13 Long-Wear Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day That Won’t Budge, No Matter What Your Plans Are

If there’s any day of the year that might pose a threat against long-wear lipsticks, it’s Cupid’s big day. Finding effective long-wear lipsticks for Valentine’s Day, especially ones that will withstand aggressive smooches from whomever or whatever you may be spending the day with, can be tough, and poor research can result in a very messy make-out session.

Lucky for you (and your boo), I’ve rounded up a list of 13 lipsticks that will not budge, no matter what you get into on Valentine’s Day.


Give your lips a pop of color with this long-lasting lip stain that’s water-resistant for up to 18 hours. The mineral-based formula feels silky smooth on the lips and won’t slide off after a kiss.

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These Airbrush Foundations Are The Next Best Thing to Professional Makeup.

If you’re like us, an airbrushed foundation application immediately brings to mind swirling images of “I dos,” HD news anchors, red carpets, movie stars, and other professional photo and video ops. Which, to be honest, feels a little intimidating. Of course, we would love to have the flawless finish said events and subjects necessitate or wear, but the mere idea of mastering the art of applying airbrush foundations has us balking at the least and running for the hills at the most. Are we alone here?

The airbrush technique has been around for decades (fun fact: airbrush makeup was first used in 1955 Hollywood on the actors of Ben-Hur), yet it still has a firm foothold within the makeup industry. Lately, our curiosity has been getting the better of us. Which airbrush foundations are the best? We did the research to find the eight formulas offering the most pristine, non-detectable finishes at the most feasible dollar amounts. Keep scrolling. Flawless, airbrushed complexions await.

With a litany of different airbrush sets and product types to choose from, Luminess is another big name within the airbrush realm. To keep things simple, we love this appropriately named basic system which features your choice of two different foundations (to ensure a spot-on color match!), an airbrush compressor and stylus, AC adapter, one blush, one highlighter, and the brand’s helpful one-year warranty.

Real Women Say These Are the Best Hair Removal Products on Amazon


Pricey waxing appointments, frequent passes with a razor, and tweezing with abandon all make the hair removal process more of a burden than just a usual step in your beauty routine. No matter your goals, whether slight maintenance or total clean-up, removing stubble and peach fuzz should be as painlessly ritualistic as applying your skincare.

This editor is a huge fan of this battery-operated mini hair removal device, perfect for discretely removing upper-lip hair without ever touching a blade directly to the skin. Sonic technology targets the hair and wicks it away while a protective blade cover keeps your skin from getting nicked.

Standout review: “I should have ordered initially instead of going with another brand. I love this. it performs exactly as it says.”

Source: https://www.byrdie.com/author/lindsey-metrus

Luminess and Sir John Give a Group of Editors a Fun Makeover, 45,000 feet in the Air

Sir John and Luminess team up to give a select number of editors an in-flight makeover session, flying through 3 cities in less than 24 hours. Sir John shares his best makeup tips and favorite Luminess products


This Is What It’s Like Getting Your Makeup Done by Sir John on a Private Jet

I never truly knew what a pinch-me moment felt like until I found myself 45,000 feet up in the air on a private jet (one of the world’s fastest—nbd) getting my makeup done by Sir John, a celebrity makeup artist whose star-studded roster of clients includes Queen Bey herself. (In fact, only 24 hours earlier, Sir John had been backstage with Beyoncé at Coachella, using the very same brushes that were about to touch my face. Casual.)


Thanks to Luminess Cosmetics, a lucky group of editors and I received the ultimate in-flight beauty experience, jet-setting through three cities in less than 24 hours. I’d imagine this is how Beyoncé feels all the time, and who wouldn’t want to live like her for a day? I’m still replaying the moment in my head when Sir John created the most gorgeous, warm, bronze-y makeup look on me in under 10 minutes. Staying calm throughout the experience took some extra effort, as you can probably imagine.


I did my best to soak it all in and really enjoy the experience, but I did manage to jot down a few insider tricks to share. Ahead, see Sir John’s best makeup tips for those of us who don’t have all day to spend on their makeup but still want to look good on the fly. (I mean, wasting a bunch of time on your makeup can really get in the way of living your best life, no?)


Tip #1: Keep Things Simple


“It’s similar to the idea of doing your makeup between 125th and 59th streets on the express in New York,” says Sir John. “If you have a quick seven minutes, you can give yourself a cool face. The way you can do it is by not using a lot of products. So for you, we rehashed the monochromatic trend.”


Tip #2: Let One Product Do Most of the Work


It was hard for me to believe that Sir John used a single lipstick liquid to create my entire makeup look. “For your complexion, I wanted to go with something really warm, amber, and bronze-y,” he told me. “I wanted something that would naturally look like your complexion. If you take a liquid matte lip color, you can use that same color on the cheeks, eyes, and lips. With a liquid matte texture, you can use it on your lips, and you don’t necessarily need lip liner. You can also turn it into a cream blush on your cheeks. Do this by using your ring finger—it’s the weakest finger and uses the least amount of product while blending really well.”


The final step? “Last but not least, I took this fluffy eye shadow brush, the #217 blending brush from MAC, and put a little bit on the back on my hand,” Sir John explained. “Starting at the lash line, we swiped that all over the lid and a tiny bit underneath the lash lines as well. Then I used the brush to blend. These liquid matte lipsticks are really gorgeous as eye shadows. They stay all day and are great as a base for underneath shadow if you decide to do that. They’re going to anchor to your complexion but not dry out on your eyelids.”


Tip #3: Transform Your Look With Statement Lipstick


“If you’re coming from work and you’re on your way out, the quickest way to make a really nice statement is with a lip,” says Sir John. “Since everything about your makeup was corresponding and so simple and subtle already, I like how we turned the look upside down with an inky violet-blue.


“It had a beautiful, creamy satin finish,” Sir John says. “Since this color is so in the middle of being a creamy satin, you can change the texture from matte to gloss too.”


Tip #4: Use a Beautyblender to Apply Your Foundation


“I like to apply foundation with a wet Beautyblender,” says Sir John. “It’s quick, and you don’t have to blend as much. Just be sure keep it in a clean container when you’re on the move.”


Tip #5: Cigarette Rolling Papers Make Great Blotting Films


Sir John’s secret? “I like to use cigarette rolling papers as blotting films for the nose, eyes, and forehead if it gets too oily.”


Tip #6: Bring the Heat Around Your Eyes


“I’m a big fan of bringing heat around the eyes,” Sir John told me. “This might sound crazy, but red eye shadows are really popular right now around the eyes. No matter what complexion or eye color you are, it works. Try wearing Currant lip liner as eyeliner and smudging that around the eyes, and then wearing the same thing on the lip. Old-school makeup artists will say this is going to make someone look sick or like they’re tired, but we’re in a different day makeup-wise. Stick to waterproof formulas and deep, Merlot, and wine-colored shades. It looks very alluring and hot on everyone. It’s super-modern makeup for summer nights.”

Luminess and Sir John


The New Blogger Beauty Obsession

Self-proclaimed “beauty product junkie” and blogger Camille Styles readily admits that she’s tried every beauty product under the sun … except for airbrush. “I’d occasionally hear friends mention they’d had it done for a special occasion, but assumed the at-home versions were hard to use or too clunky to fit in a drawer,” she shared on camillestyles.com.

She invited her photographer friend Kristen to come over and help her figure out the Luminess Legend. “Surprise: there was really nothing to figure out. You plug in the palm-sized device, put a few drops of foundation into the stylus, press an ‘on’ button then gently pull back on the throttle while a fine, barely perceptible mist kisses your face.”

CamilleStyles Airbrush Makeup 02

“The mist was so subtle that I almost thought nothing was happening, but when I opened my eyes, surprise again! My skin looked flawless. I’d worried that I needed to cover up my hair and clothes so the foundation didn’t spray onto them, but somehow, magically, there wasn’t a trace.”

Camille especially loves the primer, which she uses just about every day, and how hygienic the system is. Because you apply your makeup using air and a stylus, you don’t have to worry about bacteria and infections from dirty hands or brushes. “I actually use it daily — I can apply it faster than ‘normal’ foundation, plus I do think that not using a sponge or my fingers to apply has helped keep away the occasional acne I used to get. You can apply a really light spray so that the effect is super natural, or do a few layers to make it a more full coverage ‘special occasion’ look.”

CamilleStyles Airbrush Makeup 04

“Final verdict? I’m obsessed. Not only because of the naturally flawless finish the Airbrush provides, but also because of how quickly I can apply foundation now — literally, 30 seconds flat.”

Metallic Magic

When it comes to summer beauty, it’s all about glow. Whether you prefer light or maximum coverage, you always want the light to hit your skin in the perfect way.

While you can perfectly highlight your face every day with Glow, sometimes, it’s fun to have a little extra sparkle with Metallics. Janey Jessen (janeyjessen.com) created the perfect dewy look for a night out with our Gold Metallic highlighter and gold eye shadow.

“I’m in love with the gold highlighter,” Janey shared. “It’s gorgeous! After using these products for a few months I have to say I’m completely hooked. I love the finish and how light it feels. I don’t really feel like I have makeup on most days.”

Janey prepped her look with our Porcelain primer, X-Out for her blemishes, and Eraser to even out her skin tone. She combined her foundation and concealer for complete perfection, before applying her blush, bronzer and eye shadow. When applying her gold highlighter, she made sure to hit all of the areas of her face that catch the light—nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead—and added subtle shimmer to her lipstick.

“In this tutorial I mostly focused on how to bring radiance through the foundation to give a natural glow, strategically placed strobing, and a pretty shimmery eyeshadow look. I’ve been digging rose gold lately so I used that palette as inspiration. This is definitely a look that can be worn for weddings, date nights, or a night out with the girls. You can also mattify it and wear it anytime! My favorite part of this whole look was using the gold highlighter on my bright pink lipstick. It definitely made the whole look pop and gave it a bit of attitude.”

You can mix in our Metallics with your foundation for a soft shimmer and overall glow. You can also use them to contour and highlight, as a fabulous eye shadow, or to make your lips look extra special like Janey.

Janey's Summer Goddess Look

How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Sarabeth from The February Fox remembers her reaction to the first time a professional makeup artist did her makeup: “whoa!” The makeup was done as a trial run for her wedding and it left Sarabeth astounded. “There were angles in my face that I’d never seen before and I had this incredible glow that I couldn’t quite recreate by myself.”

We partnered with Sarabeth to help her finally be able to recreate that glow—and the angles and flawless skin—by herself. The benefits of airbrushing your own makeup quickly became apparent.

February Fox Luminess Air 03

“I didn’t have to touch my skin! I’ve never really had A+ skin and in college it got out of control with acne, so putting my hands all over my face was never the ideal situation. I have to work really hard to keep my skin looking completely clear. Another high point of not touching is the lack of pulling on the skin, resulting in less wrinkles.”

Sarabeth shared that she also loved how easy it is to match her skin perfectly, as the foundations are easily mixed in the airbrush stylus.

February Fox Luminess Air 02

“The airbrush makeup was really simple to apply. Luminess has an app to download and plenty of help on their website to show me exactly how to hold the stylus, how far to hold [it] from my face, and what goes where. The product rested over my pores and gave me a flawless finish, plus it actually lasted the entire day without sliding off!”

Read what else Sarabeth had to say at thefebruaryfox.com.

Demystifying Airbrush Makeup

One common theme we hear about airbrush makeup is that it’s intimidating. Even celebrity Makeup Artist Nikki DeRoest admitted that the technique gave her pause at first. But, it didn’t take her long to realize how easy it really is.

Hello To Beauty Blog Review - Nikki

“I must admit that I have been a little intimidated myself about airbrushing. I had played with it here and there throughout my career, but never fully found something that worked for me,” Nikki confessed on her blog, HelloToBeauty.com. “I love airbrushing because it allows the skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage, doesn’t look cakey or thick, and it definitely has a beautiful ‘camera ready’ finish. When I got my hands on these machines, I couldn’t believe how simple it was and how beautiful the result could be! Luminess Air really broke it down from the beginning, and from the second I opened the box I was well on my way to being a pro!”

Hello To Beauty Blog Review - Epic 2

5 Reasons You Should Try Airbrush Makeup At Home

Kristina at PrettyShinySparkly.com has dabbled in airbrush makeup since her mother gifted her with a “cheap” system from Amazon. After moving into her current home, though, that system was lost and she needed an upgrade.

We were happy to fill the void. After trying our systems, Kristina came up these 5 Reasons to Try Airbrushing at Home.

With her traditional makeup, Kristina says “there have been times when my foundation just does NOT want to cooperate with my skin. Whether my skin is too flaky, too acne-prone, or just too reddened from harsh treatments — sometimes it seemed like it would just be best to go without makeup than to cake foundation on my face and make the problem even more obvious.”

PSS Blog Review - Products


  1. Quote-OpenAirbrush foundation has the benefit of allowing skin to breathe without sacrificing longevity or coverage, it doesn’t look cakey or thick. It’s great for “camera-ready” skin, fabulous for video, or even selfies.
  2. Many people tend to think of airbrush makeup as “special occasion” makeup, but I would argue that it is actually incredibly simple. I can apply airbrush makeup in less time than it takes me to painstakingly bounce a beauty blender sponge across my face to ensure even, blended coverage. With airbrush, the blending is done for you–by the air we breathe.
  3. This system can be very easy to use and I found the effects and finish to last as long if not longer than standard foundation. I especially liked that it did not cling to dry patches
  4. You have an endless range of color possibilities. You can use the same type of makeup in summer as in winter, and you can custom mix you own shade any time you like – and always have the perfect match for your skin without buying another $25-50 bottle of foundation!Quote-Closed
  5. The effects are near-flawless, and I quite like that it felt like I had literally nothing on my face.


“All in all, if you have been thinking about dabbling in airbrush makeup, I would wholeheartedly recommend Luminess systems as your go-to choice–and most specifically, the Epic 2, for reasons I outlined earlier in this post.”

PSS Blog Review - After

What Shape Magazine Thinks of Airbrush Makeup

Earlier this month, Shape.com put our Epic 2 airbrush makeup system to the test for their research on beauty gadgets. Photo Editor Erica Meneses experimented with the system for the magazine’s story, “Do Fancy Beauty Gadgets Really Work?”

The verdict? An excited “Yes!”

After testing multiple products, Meneses found that the Epic 2 delivers natural-looking results easily (though she had her qualms at first). “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to apply the foundation or blush evenly on my face, but the machine took care of everything,” she said. “It didn’t take a lot to make my skin look smooth.”

See what other gadgets they reviewed on shape.com.