Beyonce and Blue Ivy Rock Stunning ‘Lion King’-Inspired Outfits to Tina Knowles’ Gala

Beyonce is definitely embracing her role in the upcoming Lion King remake!

The multiplatinum singer attended her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson’s, annual Wearable Art Gala in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday night, where she chose an ensemble that clearly nods to the new Disney film. Bey voices Nala, Simba’s (Donald Glover) love interest.

The GRAMMY winner wore a glittering gold catsuit featuring an ornately designed lion’s head across the bodice. Filling out the big cat’s mane are rows of gold feathers. The outfit also includes a long gold cape, which the songstress proudly displays a in series of Instagram photos.

Along for the fun was Beyonce’s 7-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who wore a billowing yellow dress with colorful detailing and a matching headpiece for the gala. And if there’s any doubt as to where they drew their inspiration for their looks, a video was also posted featuring Blue Ivy singing along to “Circle of Life,” a classic track from the animated 1994 Disney film.

There’s no denying that Tina seemingly encouraged her daughter’s choice. The theme for this year’s gala is “A Journey to the Pride Lands.” A group of lions in nature is referred to as “a pride.”

Along with the release of the film, Disney has collaborated with Luminess Cosmetics and Sir John, Beyonce’s longtime makeup artist, for a limited-edition collection inspired by the movie. ET recently spoke with John about tackling the project and the nerve-racking experience of getting feedback from Beyonce.

“I think that even when I called Bey and I said, ‘Hey, listen, this is what’s happening,’ I was kind of nervous to see what she thought, but she was so proud and so happy for me,” he shared. “So I feel like this is gonna be a win.”

The stunning, highly pigmented earthy shades are named after places and characters from the film. Each palette and lipstick features etched portraits of Mufasa, Simba’s father, and the shades boast a tribal embossed pattern.

“So I spent a lot of time in South Africa, so Luminess and I wanted to do something that really reflects not just the landscape and sunset and all of those things that are just natural and organic, but tribal prints as well,” the makeup artist explained. “I really wanted to nail it and really hit it hard with the movie and I feel like this runs quite parallel with where the movie is as well.”

The collection will be available on Luminess’ site on June 15. The Lion King roars its way to theaters on June 19.

Beyonce’s make-up artist creates The Lion King-inspired beauty range

Beyonce’s make-up artist Sir John has teamed with Disney to create a The Lion King-inspired make-up line.

The beauty guru’s most famous client voices the role of Nala in Jon Favreau’s live-action remake of the double Oscar-winning 1994 animated classic.

And to mark the movie’s release, Disney has recruited Sir John for a special cosmetics project.

“Disney first approached me last August, just as I was wrapping up (reality TV competition show) American Beauty Star,” Sir John told The Hollywood Reporter. “They told me (Beyonce) was voicing Nala and asked if I’d be interested in doing a line of cosmetics for them.

“I was kind of like, ‘She’s sold separately.’ But they said, ‘No we want to work with you, and we want you to license it and find a partner to produce the collection.’”

Reaching out to Luminess Cosmetics, a brand known for its airbrush technology, Sir John began work on the collection – which is made up of an eyeshadow palette, sculpting set, highlighter lipsticks and lip balms, all named after some of The Lion King’s most famous songs.

Each item is encased in packaging made from etched enamel showing a lion’s face, with Sir John explaining how freeing it was to design around an animal and not a princess.

“It was actually a plus, because I didn’t have a character limiting my creativity… I didn’t have to design a collection for Cinderella,” he mused. “I also think women appreciate the grace and beauty of big cats, whether it’s a jaguar, leopard or cheetah. They are so regal and so dangerous but have a feminine quality that speaks to my clients, who are strong women.”

The collection will launch on 15 June on Luminess Cosmetics’ website, with prices starting at $24 (£19).

The film, which also features the vocal talents of Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen and Chiwetel Ejiofor, hits cinemas from 17 July.

Disney Made You a Lion King Makeup Collection

If you’re still haunted by those new Lion King character posters that were released last week, never fear; there’s a new Lion King-related launch that is much more visually pleasing and useful: the Sir John x Luminess Lion King Limited Edition Collection. Yes, the Jon Favreau reboot is getting its very own makeup collection because it’s 2019 and that’s just how it goes now. (See M.A.C’s Aladdin one and ColourPop’s Disney villains/princess ones.)

The recently announced launch is extra exciting because it was created by Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John of Beychella fame, which is a fun little connection since, lest you forget, Beyoncé is playing Nala. Also, “Sir” is royal-sounding like the “King” in Lion King and the name of one of Beyoncé’s children, making the layers to this collaboration both multifaceted and robust.


The collection has everything you need for a full look: a 6-shade sculpting palette, a 12-shade eyeshadow palette, two matte lipsticks, two liquid lipsticks, a tinted lip balm, and a highlighter — all with shades named after your favorite fictional animals (Pumbaa, Zazu) and favorite songs (“Be Prepared,” “Circle of Life”) that were written by another Sir John (Elton). The sophisticated packaging is also a nice upgrade from the ’90s merch that was covered with the animated characters like that really fun handheld video game that was primary colored and probably really annoying for my parents to endure.

You can grab the Sir John x Luminess Lion King Limited Edition Collection first on the Luminess Cosmetics website on June 15th, then on on June 16th, and finally in select Ulta stores on July 1. Whichever path you take, you’ll have more than enough time to do your face like the models below for the film’s premiere on July 19th.

A Dazzling ‘Lion King’ Makeup Collection Is Coming From Beyoncé’s Go-To Artist

On July 19, fans of all ages will gather in movie theaters across the country to behold the new Lion King live-action movie. And while we can’t wait to see our childhood favorite reinvented, we’re also over the moon about Beyoncé’s voice in the role of Nala.

In honor of the upcoming movie, renowned makeup artist Sir John has teamed up with Luminess Cosmetics and Disney for a luxurious makeup collection fit for royalty. Inspired by the scenic African jungle and the movie’s beloved characters, this eight-piece set is sure to be a hit.

And it’s from none other than Beyoncé’s renowned makeup artist, Sir John. The eight-piece limited-edition collection, inspired by the upcoming Lion King live-action movie featuring Beyoncé as Nala, rolls out on June 15. The jaw-dropping release is inspired by the African landscape and the dynamic characters of the beloved film.

Ahead, check out the eight highly pigmented and versatile products that’ll leave you feeling like the true queen you are.

Be Brave Matte Bullet Lipstick in Pounce $24

A nude lip is a must, so why not have one fit for royalty? This matte formula is both creamy and rich while providing a non-transfer finish that will last all day. And unlike most nudes, this shade doesn’t need a liner to truly pop; just take a quick swipe to your lips and take on the day!

Be Brave Matte Bullet Lipstick in Lion’s Mane $24

A red lip is a powerful lip, and this one is perfect. We can almost guarantee that if Nala was a lipstick-donning lion, this would be the color she wore. Its rich hue and perfect amount of orange undertones make this red a lip that can be worn on skin tones of all shades. The ideal red lip for any season.

Kingdom Sculpting Palette $42

Bronzing is easy, especially when you have six shades to choose from. The cool-toned colors make contouring a breeze, and there’s an appropriate shade for any skin tone. Simply take your bronzing brush and apply the powder to the hollows of your cheeks, around the perimeter of the face, and wherever else you so choose for a perfectly sculpted face.

Can’t Wait To Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette $42

You won’t have to wait for long with this eye shadow palette by your side. With seven neutral shades and five jewel-toned shades, there’s really no look that you can’t create. Whether it’s a subtle neutral shimmer or a smoked-out emerald lid you like to wear, this versatile palette is a must-have for eye shadow lovers.

Legacy Tinted Lip Balm $24

Sometimes you’re just not feeling lipstick, and that’s OK. Let this tinted lip balm do the trick. The nude shade with orange undertones gives your lips a subtle shine that lasts all day and is extremely lightweight. Wear it alone or atop another formula for some added sheen.

Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in Romantic Atmosphere $24

Channel the romance of the jungle with this deep-red matte lip. The full-coverage formula only requires one swipe for a completely coated lip yet feels lightweight and is easy to remove when it’s time. Throw this one on when you’re feeling ready for a full beat or if you just want to make a bold statement with your lips.

Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick in Trouble $24

You can’t go wrong with a brown lippie, specially when it’s a liquid lipstick formula. Add some serious character to your look with this rich chocolate shade that will illuminate any skin tone. Even better, the luxurious packaging with have you feeling like you’re dipping in luxury.

Circle of Life Highlighter $40

Allow your skin to radiate like no other with this vibrant highlighter. The bronzed compact with specks of silver and gold will masterfully finish any look and add shimmer to any part of your face. If you’re not afraid of some dynamic shine, this is the highlighter for you.

Don’t forget to shop the entire collection on June 15 at Luminess Cosmetics and in Ulta stores.

This Lion King Makeup Collection Is A Disney Collector’s Dream

It’s been over two decades since The Lion King became an instant Disney classic, and this summer the animated movie is getting a live-action revival, similar to Dumbo and Aladdin. The adaptation is going to have all the drama of the original — Mufasa’s death is the saddest scene in cinematic history (don’t @ us) — but with a new notable cast that features Donald Glover, Beyoncé, and Seth Rogan.
With all the excitement for this remake, it comes as no surprise that there’s a coordinating makeup collection. Because, in this day and age, an adjacent eyeshadow palette cements a movie as a cultural phenomenon. And who better to create The Lion King-inspired makeup line than the man who is responsible for Beyoncé’s glow?
Sir John was tapped by Disney to bring the iconic film to life in makeup form, and he partnered with Luminess Cosmetics to create the 8-piece collection. As a first step, Sir John took a safari in Johannesburg, South Africa. There, he was inspired by everything from the red pigments in the dirt to the rich colors in the animals’ fur. The collection features an eyeshadow palette, sculpting palette, highlighter, and lip products — all made with the movie and the spirit of Africa in mind.
One other important thing Sir John considered: inclusivity. “The most important thing in creating this line was that it translates to every complexion,” the makeup artist tells Refinery29. “Women are looking at me to create a line that everyone can bring home. So, this can work with a lighter skin tone like Nicole Kidman to darker skin tones like Lupita Nyong’o.”
While we wait for the limited-edition collection to drop on June 15 and The Lion King movie to premiere on July 19, we’re giving you a closer look so that you can get your coins ready. Ahead, all the products in The Lion King Limited-Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess.

Sir John x Luminess Be Brave Matte Lipstick

This collection has small details — like the rose-gold in the packaging and the imprinted patterns on the lipstick bullets — that will make it a collector’s item. This highly pigmented, matte lipstick leaves a velvety finish and comes in two shades: a nude-mauve and a bold red.

Sir John x Luminess Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick

If you prefer liquid lipsticks, the collection has got you covered with this full-coverage, yet lightweight formula that comes in two shades: a brick red and a cinnamon brown. Sir John chose the burgundy shade to mimic the fruit juice Rafiki anointed Simba with in the Circle of Life scene.

Sir John x Luminess Legacy Tinted Lip Balm

For days when you want a more natural lip look, this nourishing lip balm has a hint of sheer color and a glossy finish.

Sir John x Luminess Can’t Wait To Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette

Sir John’s favorite product in the lineup is this 12-pan eyeshadow palette that will transport you to Africa with its rich colors. “We went for colors that would be aspirational to have in your kit,” says Sir John.

Sir John x Luminess Circle of Life Highlighter

If you take a closer look at the packaging of this highlighter, you’ll notice the glitter detail is meant to reflect Simba seeing Mufasa in the stars. You’ll be shining just like those stars when you apply this universal powder, which can be used on both face and body.

Sir John x Luminess Kingdom Sculpting Palette

Don’t think of this as just a six-pan contouring palette, it’s so much more, according to Sir John. It comes with cool tones that can be used to define facial features or dusted onto the eyelids. “It doesn’t matter if you’re super minimal, this is just an easy daytime palette,” he says.

Be Prepared to Spend: This Stunning Lion King Makeup Collection Is Coming

Disney’s movie slate for 2019 is incredible. Consider the heavy hitters the production company is putting out: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, Spiderman: Far From Home and Frozen 2 are all coming out the same calendar year. Not to mention that this Summer, the house of Mouse will premiere the highly anticipated live-action version of The Lion King (in theaters July 19th) with a star-studded cast, including Beyoncé, who will take on the role of Nala. (It’s too soon to tell, but there’s no chance Nala will not be at the top of the baby names list for this year, right?)

Disney is no stranger to beauty collaborations – we report on them regularly here at POPSUGAR Beauty – but trust us when we say The Lion King collection will be the most coveted of the year. Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess collection is full of thoughtful pieces that are wearable for every day, have playful elements, and sold in truly stunning packaging. They will be collectors’ items at the very least.

Sir John, of course, is the perfect fit for this – he is Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist and has been working with her for years, but he’s also one of the most in demand makeup artists in the world. We can only hope he outfits her in the collection for the movie’s premiere.

The eight-piece collection includes five lip products: the Be Brave Matte Lipstick ($24) and the Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick ($24), the Legacy Tinted Lip Balm ($24), the Circle of Life Highlighter ($40), the Can’t Wait to Be Queen Eye Shadow Palette ($40) and the Kingdom Sculpting Palette ($40). A vault of all the products will also be available for purchase for $250. The stunning packaging was created by using an etched enamel technique. “The packaging is a combination of a metalized coating to give the rose gold finish, followed by different color pigments that are 3D printed in layers, with etched relief in other areas revealing the metalized rose gold,” a representative for the brand told us. “The result is a package design that is layered with hundreds of shapes, in nearly a dozen color shades to create one design that is tactile.”

Sir John was inspired by the women he grew up with, his clients, and his experience in Africa. “I have the amazing gift to work with very diverse women,” he said. “This collection takes all shades and colors into account – there is something for everyone. I was also very inspired by the landscape in Africa. The rich colors I saw when on safari were what I wanted to bring to life.”

The eye shadow palette includes what Sir John calls “supernatural neutrals” and some pops of color for those who “want to be a little more extra.” The palette was the one product he really wanted to include because he was so inspired by the movie. “The blue (shadow) was inspired by Nala’s eyes; the matte neutrals capture the super natural landscape. These colors played out well on the big screen, and I was excited to draw inspiration from them,” he said.

All products were created so that everyone – no matter how skilled you are (or not) – could use them with ease. The contour palette, for instance, takes the guesswork out of creating a sculpted face. “When I say sculpting, sculpting is a softer version of contour,” said Sir John. “You can be a pedestrian, you don’t have to be a driver on the road to understand how to sculpt.”

The lip story in the collection is a lot of fun. The orange-based red matte lip is a “’50s red” that makes “everybody’s tan come to life,” according to Sir John. When I mentioned it had a retro look, he said it gave him a Bianca Jagger feel. “We’re bringing a little disco to the daytime.”

A shade of the Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick pays homage to the original movie. In the film’s opening, during “The Circle of Life,” Rafiki opens the baobab fruit and swipes the deep red liquid onto young Simba’s forehead, anointing him as heir to the throne. The color of the liquid lipstick is a similar shade, which is meant to mimic baobab fruit that was applied on young Simba.

These personal touches, along with the luxe and detailed packaging, make this launch once in a lifetime. And Sir John wants everyone to know this collection isn’t just for the younger fans. “My generation were the children going to see the original film in theaters,” said Sir John. “This collection is a time capsule and my love letter to all the moms that now get to take their children to see the new film and experience the magic all over again.”

We joined Sir John and Luminess on set in Los Angeles to get a first look at the collection. Keep reading to see all the products before they launch, and come back tomorrow to see behind-the-scenes snaps. Disney’s The Lion King Limited Edition Collection by Sir John x Luminess collection will launch June 15 on, and on June 16, and select Ulta stores on June 1.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Rock Stunning ‘Lion King’-Inspired Outfits to Tina Knowles’ Gala

Beyonce is definitely embracing her role in the upcoming Lion King remake!

The multiplatinum singer attended her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson’s, annual Wearable Art Gala in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday night, where she chose an ensemble that clearly nods to the new Disney film. Bey voices Nala, Simba’s (Donald Glover) love interest.

Sir John Just Launched a Lion King Makeup Collection, and We Can’t Stop Swatching

Die-hard Disney fans are well aware that a new Lion King is on its way. The children’s classic has a brand new cast featuring the likes of Donald Glover, Seth Rogan, John Oliver, and (wait for it) Beyonce. Die-hard Disney fans are probably also well aware that the movie comes out on July 19th. If you’re one of these people, and you’re waiting on the edge of your seat, we have some good news to tide you over: there’s a new Lion King makeup collection coming, and we have the details.

The collection is a collaboration between Disney, Luminess, and Sir John (who is Beyonce’s longtime friend and makeup artist). The eight-piece collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a face palette, and four lipsticks (two are cream lipsticks and two are liquid lipsticks). Keep scrolling to see the full collection, and find out when and where you can shop it. Trust us, this is the Disney makeup collection you didn’t know you needed.

First up, let’s talk about this—the Can’t Wait to Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette. It houses 12 pressed powders in both matte and shimmer finishes. The shades range from a variety of warm-toned neutrals to gold, bronze, blue, green, and plum. The names of the shades are just as good as the shades themselves. There’s Mufasa, Zazu, Sire, King, Pride Rock, African Clay, Simba, Wisdom, and more.

Next up, we have the Kingdom Sculpting Palette. This palette houses six cool-toned contour shades that can be used to sculpt and define the complexion. Brush them into the hollows of your cheekbones, the sides of the forehead, and the jawline. We like the fact that there’s a shade for every skin tone, from the palest to the deepest.

The first cream lipstick is a nude brown shade, which is called Lion’s Mane. We’re assuming it will be much like the Luminess Creme Confession Lipstick ($24), which is creamy and moisturizing, thanks to cocoa and shea butters, marula oil, and hydrolyzed silk.

The other Be Brave cream lipstick is called Pounce, and it’s an orange-red color that we think is a perfect vivid shade for summer. The cream lipsticks (both Lion’s Mane and Pounce) are both being touted as smudge-proof and long-wearing.

Fans of liquid lipstick will be happy to know that there are two different shades available in the collection. The first is called Trouble, and it’s a brick-brown color that feels very ’90s, and as such, very on-trend.

Then there’s Romantic Atmosphere, which is a dark, rosy red shade. We’re guessing both shades will perform like Luminess’s Obsession Liquid Lipstick ($24), which are fully opaque lipsticks that set into a matte finish. They’re formulated with candelilla and sunflower essence for a silky, cushioned feel.

There’s also a highlighter in the collection. It’s called the Circle of Life Highlighter, and it’s a shimmery, golden bronze shade that Sir John, Luminess, and Disney created to be universally flattering. The pressed powder can be applied to the high points of the face with a makeup sponge, a brush, or just your fingers, for a lit-from-within radiance.

The final product in the eight-piece collection is a tinted lip balm, which is called the Legacy Tinted Lip Balm. It has a moisturizing formula that protects lips from dryness with a glossy, sheer rosy brown tint.

Every single one of these products will be available on Luminess’s website on June 15. Look out for the collection to hit and on June 16. If you want to see it IRL before purchasing, wait until July 1, which is when it enters brick-and-mortar Ulta stores. Don’t wait too long, though. This is a limited-edition collection, which means it won’t stick around forever.