Face Forward: Spring 2021 Makeup Trends

*Breaking News* Face-makeup and skin trends

Spring is in full swing and so are these must-do face makeup trends. Trends are popular changes or developments within a category. If you’re anything like me, change may scare you-especially drastic changes!

I like to look at trends as inspiration to fuel my creativity and enhance my makeup routine in my own way! So freshen up, grab your airbrush kit and let’s get trendy! Look alive makeup junkies, were elevating our makeup game with new techniques and products. 

  1. Blush is BACK

Your old friend blush is back and bolder than ever! (If you missed it, I talked about some blush hacks in our 5 Must-Do Makeup Hacks post) Rosy cheeks are in so get cheeky with airbrush blush.

Airbrush blush will add color and give you a youthful look! Remember, apply your airbrush blush before foundation for the most natural and blended look. 

  1. Contouring with Self Tanner 

The definition of long-lasting contour. Apply Airbrush Tanning Solution to areas where you would normally apply dark tones for contouring: cheekbones, upper forehead, and underneath the jawline.

I would recommend using a regular Stylus for precision and accuracy. By using self-tanner for contouring, it will add dimension and shape to your face.

The darker tone of the sunless tanner will create shadows on your skin giving the illusion that this area is pushed back (aka sculpted and more defined). 

  1. Dewy Highlight

Powder is soooo last season – especially if you are trying to achieve the highly coveted glow that only comes from the most perfectly, hydrated and illuminated, healthy skin to achieve this liquid highlight look- you need look no further.

With our Exposure Highlighter, you can create this look so flawlessly that it will leave them wondering where the light came from.  It’s so easy to use, you don’t even need a brush.

After applying highlighter with the applicator use fingers to blend by dabbing lightly. This will enhance your complexion with a subtle but glowing, finish.

I’ve personally always been a little hesitant about shiny highlighter, but I feel totally confident in the application for Exposure Highlighter, I can probably do it with my eyes closed! Quick and easy to apply for natural results? Yes, please!

  1. Skin is Sacred 

If I didn’t stress this enough in my last blog post, here’s your reminder: in order to achieve these looks flawlessly, you must be kind to your skin! 

Let’s take a moment to get real. And I mean real, real. Every single one of us is concerned with our skin for many different reasons. We see the pressures everywhere to look younger and have flawless skin.

But I am going to tell you how to achieve the perfect palette (palette = your gorgeous face) so you can rock these new trends, flawlessly. 


Step ONE – Remove your makeup. Take a Makeup Eraser Cloth and get rid of the makeup, oils, and environmental impurities of the day. 

Step TWO – CLEANSE YOUR SKIN. And no, we didn’t just do that in step one. Let me put it to you this way…. Step One is taking off your clothes before you get in the shower.

Step Two is the shower part. (Hear me?) Now that you have taken away your day, your cleanser can actually clean your skin, as it was designed to do.

If you go right in with a cleanser on your makeup, you are just moving the makeup around. Use Superfruit Cocktail Cleanser to eliminate excess oil and skin impurities for a clean and brighter complexion. 

For a deeper and more renewing cleanse, use Bamboo Polish to exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cells, this will allow your makeup to apply evenly and give you a smooth finish.

Use Superfruit cocktail cleanser to eliminate excess oil and skin impurities for a clean and brighter complexion. Lastly, moisturize your entire face with our Snapback Serum.

This serum will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate your skin. This will provide a tighter palette for your eyeshadow and make your primer’s job a little easy. 

Last but not least, ALWAYS protect your skin (#1 from above) from the sun. I don’t leave the house without our Sunscreen Setting Powder. It absorbs excess oil, keeping my finish smooth and shine-free.

And get this, it’s SPF 30 and comes in cute little on-the-go packaging! So please makeup junkies, give your skin a little TLC for better makeup results. 

So my fellow makeup lovers, who’s ready to elevate their face makeup game with these Spring 2021 trends? I know new trends and products may be intimidating at first but at the end of the day, this is our passion-we live and breathe cosmetics!

New products and new techniques just take a little practice to achieve awesome results. Happy spring my cosmetic queens!  Ready… Set….Glam! 

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