How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Sarabeth from The February Fox remembers her reaction to the first time a professional makeup artist did her makeup: “whoa!” The makeup was done as a trial run for her wedding and it left Sarabeth astounded. “There were angles in my face that I’d never seen before and I had this incredible glow that I couldn’t quite recreate by myself.”

We partnered with Sarabeth to help her finally be able to recreate that glow—and the angles and flawless skin—by herself. The benefits of airbrushing your own makeup quickly became apparent.

“I didn’t have to touch my skin! I’ve never really had A+ skin and in college it got out of control with acne, so putting my hands all over my face was never the ideal situation. I have to work really hard to keep my skin looking completely clear. Another high point of not touching is the lack of pulling on the skin, resulting in less wrinkles.”

Sarabeth shared that she also loved how easy it is to match her skin perfectly, as the foundations are easily mixed in the airbrush stylus.

“The airbrush makeup was really simple to apply. Luminess has an app to download and plenty of help on their website to show me exactly how to hold the stylus, how far to hold [it] from my face, and what goes where. The product rested over my pores and gave me a flawless finish, plus it actually lasted the entire day without sliding off!”

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