3 Lip Colors Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Would Remove From Your Vanity This Summer

In the makeup world, there’s no one cooler than L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist Sir John. He’s behind the majority of the makeup-minded screenshots sitting in our camera roll at the moment and he regularly works with all of our favorite celebs like Beyoncé, Joan Smalls, Ashely Benson, and Karlie Kloss to name a few. Since he’s used to prepping his A-list clientele for everything from sweat-inducing concerts to weather-contingent red carpets, we couldn’t think of anyone better to ask about summer lip colors trends for 2019. More specifically, we asked which colors we should ditch and which we should swap in.

“For summer lip colors, I love corals, sheer peaches, baby pinks, or even a statement red,” Sir John tells us right off the bat. “These colors, depending on the occasion and mood, make skin look healthy and vibrant. Conversely, try to steer away from deep merlots, wines, and a deep berry. These shades are very polished and are better for the fall and winter.”

Of course, we believe in 100% beauty democracy here at Who What Wear, so if wearing a borderline black or blue lipstick is what really floats your boat this summer, we salute you. Obsessed with purple? Go for it! If not, however, we’re dishing in more detail on the best (and worst) summer lip color trends according to Sir John with his pro lipstick tips and product picks sprinkled throughout. Keep scrolling.

Remove: Deep Burgundy

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a gorgeous swipe of deep burgundy, but we love it best during the more intense and cozy months of winter. We recommend stashing this tube away for safekeeping until summer (sadly) leaves us.

Add: Coral

Sir John’s Tip: “If you’re already wearing a lot of pinks, corals, or berries, a great hack is matching your lip color to your blush color. In the summer, cream blushes are great as they will not clog your pores, and I sometimes double it as the lipstick as well.”

Remove: Moody Purples

Is Pat McGrath’s Vampira-esque shade of deep, blackened purple stunning? Quite. Compatible with the long, hot, sunny days of summer? Um, not really. This kind of color requires a perfect application (it’s not melt-safe!) and is extremely polished. Therefore, Sir John deems it more suitable for the rich days of winter.

Add: Sheer Stone Fruits Like Peach & Nectarine

Sir John’s Tip: “As far as what type of lipstick formula is best for summer, it depends on what you have going on. I love the Colour Riche Plump and Shine formula for summer—the color is sheer and gives your lips extra hydration, which is great during these hot summer days. If you need your lip color to last a while, I love something that is more matte but very opaque so it doesn’t feel heavy on your lips.”

Remove: Deep Berry

As someone who personally loves a bold burst of berry on my lips, this is a hard pill to swallow. But, according to Sir John, colors like peach, coral, and baby pink will be better than deeper shades of berry when it comes to making our summer skin look healthy and vibrant. And that’s the ultimate summer lip color goal, right?

Add: Baby Pink

Sir John’s Tip: “In the summer, I always try to cut back on at least one step to make the process shorter and easier. For lips, leave your lip liner at home and instead, use a lipstick with a precise applicator.”

Plus, One More Add: A Statement-Making Red

Sir John’s Tip: “Always take the rest of your look into account. When choosing a lipstick shade, think about the rest of your outfit and how the hues will play against each other. If you’re not wearing a full face of makeup, a bright, bold statement lip will immediately amp up your look.”


Luminess Cosmetics Disney the Lion King Liquid Lipstick in Romantic Atmosphere ($24)

Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Just Came Up With the Perfect Summer Beauty Look

Disney’s The Lion King was one of the first movies I ever saw in a theater, so I’ve been counting down the days until the live-action remake hits theaters next month. But, while I just can’t wait to revisit some of my favorite childhood characters, when Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John announced that he teamed up with Luminess Cosmetics to create a limited-edition collection inspired by the film, I immediately was more excited about all of my potential summer makeup looks. (Side note: In case you somehow missed the casting announcement, Bey is voice of Nayla in the remake.)

The products in the collection include a sculpting palette, an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter, liquid lipsticks, traditional lipstick bullets, and a lip balm. Prices range from $24 for the lip products to $42 for the eyeshadow and sculpting palette. The complete collection can be purchased in a vault for $250.

What immediately stands out about the collection is that if you were to look at the all of the shimmery and matte shades without seeing the packaging, they still capture essence of the film and its African setting. So, I reached out to Sir John on the phone to find out what went into creating the collection.

“I spent a lot of time South Africa, and I’ve been there five times this year,” Sir John tells me. “I went on a safari and got so inspired seeing the colors of the clay and the soil because it’s so red, rich, and warm there. I took tons of pictures and videos of what I saw on my phone and brought it back home. Then, I made a mood board of the photos and started swatching colors.”

Sir John didn’t just travel far to create the collection, he also says that he and Luminess has a tight timeline, doing a years-worth of work in approximately six months. “When I got the phone call from Disney, it didn’t hit me that it was really happening,” he says. “The next thing I had to do was figure out who I was going to partner with to manufacture the collection to make sure it had the right pigment, color payoff, and packaging. Luminess is a company I met and worked with around Coachella time, and I was looking for an opportunity to work with them again.”

Now that the collection is out in the wild, Sir John has been teaming up with everyone’s favorite beauty bloggers to put the collection in action, including Shayla. He filmed this killer emerald smoky eye look using one of the collection’s few vibrant shades.

You can check it out below:

In the video, Sir John gives a ton of application tips, talks about how he got his start as a makeup artist, and what it’s like working with Bey.

Since it’s officially summer, the unofficial season of glowy skin, and the Lion King collection includes The Circle of Life Highlighter, a universally flattering shade for a lit-from-within glow, I got him to spill his secret for keeping your highlighter from melting off during the summer.

He tells me to use two highlighters, using a liquid one as a base… and then going over it with the powder formula. “It’s still luminous and gives you that glowing complexion, but it won’t melt off — it will stay there,” he says. “Even if it does melt off because we are going into summer, you’ll still traces of a beautiful, gleaming complexion.”

Considering one of his clients performs in stadiums, dancing for the majority of her show, I’m going to take Sir John’s advice and start layering my highlighter this summer.

How To Shop The ‘Lion King’ Makeup Collection Early

Be prepared: The much anticipated limited edition Lion King makeup collection by renowned celebrity makeup artist Sir John and Luminess Cosmetics is hitting shelves tomorrow. Judging from the buzz it’s gotten, it’ll probably sell out faster than the gazelles that leap across the screen in the 1994 original animated Lion King. Sir John counts Beyoncé, Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, Joan Smalls among his famous clientele, which is fitting since Beyoncé plays Nala in the upcoming new film, hitting theaters July 19.

To get inspiration for the line, Sir John visited Africa. “I spent a ton of time in South Africa, in Capetown and Johannesburg; I adore it,” says Sir John, who is also co-executive producer of American Beauty Star. “I went on safari for the first time. The rhinos came right up to the truck, we were in the lion’s pit—just seeing animals that way took me aback. When you get a chance to get out of the US and see what real dirt and real clay look like, it’s so fertile. African clay has so many shades of reddish brown and warm brown. The landscape is what inspired me. One thing about Lion King is you don’t necessarily have a Disney princess that inspires you, like Cinderella. Lion King is all about the atmosphere, it’s all about the vibe, so hopefully I did it justice by paying tribute to the landscape and how organic the scenery is.”

Those striking earth tones take center stage in the collection, which includes an eyeshadow palette, a contour palette, a highlighter/bronzer, two shades of matte lipstick, two liquid lipsticks shades, and a tinted lip balm. Every item has amazing color payoff. “If you look at the eyeshadow palette you’ll see these natural clean browns and wearable colors for people who are minimalists,” Sir John says. “And for people who like extra drama, there are some beautiful jewel tone shades, like a purple that looks like a sunset. All of those colors are inspired by nature; even the sculpting palette is very natural in its tones. If you take the textures of the eyeshadows, it’s serious pigment. I just need to tap it—you can even use your fingers (to apply it).”

Sir John had a say in the sophisticated, striking packaging from start to finish. Though the film is pure Disney, the aesthetic is all grown up. “I fall in love with product from the outside,” he says. “It’s not a juvenile collection, it’s something you can hold. As you become more mature and get into your career, your packaging changes and the products that you source changes. You don’t want to whip out a dollar lip balm when you’re at a dinner—you want to have a beautiful compact that shows your station in life. As you move up, you evolve as well. I wanted to make sure that the girl who knows quality is going to want to hold this compact at dinner and not run to the restroom and hide it.”

It was also important to Sir John that the collection work for the Lion King’s global audience. “As a makeup artist, I have such a diverse group of women who I work with, so I have to make sure that this translates to everyone from Harlem to Hong Kong,” Sir John says. “In terms of complexion it has to be for the girl who is super fair, like Nicole Kidman’s complexion, to Lupita’s complexion. They’re both looking at me at the same time to make sure I get it right. So many other makeup artists have the luxury to work with one demographic, but I think the most modern way forward is to have a global complexion in mind. You want to make sure that all girls are invited to the party.”

Of course, Sir John is also paying homage to the fans of the original Disney animated Lion King. “This is a love letter to the moms who were kids back in 1994,” he says. “I was one of those children. Now most of those women are having families of their own and they’re taking their kids for the first time to see the movie. It’s like a time capsule to those women.”

 We know there’s one mom who approves of the line: None other than Beyoncé. “I wanted to show her something that was real, so I waited until the packaging was done so I had a real product,” Sir John says. “She was like, ‘oh my god, this is so good; I need five boxes.’ Getting her support on any project is so cool. A lot of people say, ‘what do you get inspired by?’ Being around really impactful women who are so badass and super strong, there’s all the inspiration you need. You don’t need much inspiration when you’re next to a woman who does a project like Lemonade or the Super Bowl. It moves culture. I grew up around a really strong mom. Strong women have really taught me.”

Be like Beyoncé and get your inner Nala on before the collection drops on luminessbeauty.com on June 15. Use the pre-sale code ‘UNLK367’ to shop at 9PM EST on Friday, June 14th.

Here’s What Lion King’s Makeup Collection Looks Like On Different People

Makeup artist extraordinaire Sir John teamed up with Disney and Luminess to create the limited edition Lion King makeup collection, and we got to try it out before it launches on June 15!

If you’re a makeup enthusiast then you know Sir John glams the faces for the likes of Celine Dion, Khloe Kardashian and Beyoncé. Now, he’s teamed up with cosmetics company Luminess to create Disney’s official, limited edition Lion King makeup collection to celebrate the live-action remake, in which Beyoncé is the voice of Nala btw. *Feel free to fan out right now!*

The eight piece-collection includes the Kingdom Sculpting Palette, Can’t Wait to be Queen Eyeshadow Palette, Be Brave Matte Lipstick in two shades, Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in two shades, Legacy Tinted Lip Balm and Circle of Life Highlighter. The products will be available on Luminess on June 15 and makeup retailers on June 16, ranging from $24 to $42.

He actually came by our office to show us the collection and we got to try it out first hand. We were immediately blown away by how elevated the packaging was, and by the finished looks.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

The makeup artist extraordinaire told BuzzFeed that this collection was an elevated take for all the millennials who grew up on the original film. We’re all grown up now and this collection is the perfect mix of childhood nostalgia and adult presentation. Everything from the sleek, metallic packaging to the super-rich and intense pigment proves that this is not a drill, people. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!

Sir John gave Sabrina a shimmering monochromatic look, perfect for a fancy affair. If lions had weddings, Nala would’ve totally rocked this beat!

He enhanced Sabrina’s bone structure with shades Dusk and Cub from the Kingdom Sculpting Palette. For the lips and blush, he actually used the Be Brave Matte Lipstick in Pounce, which he calls a “convertible piece” because you can use it more than one way!

Can we have a moment of silence out of respect for this speck of gold in her tear ducts?! It’s all in the details, dahlings.

From the Can’t Wait To Be King Eyeshadow Palette, Sir John applied Pride Rock to her inner and outer corners, and Nala on the ball of her eye for a matte-shimmer-matte pattern. This is an easy way to create dimension to the lids. To really open and brighten the eyes he applied Simba to the tear ducts, and brought everything together by blending African Clay in the creases. He finished the look with Circle of Life Highlighter to the cheekbones, and topped off the lips with Legacy Tinted Lip Balm.

Here’s a cheat sheet of everything you’ll need to recreate this moment.

Sabrina’s Final Thoughts: “In all seriousness, Sir John made me feel like a Disney princess after I saw my finished look! If you’re anything like me, navigating how to properly apply makeup is nothing short of intimidating, especially when trying a new color that’s out of your comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised at how bold, yet natural the shimmery golds were against my skin tone.

I absolutely love how Sir John balanced the use of warm colors on my face overall and especially appreciated how the combination of his technique and the collection made my eyes pop. The beautiful thing about Luminess and Sir John’s Lion King collection is that there is an array of colors perfect for every person, no matter what their skin tone is. I have never felt more confident wearing makeup than when Sir John applied this collection to my face!”

For Sarah, Sir John proved that you can bring the drama without doing the most. Her blue-red lip and soft, subtle eye make for a stunning juxtaposition.

To sculpt, he applied Cub and Marula, and finished off with the Circle of Life Highlighter. Who knew looking so good could be so easy and so quick?! Sir John knew, that’s who!

Nala would DEF rock this look for girls’ night out in the jungle. So sexy, so chic, so editorial!

He kept the focus on her lips with Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in Romantic Atmosphere. Sir John left the eyes more neutral, applying Safari Khaki to her entire lid and punching up the ball just a tad with the shade Landscape.

Here’s everything you need for this quick and easy slay.

Sarah’s Final Thoughts: “I’m obsessed with the golden eye look Sir John created for me — it reminds of the beautiful sunset scene in Lion King where Mufasa famously says, ‘Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.’ And not only that, but I feel like it’s a look I could actually recreate myself pretty quickly (knock on wood!), yet the finished result looks so elegant and ~radiant~.

I’m obsessed with my blue-based reds and Romantic Atmosphere did NOT disappoint, and I think Sir John’s slight overlining of the lips really made the red pop, balanced the bold brows, and centered the whole look. Sir John and Luminess nailed it, and I can’t wait to redo this look and play with all of the other gorgeous eyeshadow shades! 😍”

And for Essence, Sir John showed us a much brighter look, punctuating the eyes and muting out the rest of her face. We can see Nala slaying this fun, care-free look at the Pride Rock Music Festival!

(Hey! I’m Essence, Essence is me. Writing about myself in third person is weird.)

He contoured with Pumbaa, applying it to the jawline, forehead and cheekbones. On the lips he applied the Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in Trouble, and dabbed a little to her cheeks as well.

We have five words: Your favorite peacock could NEVER!

Now the eyes were the focal point so he really packed on the pigment and played with some of the more vibrant shades from the Can’t Wait To Be King Eyeshadow Palette. The shade Meadows sweeps the entire lid and the shade Zazu sits in the tear duct. He applied Pride Rock and African Clay to the crease and Wisdom to the brow bone to blend out the look.

Wanna get the look?! Here are the deets.

Essence’s Final Thoughts: “So this collection is sooooo incredibly special. I immediately fell in love with the packaging. It has this metallic thing going on that changes in the light when you hold it at certain angles, and then to follow that up with such a great product that actually performs was just amazing! The makeup itself is just as elevated as the packaging.

Now as for my look, not to sound full of myself or anything but I look GOOOOOOOD! This pigment is without any primer or enhancement in photo editing. What you see is literally what it looked like in real life. The colors work well together and I like it because even though the makeup is elevated, it’s not hard or intimidating to use. Sir John just keeps on leveling up and this collection is brilliant. It made me that much more excited for the movie!”

Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess will be available here on June 15th, and Ulta.com and Disney.com on June 16th. The collection will also be available at select Ulta stores on July 1st!

A Little Lip Service

From matte and glossy to hydrating and plump, there are a wide variety of smooch-worthy choices.

Credit Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

A coat or two of lipstick can go a long way in perfecting a wedding-day look.

“Lipsticks are a small, portable piece of beautification that brightens your face instantly,” said Todd Harris, a makeup artist based in New York, adding that new technologies and components “are making the lipstick market huge right now.”

There are a wide variety of choices available, from matte and glossy to hydrating and plumping. Here are some new releases and reliable standbys to consider for your big day — or for every day.

From left: Givenchy Encre Interdite 24 Hour Lip Stain in No. 2 Arty Pink; Maybelline New York Color SuperStay 24 Super Impact in Infinite Petal; and Luminess Cosmetics Forever Reign Lip Stain in Rustic.

Credit Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

“Stains gives you the confidence and reassurance that what is on your lips is not disappearing or bleeding — it’s one less thing you have to think,” said Mr. Harris, the New York makeup artist. “When smudge-proof products first came out,” he said, “they were highly alcohol based and drying. That’s changed with advancements, new emollients and innovative hydrating formulas.”

These 2.0 products include Luminess Cosmetics’ water-resistant Forever Reign Lip Stain, $24. It applies as a liquid and sets as a velvety finish that lasts for 24 hours. Maybelline New York Color SuperStay 24 Super Impact, $10.49, contains microflex technology, which keeps the color inked on.

Givenchy Encre Interdite 24 Hour Lip Stain, $33, is also a waterproof liquid lip ink that dries in seconds while setting. As an added bonus, black rose extract and antioxidant polyphenols help protect lips against aging.

Sir John Debuts The Lion King Collection With Luminess Cosmetics


Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess will finally be available June 15th, and like Simba, we just can’t wait. Who better to create this royal collection than someone well-versed in working with queens (not to mention his name is Sir John)? If you don’t know Sir John let me run you some of his roster of clients: Gabrielle Union, Joan Smalls, Kelly Rowland, and Erykah Badu. He’s most know for being Beyoncé’s makeup artist, and the man behind some of Queen Bey’s most notable looks, including her glittery festival appropriate look for her Coachella shutdown. He’s been on the teams of cosmetic giants such as Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury, and has partnered with several prestige beauty brands.

So we’re excited to get our hands on his latest collaboration, a collection of treats from Luminess Cosmetics that includes matte and liquid lipsticks, highlighter, a tinted lip balm, a sculpting palette, and an eyeshadow palette with shades named after characters in the classic film. The Sir John x Luminess Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection is available at luminesscosmetics.com/disney on June 15th, ulta.com and disney.com on June 16th, and at select ULTA Beauty stores on July 1st.

Be Prepared to Spend: This Stunning Lion King Makeup Collection Is Coming

Disney’s movie slate for 2019 is incredible. Consider the heavy hitters the production company is putting out: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, Spiderman: Far From Home and Frozen 2 are all coming out the same calendar year. Not to mention that this Summer, the house of Mouse will premiere the highly anticipated live-action version of The Lion King (in theaters July 19th) with a star-studded cast, including Beyoncé, who will take on the role of Nala. (It’s too soon to tell, but there’s no chance Nala will not be at the top of the baby names list for this year, right?)

Disney is no stranger to beauty collaborations — we report on them regularly here at POPSUGAR Beauty — but trust us when we say The Lion King collection will be the most coveted of the year. Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess collection is full of thoughtful pieces that are wearable for every day, have playful elements, and sold in truly stunning packaging. They will be collectors’ items at the very least.

Sir John, of course, is the perfect fit for this — he is Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist and has been working with her for years, but he’s also one of the most in demand makeup artists in the world. We can only hope he outfits her in the collection for the movie’s premiere.

The eight-piece collection includes five lip products: the Be Brave Matte Lipstick ($24) and the Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick ($24), the Legacy Tinted Lip Balm ($24), the Circle of Life Highlighter ($40), the Can’t Wait to Be Queen Eye Shadow Palette ($40) and the Kingdom Sculpting Palette ($40). A vault of all the products will also be available for purchase for $250. The stunning packaging was created by using an etched enamel technique. “The packaging is a combination of a metalized coating to give the rose gold finish, followed by different color pigments that are 3D printed in layers, with etched relief in other areas revealing the metalized rose gold,” a representative for the brand told us. “The result is a package design that is layered with hundreds of shapes, in nearly a dozen color shades to create one design that is tactile.”

Sir John was inspired by the women he grew up with, his clients, and his experience in Africa. “I have the amazing gift to work with very diverse women,” he said. “This collection takes all shades and colors into account — there is something for everyone. I was also very inspired by the landscape in Africa. The rich colors I saw when on safari were what I wanted to bring to life.”

The eye shadow palette includes what Sir John calls “supernatural neutrals” and some pops of color for those who “want to be a little more extra.” The palette was the one product he really wanted to include because he was so inspired by the movie. “The blue (shadow) was inspired by Nala’s eyes; the matte neutrals capture the super natural landscape. These colors played out well on the big screen, and I was excited to draw inspiration from them,” he said.

All products were created so that everyone — no matter how skilled you are (or not) — could use them with ease. The contour palette, for instance, takes the guesswork out of creating a sculpted face. “When I say sculpting, sculpting is a softer version of contour,” said Sir John. “You can be a pedestrian, you don’t have to be a driver on the road to understand how to sculpt.”

The lip story in the collection is a lot of fun. The orange-based red matte lip is a “’50s red” that makes “everybody’s tan come to life,” according to Sir John. When I mentioned it had a retro look, he said it gave him a Bianca Jagger feel. “We’re bringing a little disco to the daytime.”

A shade of the Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick pays homage to the original movie. In the film’s opening, during “The Circle of Life,” Rafiki opens the baobab fruit and swipes the deep red liquid onto young Simba’s forehead, anointing him as heir to the throne. The color of the liquid lipstick is a similar shade, which is meant to mimic baobab fruit that was applied on young Simba.

These personal touches, along with the luxe and detailed packaging, make this launch once in a lifetime. And Sir John wants everyone to know this collection isn’t just for the younger fans. “My generation were the children going to see the original film in theaters,” said Sir John. “This collection is a time capsule and my love letter to all the moms that now get to take their children to see the new film and experience the magic all over again.”

We joined Sir John and Luminess on set in Los Angeles to get a first look at the collection. Keep reading to see all the products before they launch. Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess collection will launch June 15 on LuminessBeauty.com/Disney, Ulta.com and Disney.com on June 16, and select Ulta stores on June 1.

Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Sir John Is Launching a ‘Lion King’-Inspired Collection

Will we ever get tired of Disney-themed makeup collections? Probably not, especially if its designed by none other than Sir John, the beauty whisperer behind some of Beyonce’s most famous looks. To celebrate the release of the upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King, Luminess Cosmetics recruited Sir John to create a full collection based on the places and characters in the classic film.

We all want Beyoncé’s healthy, sunkissed glow and Sir John’s Lion King collection brings us pretty damn close. Inspired by Africa’s rich colors and textures, the full collection comes with eight different pieces made in earthy, neutral tones, including the Can’t Wait to Be Queen eyeshadow palette—featuring 12, creamy, pigmented pots in muted matte and shimmer finishes, save for three eye-popping blue, green, and purple pots to add a little oomph to your nighttime look. Carve out your features with the Kingdom sculpting palette and then reach for the Circle of Life highlighter for a gorgeous bronze, Beyoncé-like glow.

After you’ve chiseled your cheekbones and dusted a little glow all over, Sir John gave us four different lipsticks to complete the lewk—two Be Brave matte lipsticks in Pounce (deep brown-mauve) and Lion Mane (fire red), as well as two liquid lipsticks called Be Prepared in Romantic Atmosphere (deep red) and Trouble (chocolate brown). If lipsticks aren’t your jam, the collection also comes with a tinted lip balm in rosy shade.
As the go-to makeup artist of Beyoncé, Sir John knows a thing or two about secrecy, so we’ve probably already seen a preview of the collection this past weekend when Beyoncé attended the annual Wearable Art Gala, hosted by her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson. Sir John created a regal bronzed look on Beyonce complete with a golden brown smokey eye, nude lips, and a subtle highlight on the cheeks. Beyoncé wore an embellished jumpsuit with a beaded lion and a feathered mane on the front to the Lion King-themed event.
Sir John’s Lion King-inspired collection will be available online at luminessbeauty.com on June 15 and online at ulta.com and disney.com on June 16 before it hits select Ulta stores on July 1.

Disney Made You a Lion King Makeup Collection

If you’re still haunted by those new Lion King character posters that were released last week, never fear; there’s a new Lion King-related launch that is much more visually pleasing and useful: the Sir John x Luminess Lion King Limited Edition Collection. Yes, the Jon Favreau reboot is getting its very own makeup collection because it’s 2019 and that’s just how it goes now. (See M.A.C’s Aladdin one and ColourPop’s Disney villains/princess ones.)

The recently announced launch is extra exciting because it was created by Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John of Beychella fame, which is a fun little connection since, lest you forget, Beyoncé is playing Nala. Also, “Sir” is royal-sounding like the “King” in Lion King and the name of one of Beyoncé’s children, making the layers to this collaboration both multifaceted and robust.


The collection has everything you need for a full look: a 6-shade sculpting palette, a 12-shade eyeshadow palette, two matte lipsticks, two liquid lipsticks, a tinted lip balm, and a highlighter — all with shades named after your favorite fictional animals (Pumbaa, Zazu) and favorite songs (“Be Prepared,” “Circle of Life”) that were written by another Sir John (Elton). The sophisticated packaging is also a nice upgrade from the ’90s merch that was covered with the animated characters like that really fun handheld video game that was primary colored and probably really annoying for my parents to endure.

You can grab the Sir John x Luminess Lion King Limited Edition Collection first on the Luminess Cosmetics website on June 15th, then on Ulta.com on June 16th, and finally in select Ulta stores on July 1. Whichever path you take, you’ll have more than enough time to do your face like the models below for the film’s premiere on July 19th.