How To Shop The ‘Lion King’ Makeup Collection Early

Be prepared: The much anticipated limited edition Lion King makeup collection by renowned celebrity makeup artist Sir John and Luminess Cosmetics is hitting shelves tomorrow. Judging from the buzz it’s gotten, it’ll probably sell out faster than the gazelles that leap across the screen in the 1994 original animated Lion King. Sir John counts Beyoncé, Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, Joan Smalls among his famous clientele, which is fitting since Beyoncé plays Nala in the upcoming new film, hitting theaters July 19.

To get inspiration for the line, Sir John visited Africa. “I spent a ton of time in South Africa, in Capetown and Johannesburg; I adore it,” says Sir John, who is also co-executive producer of American Beauty Star. “I went on safari for the first time. The rhinos came right up to the truck, we were in the lion’s pit—just seeing animals that way took me aback. When you get a chance to get out of the US and see what real dirt and real clay look like, it’s so fertile. African clay has so many shades of reddish brown and warm brown. The landscape is what inspired me. One thing about Lion King is you don’t necessarily have a Disney princess that inspires you, like Cinderella. Lion King is all about the atmosphere, it’s all about the vibe, so hopefully I did it justice by paying tribute to the landscape and how organic the scenery is.”

Those striking earth tones take center stage in the collection, which includes an eyeshadow palette, a contour palette, a highlighter/bronzer, two shades of matte lipstick, two liquid lipsticks shades, and a tinted lip balm. Every item has amazing color payoff. “If you look at the eyeshadow palette you’ll see these natural clean browns and wearable colors for people who are minimalists,” Sir John says. “And for people who like extra drama, there are some beautiful jewel tone shades, like a purple that looks like a sunset. All of those colors are inspired by nature; even the sculpting palette is very natural in its tones. If you take the textures of the eyeshadows, it’s serious pigment. I just need to tap it—you can even use your fingers (to apply it).”

Sir John had a say in the sophisticated, striking packaging from start to finish. Though the film is pure Disney, the aesthetic is all grown up. “I fall in love with product from the outside,” he says. “It’s not a juvenile collection, it’s something you can hold. As you become more mature and get into your career, your packaging changes and the products that you source changes. You don’t want to whip out a dollar lip balm when you’re at a dinner—you want to have a beautiful compact that shows your station in life. As you move up, you evolve as well. I wanted to make sure that the girl who knows quality is going to want to hold this compact at dinner and not run to the restroom and hide it.”

It was also important to Sir John that the collection work for the Lion King’s global audience. “As a makeup artist, I have such a diverse group of women who I work with, so I have to make sure that this translates to everyone from Harlem to Hong Kong,” Sir John says. “In terms of complexion it has to be for the girl who is super fair, like Nicole Kidman’s complexion, to Lupita’s complexion. They’re both looking at me at the same time to make sure I get it right. So many other makeup artists have the luxury to work with one demographic, but I think the most modern way forward is to have a global complexion in mind. You want to make sure that all girls are invited to the party.”

Of course, Sir John is also paying homage to the fans of the original Disney animated Lion King. “This is a love letter to the moms who were kids back in 1994,” he says. “I was one of those children. Now most of those women are having families of their own and they’re taking their kids for the first time to see the movie. It’s like a time capsule to those women.”

 We know there’s one mom who approves of the line: None other than Beyoncé. “I wanted to show her something that was real, so I waited until the packaging was done so I had a real product,” Sir John says. “She was like, ‘oh my god, this is so good; I need five boxes.’ Getting her support on any project is so cool. A lot of people say, ‘what do you get inspired by?’ Being around really impactful women who are so badass and super strong, there’s all the inspiration you need. You don’t need much inspiration when you’re next to a woman who does a project like Lemonade or the Super Bowl. It moves culture. I grew up around a really strong mom. Strong women have really taught me.”

Be like Beyoncé and get your inner Nala on before the collection drops on on June 15. Use the pre-sale code ‘UNLK367’ to shop at 9PM EST on Friday, June 14th.

Here’s What Lion King’s Makeup Collection Looks Like On Different People

Makeup artist extraordinaire Sir John teamed up with Disney and Luminess to create the limited edition Lion King makeup collection, and we got to try it out before it launches on June 15!

If you’re a makeup enthusiast then you know Sir John glams the faces for the likes of Celine Dion, Khloe Kardashian and Beyoncé. Now, he’s teamed up with cosmetics company Luminess to create Disney’s official, limited edition Lion King makeup collection to celebrate the live-action remake, in which Beyoncé is the voice of Nala btw. *Feel free to fan out right now!*

The eight piece-collection includes the Kingdom Sculpting Palette, Can’t Wait to be Queen Eyeshadow Palette, Be Brave Matte Lipstick in two shades, Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in two shades, Legacy Tinted Lip Balm and Circle of Life Highlighter. The products will be available on Luminess on June 15 and makeup retailers on June 16, ranging from $24 to $42.

He actually came by our office to show us the collection and we got to try it out first hand. We were immediately blown away by how elevated the packaging was, and by the finished looks.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

The makeup artist extraordinaire told BuzzFeed that this collection was an elevated take for all the millennials who grew up on the original film. We’re all grown up now and this collection is the perfect mix of childhood nostalgia and adult presentation. Everything from the sleek, metallic packaging to the super-rich and intense pigment proves that this is not a drill, people. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!

Sir John gave Sabrina a shimmering monochromatic look, perfect for a fancy affair. If lions had weddings, Nala would’ve totally rocked this beat!

He enhanced Sabrina’s bone structure with shades Dusk and Cub from the Kingdom Sculpting Palette. For the lips and blush, he actually used the Be Brave Matte Lipstick in Pounce, which he calls a “convertible piece” because you can use it more than one way!

Can we have a moment of silence out of respect for this speck of gold in her tear ducts?! It’s all in the details, dahlings.

From the Can’t Wait To Be King Eyeshadow Palette, Sir John applied Pride Rock to her inner and outer corners, and Nala on the ball of her eye for a matte-shimmer-matte pattern. This is an easy way to create dimension to the lids. To really open and brighten the eyes he applied Simba to the tear ducts, and brought everything together by blending African Clay in the creases. He finished the look with Circle of Life Highlighter to the cheekbones, and topped off the lips with Legacy Tinted Lip Balm.

Here’s a cheat sheet of everything you’ll need to recreate this moment.

Sabrina’s Final Thoughts: “In all seriousness, Sir John made me feel like a Disney princess after I saw my finished look! If you’re anything like me, navigating how to properly apply makeup is nothing short of intimidating, especially when trying a new color that’s out of your comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised at how bold, yet natural the shimmery golds were against my skin tone.

I absolutely love how Sir John balanced the use of warm colors on my face overall and especially appreciated how the combination of his technique and the collection made my eyes pop. The beautiful thing about Luminess and Sir John’s Lion King collection is that there is an array of colors perfect for every person, no matter what their skin tone is. I have never felt more confident wearing makeup than when Sir John applied this collection to my face!”

For Sarah, Sir John proved that you can bring the drama without doing the most. Her blue-red lip and soft, subtle eye make for a stunning juxtaposition.

To sculpt, he applied Cub and Marula, and finished off with the Circle of Life Highlighter. Who knew looking so good could be so easy and so quick?! Sir John knew, that’s who!

Nala would DEF rock this look for girls’ night out in the jungle. So sexy, so chic, so editorial!

He kept the focus on her lips with Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in Romantic Atmosphere. Sir John left the eyes more neutral, applying Safari Khaki to her entire lid and punching up the ball just a tad with the shade Landscape.

Here’s everything you need for this quick and easy slay.

Sarah’s Final Thoughts: “I’m obsessed with the golden eye look Sir John created for me — it reminds of the beautiful sunset scene in Lion King where Mufasa famously says, ‘Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.’ And not only that, but I feel like it’s a look I could actually recreate myself pretty quickly (knock on wood!), yet the finished result looks so elegant and ~radiant~.

I’m obsessed with my blue-based reds and Romantic Atmosphere did NOT disappoint, and I think Sir John’s slight overlining of the lips really made the red pop, balanced the bold brows, and centered the whole look. Sir John and Luminess nailed it, and I can’t wait to redo this look and play with all of the other gorgeous eyeshadow shades! 😍”

And for Essence, Sir John showed us a much brighter look, punctuating the eyes and muting out the rest of her face. We can see Nala slaying this fun, care-free look at the Pride Rock Music Festival!

(Hey! I’m Essence, Essence is me. Writing about myself in third person is weird.)

He contoured with Pumbaa, applying it to the jawline, forehead and cheekbones. On the lips he applied the Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in Trouble, and dabbed a little to her cheeks as well.

We have five words: Your favorite peacock could NEVER!

Now the eyes were the focal point so he really packed on the pigment and played with some of the more vibrant shades from the Can’t Wait To Be King Eyeshadow Palette. The shade Meadows sweeps the entire lid and the shade Zazu sits in the tear duct. He applied Pride Rock and African Clay to the crease and Wisdom to the brow bone to blend out the look.

Wanna get the look?! Here are the deets.

Essence’s Final Thoughts: “So this collection is sooooo incredibly special. I immediately fell in love with the packaging. It has this metallic thing going on that changes in the light when you hold it at certain angles, and then to follow that up with such a great product that actually performs was just amazing! The makeup itself is just as elevated as the packaging.

Now as for my look, not to sound full of myself or anything but I look GOOOOOOOD! This pigment is without any primer or enhancement in photo editing. What you see is literally what it looked like in real life. The colors work well together and I like it because even though the makeup is elevated, it’s not hard or intimidating to use. Sir John just keeps on leveling up and this collection is brilliant. It made me that much more excited for the movie!”

Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess will be available here on June 15th, and and on June 16th. The collection will also be available at select Ulta stores on July 1st!

This Lion King Makeup Collection Is A Disney Collector’s Dream

It’s been over two decades since The Lion King became an instant Disney classic, and this summer the animated movie is getting a live-action revival, similar to Dumbo and Aladdin. The adaptation is going to have all the drama of the original — Mufasa’s death is the saddest scene in cinematic history (don’t @ us) — but with a new notable cast that features Donald Glover, Beyoncé, and Seth Rogan.
With all the excitement for this remake, it comes as no surprise that there’s a coordinating makeup collection. Because, in this day and age, an adjacent eyeshadow palette cements a movie as a cultural phenomenon. And who better to create The Lion King-inspired makeup line than the man who is responsible for Beyoncé’s glow?
Sir John was tapped by Disney to bring the iconic film to life in makeup form, and he partnered with Luminess Cosmetics to create the 8-piece collection. As a first step, Sir John took a safari in Johannesburg, South Africa. There, he was inspired by everything from the red pigments in the dirt to the rich colors in the animals’ fur. The collection features an eyeshadow palette, sculpting palette, highlighter, and lip products — all made with the movie and the spirit of Africa in mind.
One other important thing Sir John considered: inclusivity. “The most important thing in creating this line was that it translates to every complexion,” the makeup artist tells Refinery29. “Women are looking at me to create a line that everyone can bring home. So, this can work with a lighter skin tone like Nicole Kidman to darker skin tones like Lupita Nyong’o.”
While we wait for the limited-edition collection to drop on June 15 and The Lion King movie to premiere on July 19, we’re giving you a closer look so that you can get your coins ready. Ahead, all the products in The Lion King Limited-Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess.

Sir John x Luminess Be Brave Matte Lipstick

This collection has small details — like the rose-gold in the packaging and the imprinted patterns on the lipstick bullets — that will make it a collector’s item. This highly pigmented, matte lipstick leaves a velvety finish and comes in two shades: a nude-mauve and a bold red.

Sir John x Luminess Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick

If you prefer liquid lipsticks, the collection has got you covered with this full-coverage, yet lightweight formula that comes in two shades: a brick red and a cinnamon brown. Sir John chose the burgundy shade to mimic the fruit juice Rafiki anointed Simba with in the Circle of Life scene.

Sir John x Luminess Legacy Tinted Lip Balm

For days when you want a more natural lip look, this nourishing lip balm has a hint of sheer color and a glossy finish.

Sir John x Luminess Can’t Wait To Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette

Sir John’s favorite product in the lineup is this 12-pan eyeshadow palette that will transport you to Africa with its rich colors. “We went for colors that would be aspirational to have in your kit,” says Sir John.

Sir John x Luminess Circle of Life Highlighter

If you take a closer look at the packaging of this highlighter, you’ll notice the glitter detail is meant to reflect Simba seeing Mufasa in the stars. You’ll be shining just like those stars when you apply this universal powder, which can be used on both face and body.

Sir John x Luminess Kingdom Sculpting Palette

Don’t think of this as just a six-pan contouring palette, it’s so much more, according to Sir John. It comes with cool tones that can be used to define facial features or dusted onto the eyelids. “It doesn’t matter if you’re super minimal, this is just an easy daytime palette,” he says.

Sir John Just Launched a Lion King Makeup Collection, and We Can’t Stop Swatching

Die-hard Disney fans are well aware that a new Lion King is on its way. The children’s classic has a brand new cast featuring the likes of Donald Glover, Seth Rogan, John Oliver, and (wait for it) Beyonce. Die-hard Disney fans are probably also well aware that the movie comes out on July 19th. If you’re one of these people, and you’re waiting on the edge of your seat, we have some good news to tide you over: there’s a new Lion King makeup collection coming, and we have the details.

The collection is a collaboration between Disney, Luminess, and Sir John (who is Beyonce’s longtime friend and makeup artist). The eight-piece collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a face palette, and four lipsticks (two are cream lipsticks and two are liquid lipsticks). Keep scrolling to see the full collection, and find out when and where you can shop it. Trust us, this is the Disney makeup collection you didn’t know you needed.

First up, let’s talk about this—the Can’t Wait to Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette. It houses 12 pressed powders in both matte and shimmer finishes. The shades range from a variety of warm-toned neutrals to gold, bronze, blue, green, and plum. The names of the shades are just as good as the shades themselves. There’s Mufasa, Zazu, Sire, King, Pride Rock, African Clay, Simba, Wisdom, and more.

Next up, we have the Kingdom Sculpting Palette. This palette houses six cool-toned contour shades that can be used to sculpt and define the complexion. Brush them into the hollows of your cheekbones, the sides of the forehead, and the jawline. We like the fact that there’s a shade for every skin tone, from the palest to the deepest.

The first cream lipstick is a nude brown shade, which is called Lion’s Mane. We’re assuming it will be much like the Luminess Creme Confession Lipstick ($24), which is creamy and moisturizing, thanks to cocoa and shea butters, marula oil, and hydrolyzed silk.

The other Be Brave cream lipstick is called Pounce, and it’s an orange-red color that we think is a perfect vivid shade for summer. The cream lipsticks (both Lion’s Mane and Pounce) are both being touted as smudge-proof and long-wearing.

Fans of liquid lipstick will be happy to know that there are two different shades available in the collection. The first is called Trouble, and it’s a brick-brown color that feels very ’90s, and as such, very on-trend.

Then there’s Romantic Atmosphere, which is a dark, rosy red shade. We’re guessing both shades will perform like Luminess’s Obsession Liquid Lipstick ($24), which are fully opaque lipsticks that set into a matte finish. They’re formulated with candelilla and sunflower essence for a silky, cushioned feel.

There’s also a highlighter in the collection. It’s called the Circle of Life Highlighter, and it’s a shimmery, golden bronze shade that Sir John, Luminess, and Disney created to be universally flattering. The pressed powder can be applied to the high points of the face with a makeup sponge, a brush, or just your fingers, for a lit-from-within radiance.

The final product in the eight-piece collection is a tinted lip balm, which is called the Legacy Tinted Lip Balm. It has a moisturizing formula that protects lips from dryness with a glossy, sheer rosy brown tint.

Every single one of these products will be available on Luminess’s website on June 15. Look out for the collection to hit and on June 16. If you want to see it IRL before purchasing, wait until July 1, which is when it enters brick-and-mortar Ulta stores. Don’t wait too long, though. This is a limited-edition collection, which means it won’t stick around forever.

Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Is Releasing a Disney-Inspired Line I Would Actually Wear

As soon as we heard there was going to be a Lion King remake with photorealistic computer animation, one of the first things we thought about is how beautiful it’s sure to look. The colors in the original are gorgeous enough, but with a 2019 spin, they’re crisp and bold and vibrant. So it makes perfect sense there would be a Lion King-themed makeup line, but we didn’t expect it to be this good. That’s probably because Beyoncé’s ultra-famous makeup artist Sir John is behind the line. (Bey lends her voice to the film as Nala. We cannot wait for it.) He teamed up with Luminess Cosmetics on an eight-piece limited-edition collection that’s sure to sell out even before the movie release.

The collection features an eyeshadow palette, sculpting palette, two liquid lipsticks, two bullet lipsticks, highlighter and lip balm, all in brilliant packaging. If you’re not familiar with Luminess, it’s been around for almost 25 years and started as an airbrush cosmetics line. They’ve since expanded into a full-service brand. Take a peek at the entire collection, below.

Kingdom Sculpting Palette

Six cool-toned matte sculpting shades.

$42 at Luminess 

Can’t Wait to Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette

Twelve high-pigment eyeshadows in matte and shimmer finishes.

$42 at Luminess 

Circle of Life Highlighter

A multi-use, gold-toned face and body highlighter.

$40 at Luminess 

Be Brave Matte Lipstick

A smudge-proof lipstick with a matte, velvety finish.

$24 each at Luminess 

Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick

A long-wearing, full-coverage liquid lipstick.

$24 each at Luminess 

Legacy Tinted Lip Balm

A moisturizing balm with a hint of rosy color.

$24 at Luminess 

The entire Sir John x Luminess collection is available on the Luminess website on June 15. It will also be available on Ulta’s website on June 16 and in Ulta stores July 1.

Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Sir John Teams With Disney for ‘Lion King’ Collection

To celebrate the release of The Lion King on July 19, Disney recruited Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John to create a makeup line inspired by the movie.

Sir John has created looks for a cast of big names, including Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Khloé Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams, but he is perhaps best known for his work with Beyoncé, who is voicing the character Nala in the photo-real virtual-production remake of the cult cartoon.

The pair initially met at Tom Ford’s first womenswear show in 2010 and hit it off; Sir John quickly became Beyoncé’s go-to for everything from album art, music videos, concert tours and even her Super Bowl show and iconic September 2018 Vogue cover

The new Sir John x Luminess The Lion King makeup collection will be released on June 15.

So when the makeup artist first revealed he had a makeup line in the works last fall, speculation grew that he was working on a line with Beyoncé herself. “Disney first approached me last August, just as I was wrapping up [reality TV competition show] American Beauty Star,” Sir John told The Hollywood Reporter. “They told me B was voicing Nala and asked if I’d be interested in doing a line of cosmetics for them.”

Sir John was hesitant at first, however. “I was kind of like ‘She’s sold separately.’ But they said, ‘No we want to work with you and we want you to license it and find a partner to produce the collection.'” Sir John immediately reached out to Luminess Cosmetics, a brand known among professionals for its innovative airbrush technology, to help him realize his sweeping vision for the line, with a very tight deadline.

The resulting collection is presented in visually stunning packaging, made from etched enamel seven layers deep, where each layer has been lasered out to reveal the rose gold compact. “I fell in love with the packaging before the product — even as a makeup artist,” says Sir John. “It’s a collectors item.”

As for the makeup itself, “The line is for every woman,” he says of the limited edition products, which include a Kingdom Sculpting Palette, Can’t Wait to be Queen Eyeshadow Palette, Be Brave Matte Lipsticks, Be Prepared Liquid Lipsticks, Legacy Tinted Lip Balms and a Circle of Life Highlighter. The shade names draw on both characters and scenes from the film — the eye palette includes Nala, King, Pride Rock and African Clay, for example.

“I was inspired while on safari in South Africa for Global Citizen, and I remember looking at how warm and rich the colors were, and I didn’t need to look any further than the landscape,” Sir John says.

The collection will launch June 15 at Luminess Cosmetics online. Prices start at $24.

Facial Hair Removal Guide: How to Remove Every Unwanted Hair From Your Face

Hair removal—and whether or not to remove hair at all—is a very personal choice. And when it comes to hair on your face, it’s a pretty sensitive one, too. We mean that literally. The skin on your face is more delicate than the skin on your legs, say, so it’s important to be thoughtful and careful about the hair-removal methods you choose.

While removing hair on most parts of your body is no biggie, removing it from your face takes extra TLC. As Shay Moinuddin, R.N., aesthetic nurse specialist and practice manager of the Few Institute (, tells SELF, scars from waxing, electrolysis or lasers can happen very easily when things go wrong during a treatment and they are much harder to camouflage on the face versus the body. And some methods are better for certain types of hair growth than others.

No matter the type of hair removal ( you’re considering, it’s important that you pay attention to your skin. “If you are noticing bumps, ingrown hairs or sensitivity, then your hair-removal method might not be the right fit for your skin,” says Dendy Engelman, M.D., a dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in New York. She recommends always starting with well moisturized skin, as the more pliable the skin, the less likely it will be inflamed or irritated with the pressure of the tool. Exfoliating once or twice a week to remove any dead skin cells on the surface will help prevent ingrown hairs (, and finishing with lotion or oil will keep skin hydrated and protected.


How to get rid of hair in this above-the-lip region is a very personal decision, says Dr. Engelman. She likes the Luminess Silk & Smooth Hair Remover, $30, which cuts the hair on the surface of the skin and leads to less irritation since it is not pulling hair from the follicle.

For individuals with darker facial hair and lighter skin, laser hair removal ( is a good option. “Since the laser picks up darker pigment, it renders the best results,” she says. “Lighter hair, which has less pigment, can be much less effective.” Hair loss can be seen after as little as three sessions and full results may be achieved in up to six or eight sessions. “Caution should be taken when having laser hair removal on the face because of the proximity of the treatment to the eyes,” Moinuddin adds. “Proper goggles designed for the specific laser being used must be worn during treatment to protect the eyes from permanent damage.”

Derms don’t recommend waxing the upper lip, as that commonly leads to ingrown hairs

How to Master Kerry Washington’s Met Gala Vixen Look

Monday night gave us the year’s best, most-anticipated and exclusive fashion event: the Met Gala.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit is an annual black-tie soiree held the first Monday of every May. While it does exist to raise money for the Costume Institute, the fashion world knows it more as the party of the year. The gala is ripe with A-List celebrities from the fashion, business, political and film worlds, dressed beyond the nines to the year’s theme.

This year, the theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” which many interpreted as an excuse for futuristic dress worthy of Star Trek. (Just look at Taylor Swift, this year’s co-host, who could have served as the night’s disco ball.)

We love far-out looks as much as the next fashionista, but we also love it when celebrities give us looks we can use every day. That’s why, out of the hundreds of Best-Dressed celebrities who attended, we want to emulate Kerry Washington. The star took the theme for a darker turn, but we’re loving every bit of it—from the arm sleeves to the vibrant maroon hues. She gave us all the #BeautyGoals we need today.

Love her look, too? Here’s how to get it:

  1. Start with a light layer of foundation. The focus is on your eyes, so you don’t want to detract from them with a heavy look. Try 3 or 4 layers of Silk to get the no makeup makeup look.
  2. Apply a light contour. Using 2 drops of the next darker shade from your everyday foundation, lightly outline your jaw (skipping the chin). Move up to the cheeks and spray the hollows in a downward motion from your temples to your lips. (If you have trouble finding the hollows, suck in your cheeks like you’re making a fishy face. The hollows are the bits that suck in.) Now, outline your forehead along the hairline from one eyebrow to the other.
  3. Just above the hollows, but not quite on the apples of your cheeks, lightly spray blush (1-2 drops) in a downward motion. Remember that our blush is highly pigmented, so it doesn’t take much to get the look you want.
  4. For your eyes, start with a base layer of our Smoke eye shadow (ES-20). With 2 drops in your stylus, spray a light layer over your eyelids (from the lash line to just above the crease). Alternate your eyes as you spray on the layers (spray a light layer on your right eyelid, spray a light layer on your left eyelid, repeat) so that each layer can dry between applications. Next, put 2 drops of Black (ES-03) in your stylus. Starting at the outer corner of your lid, spray about halfway along the lash line. Using the same movement along the crease, you’re going to create a “V,” blending it out on the rest of your lid.
  5. Grab your highlighter (2 drops), and spray right beneath and above your eyebrow, on the highest parts of your cheekbones (right under the eyes), and in a straight line from between your brows to your chin.
  6. Finish with a translucent setting powder, your favorite lipgloss and some optional glitter, and you’re ready for the Met!