National Lipstick Day

Here’s how to celebrate…

Hello, my lovely makeup lovers, I’m sure you know LUMINESS for their Airbrush Systems, but did you know they offer a wide variety of amazing lipsticks? 

From lip liners to lip plumpers, you can truly achieve perfect pout for all occasions with these amazing lip collections

LUMINESS even offers lipstick that allows you to customize your lip finish! These unique Lip Finishers can be worn alone or added onto other lipsticks, achieve the perfect finish or subtle gloss with these must-have lip finishers. Choose from five different shades/finishes to complete your daily routine and never get bored! Deemed “Best Over Lipstick” by Byrdie editor Christina Heiser. 

If you’ve started browsing LUMINESS’ lipsticks, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all the great options. If I were you, I’d try one of their top rated trios, “Perfect Pout” and “Care & Color Lip Set”. 

These handpicked lip kits each come with 3 full-sized lipsticks for a very low price! Complete your lip routine and sample LUMINESS’ best-selling lip products. 

And I know what you’re thinking, how can I get my hands on these lip collections and can I try them on? 

Good news, YES AND YES. Check out the entire lipstick collection here! While you’re peeking around be sure to try-on customer favorites:

Forever Reign Lip Stain: Long-lasting velvety finish, smudge-proof up to 18 hours. Available in 14 shades. 

Creme Confession Lipstick: Ultra-creamy and moisture-rich base allows long-wearing, weightless shine. Available in 13 shades. 

Be sure to celebrate National Lipstick Day with LUMINESS’ Lip Collections to achieve the ultimate plump, color and hydration. Find your perfect pout now! 

International Self-Care Day

Friendly Reminder: Self-care IS important

With International Self-Care Day coming up, I thought I’d take the liberty to remind each and every one of you how important self-care is. 

I know with our busy lives, it can be hard to incorporate daily self-care, but LUMINESS makes it easy to give ourselves the attention we deserve. 

Here’s how I pamper myself on a daily basis quickly and efficiently….


When we think of self-care, we normally think of spa-like treatments and skincare, but it’s so much more. According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of self-care: the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

So, wouldn’t you say feeling your best is a part of self-care? I don’t know about you guys, but I feel my best when my makeup and skin is on point! Therefore, airbrush is DEFINITELY part of my self-care routine. 

My LUMINESS Airbrush System helps me achieve flawless results, from my skin to my eyebrows, from head to toe! That’s the beauty of airbrush systems, you can achieve almost your whole makeup routine with one tool, apply self-tanner and fill in your roots!

The best way to practice self-care is adding a stress-free device to your routine and that’s a LUMINESS Airbrush System for me. 

Silk & Smooth Hair Remover

Speaking of stress-free devices, say hello to the Silk & Smooth Hair Remover. Achieving soft, hairless skin gently and easily. Sounds like self-care to me. 

To create a smooth canvas for your makeup, tanning formula, etc….you must eliminate all skin impurities, like hair and dead skin. 

First, remove unwanted body and facial hair with the Silk and Smooth hair remover. This hair remover gently removes hair without causing redness or irritation, no shaving cream or water required (which is amazing). In a Byrdie article, written by Rebecca Norris, Dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer L MacGregor recommends electric shaving devices (Silk and Smooth), if you despise traditional shaving. 

Bamboo Polish 

Of course, I need to mention skincare when preaching about self-care. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you MUST exfoliate at least once a week. 

My favorite exfoliator for a gentle but thorough cleansing is the Bamboo Polish Exfoliant. 

This exfoliant will make your skin brighter-looking and remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin is key to a silky-smooth finish because it prevents pockets of sunless tanner from collecting on those dry, dull skin areas! 

PRO TIP: Speaking of sloughing away the skin, don’t forget to give your lippies some love with our Pomegranate Lip Scrub. 

Now that you guys know what self-care means to me, I want to hear from you guys! What does self-care mean to you? How do you achieve your every day goals and tend to your “self-care needs”? 



Hello again, my loyal makeup lovers. As you all know, I appreciate a good bargain and love sharing tips to save money on beauty products. 

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The SPF Every Makeup Lover Needs

Finally, SPF that doesn’t ruin my makeup!

Happy UV Safety Awareness Month! I have the PERFECT way to celebrate. Makeup lovers, meet your new best friend, SPF 30 Setting Powder. 

This sunscreen setting powder absorbs excess oil, while providing protection from the sun, WITHOUT messing up your makeup. Keep your makeup fresh and your skin protected from ANYWHERE.

I used to choose between sunscreen or makeup because they never looked quite right together, but NOW, I never have to compromise. I can show off my flawless airbrush results, but also protect my skin with this easy to use SPF Setting Powder. 

This on-the-go setting powder is an absolute must-have, especially for summer. It’s convenient disposable packaging makes it travel-friendly, allowing you to touch-up on-the-go at all times. 

SPF 30 Setting Powder was recognized as one “The Best Powder Sunscreens, According to Dermatologists” on

Expertly formulated with zinc oxide for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, this non-greasy, non-irritating formula is perfect for all skin types and applies seamlessly over makeup or alone. 

Remember, it’s so important to protect your skin from sun damage all year round, but in honor of UV Awareness Month it’s a great time to start! Each box comes with 18 individual packets.

So, my lovely makeup lovers, run don’t walk to get this life-changing Sunscreen Setting Powder. 

35 Fascinating Beauty Tools & Devices You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Scroll through Instagram at any time of day, and you’re likely to come across at least one person who’s rolling an oddly shaped tool around their face or posing with a slightly terrifying LED mask. In fact, one could say fascinating beauty tools and devices are one of the beauty world’s biggest trends right now — they’ve practically become a phenomenon overnight.

And with good reason. Not only are they fun to use (and post about, obviously), they often offer new solutions you may not have known about or ways to get in-office treatments and results from the comfort of your home. They also range across categories, so there are tools to help de-puff your face, smooth out the skin on your body, reach that last little bit of makeup in your almost-empty bottle, and even help your shampoo lather better.

While some may have already been on your radar for a while, the extent of the offerings is massive — so even if you consider yourself a master in all things beauty tools and devices, there are sure to some you haven’t yet discovered in the list below. So without further ado, keep scrolling — 35 fascinating products are ahead.

Conture’s Hair Remover

The latest in hair removal is a device that not only leaves your skin stubble-free and smooth, but exfoliated, too. A dual-blade precision rotatory system provides a close shave while a polishing head helps remove buildup, leaving skin clean and bright.

Here’s How Dermatologists Smooth and Prevent Forehead Wrinkles, Fast

Ask just about any dermatologist how to prevent forehead wrinkles and they’ll tell you to start implementing an anti-aging skincare routine. The trick is to know which products and treatments to incorporate into your regimen, as well as when to put it into practice. As a general rule of thumb, dermatologists say that you should begin your preventative anti-aging journey sometime between your 20s and 30s. It’s hard to nail down a specific age since, as we mentioned before, genetics play a role. That said, your best bet is to talk to your mom and grandma about when they first started noticing fine lines and wrinkles on their appearance so that you can get ahead of the game.

Try Using an At-Home Toning Device to Smooth Skin

…You want to punch up the power. That’s where toning devices come into play. Engelman swears by them. “These devices can help increase the amount of absorption of active ingredients, so they penetrate into the deep layers of the skin – giving maximum benefits,” she explains, recommending the Conture Kinetic Toning Device. “It has a multitude of benefits with over 250,000 hours of research behind it. With three settings for face, neck, and chest, the device combines isometric compression and low-frequency vibrations to prepare the skin for up to 300 percent more absorption of active ingredients up to 45 minutes after use. In clinical trials, 78 percent saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.”

The Best Anti-Aging Products for Every Decade of Your Life

Skin experts reveal the right ingredients and best anti-aging products to use for a glowing complexion for your skin type and age

If you’re in your 70s, lasers can help revive skin

“Days in the sun can finally start to show in later years with dark spots and crepey looking skin,” explains Dr. Engelman. That’s why she recommends in-office procedures (lasers) for patients in this age group. At home, don’t stop using your retinoid and oil. There are also at-home devices to help stimulate the skin and aid in product absorption. Dr. Engelman’s favorite is the Conture Kinetic Toning Device. “It’s a non-invasive way to lift and revive skin through isometric compression and low-frequency vibration.”

The Facial-Toning Device and CBD Lotion Jessica Alba Counts as Her Pre-Glam Must-Haves

Jessica Alba took to her Instagram stories tonight to share her pre-glam picks for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Alba, who founded The Honest Company, had some of her brand’s beauty in the mix—the new Prime + Perfect Mask ($20), Magic Beauty Balm ($13), Vitamin C Radiance Serum ($28) and Organic Beauty Facial Oil ($28) to be exact—but kept it real as she shared some off-the-radar favorites from three other lines.

For starters, she credited Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin Eye Patches for being her “secret weapon against tired-looking eyes.” Then, there was a shoutout to the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System ($70), an anti-aging wonder tool Alba says “does all the things.” And, finally, Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion ($60) got some love for being a “secret weapon for long nights out.”