Common Makeup Mistakes

As beauty lovers, we’ve all had a fair share of makeup fails. I’m guilty of putting eyeliner in my waterline and wearing foundation like its self-tanner for about six years straight.

But, thankfully for my beauty community, I’ve learned from my makeup mistakes and I’m always open to learning how to improve my makeup game. Here are common makeup mistakes that I’ve witnessed and how I avoid them! 

Overspraying When Airbrushing

This is a VERY common mistake when airbrushing. As in, I have done this like every time the when I first started airbrushing, Overspraying is so common because we’re so used to traditional makeup, we want to see the makeup instantly, but that’s not how airbrushing works.

Overspraying happens from pulling back on the trigger way too hard and spraying too close to your face. Remember to keep the system four fingers away from your face and ever so LIGHTLY pull back on the trigger-so lightly, you want to question if it’s even releasing the product and always keep the system moving.

After one full pass around your entire face, check to see if you like the coverage. If you feel you need more coverage, you can repeat the process! These quick and easy tips will make a huge impact on your results and give you the flawless results you deserve. 

Giving up on Airbrush After your First Try

 Listen, guys, I know I’ve said many times in my previous blog posts (maybe too many) BUT airbrush takes practice before you feel totally comfortable with it. Don’t let your first try discourage you, I’m here to help you feel confident in your application.

My first time using the airbrush was with the Legend, and it was super intimidating to me at first, but after playing around with my new toy a few times, I became quite the airbrush pro!

But I couldn’t have gotten to that place of comfort without following the basic airbrush rules. Like I mentioned earlier, hold your airbrush four fingers away from your face, always keep the system moving, and lightly pullback in the trigger.

Not only am I here to offer tips and tricks, but LUMINESS offers 1:1 appointments and group sessions to answer any makeup-related questions you may have. So you know LUMINESS has your back and you are never alone on your airbrushing journey! Click here to book a 1:1 appointment or group session!

Not Prepping your Skin Properly

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know how important it is to have a clean and healthy canvas for makeup application. And for those of you who are new, by canvas, I mean face!

I’m a firm believer in consistent skincare routines that make your skin fresh and smooth. Start with exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and bacteria. I use the Bambo Polish for thorough exfoliation, it makes my skin glow and rejuvenates my complexion.

Then, cleanse your canvas with Superfruit Cleanser! This multi-purpose cleanser provides regeneration of skin cells and helps improve overall skin tone and texture. Not to mention, it smells absolutely amazing – papaya and pineapple just smell like happiness!

Consider skin care a part of your daily makeup routine and you will see big improvements in your results. Also, don’t forget to apply primer before applying foundation. My favorite primers are Velvet Veil and Airbrush Boost it Primer.

If you’re looking to hide all fine lines and pores, Velvet Veil is a must-have for you. If you need a complexion boost to brighten your skin, start your makeup routine with Airbrush Boost it Primer.

Incorrect Concealer Application

As much as we love concealer and it’s a lifesaver for many reasons. Shoutout to Nude Illusion Concealer for covering up many sleepless nights and discoloration.. Have I ever told you you’re my hero?

With that being said, if over-applied or applied incorrectly your concealer can take away from your beautiful glam and we do NOT want that. I guess you can call concealer your frenemy… BUT, as always I have my fellow makeup lover’s backs. Let’s talk about the top do’s and don’ts of concealer. 

First things first, DO NOT over-apply.  With concealer, a little goes a longgggggg way. Too much concealer will emphasize fine lines and look cakey. Remember your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation to brighten your eyes, but if you apply too much you can look like you fell asleep with your sunglasses on at the beach. So please, with concealer less is more-trust me!

Now, let’s talk about where you put your small, yet mighty, amount of concealer. Using the Nude Illusion applicator, apply two short lines on the outer corner of your lower lashes and then apply from the inner eye to halfway down your nose.

Then, blend concealer in a dabbing motion around the entire eye. Lastly, use Blending Sponge or brush to press Setting Powder into the concealed area to prevent makeup from settling into fine lines.

More Mascara More Problems

I’m sure you guys don’t need me to tell you this, but clumpy is NEVER cute. It’s a common misconception that certain mascaras are clumpy because of their formula, which may be the case, but your application is usually the main cause for clumps.

You should never apply more than two coats of mascara and you shouldn’t feel like you need to (if it’s good quality). Be sure to use a mascara that makes it easy to coat all lashes with only two strokes!

For example, Distraction Mascara’s brush allows you to coat the inner lashes with its thin tip while applying mascara to the outer lashes with the thicker end. (It’s amazing!) You also avoid every makeup wearer’s worst nightmare….getting makeup on your nose after completing your makeup. There will be NONE of that with distraction mascara!

Also, side note, you should use a new mascara every month to avoid infections and achieve optimal results. Give your lashes the love they deserve, bye crusty clumps! 

These common mistakes have very simple solutions, it’s just a matter of applying these tips to your makeup routine! As we’re all passionate makeup lovers, I’m so curious to hear what common makeup mistakes you guys are seeing and how to fix them! Share your makeup do’s and don’ts in the comments below. Looking forward to learning from my makeup posse!

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  1. I oversprayed for a solid month before I realized I was doing it wrong lol. Super happy that I practiced tho. Sometimes we just have to learn from our own mistakes to know what not to do.

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