Luminess and Sir John Give a Group of Editors a Fun Makeover, 45,000 feet in the Air

Sir John and Luminess team up to give a select number of editors an in-flight makeover session, flying through 3 cities in less than 24 hours. Sir John shares his best makeup tips and favorite Luminess products


This Is What It’s Like Getting Your Makeup Done by Sir John on a Private Jet

I never truly knew what a pinch-me moment felt like until I found myself 45,000 feet up in the air on a private jet (one of the world’s fastest—nbd) getting my makeup done by Sir John, a celebrity makeup artist whose star-studded roster of clients includes Queen Bey herself. (In fact, only 24 hours earlier, Sir John had been backstage with Beyoncé at Coachella, using the very same brushes that were about to touch my face. Casual.)


Thanks to Luminess Cosmetics, a lucky group of editors and I received the ultimate in-flight beauty experience, jet-setting through three cities in less than 24 hours. I’d imagine this is how Beyoncé feels all the time, and who wouldn’t want to live like her for a day? I’m still replaying the moment in my head when Sir John created the most gorgeous, warm, bronze-y makeup look on me in under 10 minutes. Staying calm throughout the experience took some extra effort, as you can probably imagine.


I did my best to soak it all in and really enjoy the experience, but I did manage to jot down a few insider tricks to share. Ahead, see Sir John’s best makeup tips for those of us who don’t have all day to spend on their makeup but still want to look good on the fly. (I mean, wasting a bunch of time on your makeup can really get in the way of living your best life, no?)


Tip #1: Keep Things Simple


“It’s similar to the idea of doing your makeup between 125th and 59th streets on the express in New York,” says Sir John. “If you have a quick seven minutes, you can give yourself a cool face. The way you can do it is by not using a lot of products. So for you, we rehashed the monochromatic trend.”


Tip #2: Let One Product Do Most of the Work


It was hard for me to believe that Sir John used a single lipstick liquid to create my entire makeup look. “For your complexion, I wanted to go with something really warm, amber, and bronze-y,” he told me. “I wanted something that would naturally look like your complexion. If you take a liquid matte lip color, you can use that same color on the cheeks, eyes, and lips. With a liquid matte texture, you can use it on your lips, and you don’t necessarily need lip liner. You can also turn it into a cream blush on your cheeks. Do this by using your ring finger—it’s the weakest finger and uses the least amount of product while blending really well.”


The final step? “Last but not least, I took this fluffy eye shadow brush, the #217 blending brush from MAC, and put a little bit on the back on my hand,” Sir John explained. “Starting at the lash line, we swiped that all over the lid and a tiny bit underneath the lash lines as well. Then I used the brush to blend. These liquid matte lipsticks are really gorgeous as eye shadows. They stay all day and are great as a base for underneath shadow if you decide to do that. They’re going to anchor to your complexion but not dry out on your eyelids.”


Tip #3: Transform Your Look With Statement Lipstick


“If you’re coming from work and you’re on your way out, the quickest way to make a really nice statement is with a lip,” says Sir John. “Since everything about your makeup was corresponding and so simple and subtle already, I like how we turned the look upside down with an inky violet-blue.


“It had a beautiful, creamy satin finish,” Sir John says. “Since this color is so in the middle of being a creamy satin, you can change the texture from matte to gloss too.”


Tip #4: Use a Beautyblender to Apply Your Foundation


“I like to apply foundation with a wet Beautyblender,” says Sir John. “It’s quick, and you don’t have to blend as much. Just be sure keep it in a clean container when you’re on the move.”


Tip #5: Cigarette Rolling Papers Make Great Blotting Films


Sir John’s secret? “I like to use cigarette rolling papers as blotting films for the nose, eyes, and forehead if it gets too oily.”


Tip #6: Bring the Heat Around Your Eyes


“I’m a big fan of bringing heat around the eyes,” Sir John told me. “This might sound crazy, but red eye shadows are really popular right now around the eyes. No matter what complexion or eye color you are, it works. Try wearing Currant lip liner as eyeliner and smudging that around the eyes, and then wearing the same thing on the lip. Old-school makeup artists will say this is going to make someone look sick or like they’re tired, but we’re in a different day makeup-wise. Stick to waterproof formulas and deep, Merlot, and wine-colored shades. It looks very alluring and hot on everyone. It’s super-modern makeup for summer nights.”

Luminess and Sir John


9 Luminess Products I Am Grateful For

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and being thankful, I wanted to share 9 Luminess products I am most grateful for. (Side note: I am extremely thankful for my friends and my family, but this is about beauty and makeup, so back to my list of favorite airbrush products.)

  1. The new Epic 2 Airbrush System. There are no words to explain just how much I love my airbrush machine that I use at home every day. I feel like I’ve become an expert thanks to the step-by-step, built-in tutorials — the only airbrush machine that has this feature — and it’s so lightweight and versatile that it’s easy to travel with.
  1. Mystic Airbrush Foundation. This is another favorite on my list because during summer and winter months I don’t have to splurge on all new shades as my skin gets tan or loses some color, I can simply color match with two different shades I keep on hand at all times. It goes on smooth and is incredibly lightweight. It also has concealer and corrector built in, so it’s the only product I need for a perfect complexion. Since my skin looks flawless, I can easily say “I woke up like this.”
  1. ColorFX. One of the newest products I’ve recently become obsessed with, this new line helps me channel my inner diva and allows me to experiment with different looks — on my body and my hair! This spray-on hair and body color will take your trends to a whole new level, or your local comic-con.
  1. Eraser. If you have red or blotchy skin like me, this is an airbrush essential you can’t live without. It helps even out your skin tone, neutralizes redness and goes on easy and lightweight.
  1. Lip Gloss. I like a pretty natural color on my lips — I let my personality do the standing-out part — so I love the natural shades of these lip glosses that are perfect every day and keep me feeling at the top of my game.
  1. AirSupremacy Body Coverage. I have a lot of scars from my days playing sports and 99 percent of the time they don’t bother me, but sometimes they do. That’s why I love this body coverage spray to help cover my skin’s imperfections. It’s also a boss at covering up tattoos and is long lasting with no transfer.
  1. Eye Shadow Palette. I’m pretty sure everyone in my life can attest to the fact that I’m indecisive in many things, so having 88 — yes, 88! — eye shadows to choose from in one adorable palette truly makes life more beautiful.
  1. Makeup Remover Wipes. I am close to being the laziest human on the planet; that’s why these simple makeup remover wipes are on my favorites list. I know the importance of removing your makeup every night, and these are perfect for the nights — there’s a lot of them! — I don’t feel like fully washing my face. These remove up to 4x more makeup than washing my face, anyway.
  1. Translucent Powder. There’s something about doing your makeup and finishing it off with a finishing powder that makes the look complete. It’s ideal for touchups, so I always keep it in my bag, just in case!

How to Look Flawless When Meeting the Parents for the First Time

The day has finally arrived and you are meeting your significant other’s parents and family for the first time. Boy do we remember those jitters. It’s such an exciting time, but also such a nerve-racking time. Good think you look flawless and radiant.

Here are just a few reasons airbrush makeup is the perfect at-home look for meeting the parents:

Airbrush foundation is long-lasting, sweat-proof and waterproof. So when it feels like his parents have been grilling you for hours upon hours, your makeup won’t give you away. Your makeup won’t run or start to fade away after just the first course – you’ll be set to carry on conversation long into the evening. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Natural-looking and flawless skin. Airbrush makeup goes on as a fine mist of makeup that gently lays on your face – not in the fine lines and wrinkles. The makeup looks natural and flawless and doesn’t look caked on and heavy like a traditional foundation. And we can pretty much vouch for every mom to ever walk the planet – they don’t give a thumb’s up for a girl that wears too much makeup.

It’s quick and easy. It never fails – anytime you need to be on time somewhere, something will inevitably happen and you’ll run late. Whether it’s an important meeting or a business dinner or meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time – being punctual is a must. That’s why using airbrush makeup at home is key here – it’s so quick and easy to apply a full face of natural-looking makeup that you’ll have extra time in case you notice a wardrobe malfunction leaving the house.

It’s dermatologist tested and recommended. Once you’ve made it through that first meeting of the parents, the coast is clear. Or is it? Using airbrush foundation won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts like traditional makeup. Plus, since you don’t use dirty sponges or makeup brushes, your skin will remain in tip-top shape. No one wants to break out after managing to make it through one of the toughest nights of your life, right?!

Those are just a few of our favorite reasons to use airbrush makeup — especially airbrush foundation, which is key to flawless coverage — before important events like meeting your significant other’s parents.

A few other things to remember include: minding your manners, not talking with your mouth full, listening — you should listen at least 60 percent of the time and talk maybe 40 percent — always saying positive and uplifting things and staying true to yourself. Applying those few tips along with flawless airbrush coverage will have his mom and dad singing your praises for a long time – we promise!

How to Get in Touch with Luminess

It’s easier than ever to get in touch with Luminess regarding any of our products. For starters, you can contact us via our  Contact page on our website, and we are incredibly active and responsive on all our social media channels, especially Facebook.

Beyond all of that, we can answer all of your questions and provide tips for using your airbrush products to their fullest potential. We have a skilled customer service team – both online and over the phone – that can help you with anything from exchanges and returns to tips on cleaning out your stylus and more.

Our website even has a “Live Chat” feature where you can type directly, instant messenger style, to a dedicated customer service rep to help answer all of your questions, without having to leave your desk or wait on hold.

Some people tend to panic when buying a product online, and we understand the potential problems. With most products you buy from chain stores, it’s easy to get assistance by simply going to the store or returning the product with ease, but working with and purchasing our airbrush products is just as easy. We promise.

We put the same effort in making our airbrush cosmetics easy to use and easy to understand, as we do into our customer service. We love satisfied Luminess Beauties, that’s why getting in touch with us and answering your questions is at the top of our priority list.

5 Tricks to Taking a Great Photo

We love Instagram filters just as much as the next gal, but sometimes we recommend posting a photo sans filter. And while we agree certain filters can make you look tanner or slimmer (yay!), there are some other tricks, outside of apps, that will help you take great photos too.

Here are 5 of our favorite tricks to taking better photos:

  1. Change it up. Maybe you already know “your good side” or maybe it just depends on the day or the angle, but it never hurts to have options. Don’t stand in the exact same position (think head, smile, hand position, etc.) in every photo. Once you learn your angles, you’ll be wishing you had signed up for America’s Next Top Model.
  2. SMILE. No one on this planet likes being told to smile more, but there is some truth to that. (And guys, if you’re reading this, do not tell us to smile more.) You want to look like you’re having fun and loving life (even if you’re faking it), and it’s much easier to do that with a smile on your face.
  3. Airbrush it. There is a very valid reason many brides get their makeup airbrushed on their big day and models get their makeup airbrushed for fashion shows and photo-shoots and it’s because airbrush makeup just looks 10 times better in photos. Try Luminess Airbrush Makeup Systems for your everyday routine – not just a fancy photo-shoot – and see the difference it makes in your photos.
  4. Get your lighting right. Let’s face it – lighting can make or break a picture, and you’re not always guaranteed to have natural light to help with your photos. If you’ve asked someone to take your photo, don’t be afraid to check it and see if you need to switch to the other side (so the sun isn’t behind you). Shooting at sunset is ideal.
  5. Be comfortable. Whether it’s a professional photoshoot or just snapping a selfie with your bestie, being comfortable is key. Whatever you’re feeling at the moment will likely show up in the photo. Are you laughing hysterically? Yeah – that’ll probably be evident in the picture. Are you angry and grumpy? Yes, again. Make sure you’re comfortable (that goes just as much for attitude as it does what you’re wearing) while you’re taking your photo so you don’t look like Awkward Annie.

Those are our top tricks and tips for taking the best photos. What are yours? Leave us a comment in the section below and let’s talk!