that soothes fine lines and pores, it’s magical. CC Concealer is an airbrush concealer that works the same way as a traditional concealer, but 20 times better.

It provides ultimate coverage and looks so natural! So you’ll apply the magic serum Velvet Veil first (with your hands), then concealer and foundation with an airbrush system. 


Lastly and most importantly, you should officially invite your mom to the airbrush world because she deserves to feel beautiful and confident! Gift your mom this magical tool so she can enjoy flawless results!

Your mom will think of you every time she does her makeup and thank you when she’s finished…I promise.

So friends, which airbrush system are you gifting to all the moms in your life? I’ll go first, I’m going to get my mom the Icon because I know she’s going to want to do full glam with the system and I’m going to get my grandma the Breeze because now that she’s fully vaccinated, she’s ready to be a world traveler again! I can’t wait to hear your gift ideas!

How You Can Support ASPCA with LUMINESS

LUMINESS is teaming up with ASPCA to join the fight against animal cruelty!

LUMINESS will donate $1 for every airbrush system sold until June 2021, with a maximum donation of $50,000. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides animals medical care and behavioral rehabilitation. This non-profit organization also helps thousands of animals find loving homes every year.

Are you ready to join the fight? Buy an airbrush system when it counts! If you need help finding the perfect system for your lifestyle, don’t worry as always- I’m here for my makeup lovers! 

LEGEND: You’re classic! You want to enjoy the system that started it all. You’re excited to achieve a flawless finish, but also intrigued by all of the Legend’s versatile functions like eyeshadow, brows, roots, and contour! YES, you can complete most of your makeup look using airbrush. 

ICON PRO: You’re glowing! You’ll be using this system for your daily makeup routine, but you can’t wait to get your glow on. You’ll love the two-speed feature, which makes it so simple to self-tan and apply face makeup! Get your GLAM and GLOW using one system. 

ICON: You’re ICONic…You love making a statement! You are ready to complete your makeup look with the Icon system, by filling in your brows, contouring those cheeks, and making your eyes pop with airbrush eyeshadow!

BREEZE: You’re a traveler! Glam is important to you, but it has to be travel-friendly! You need a cordless system that gives you flawless results on-the-go! 

In the end, no matter which system you chose, your results will be flawless-you cannot go wrong my friends. It’s simple to achieve perfection with all LUMINESS airbrush systems. 

I hope all my makeup lovers are excited to try a new airbrush system and contribute to a great cause-show some support to our furry friends! 

Now that I’ve given you the ultimate airbrush system guide, comment below which airbrush system are you eyeing?