How to Look Younger With Airbrush

Everyone wants a flawless finish and to achieve a perfect complexion- you need a high-quality product, and you must apply that product correctly.

Now, when I say flawless finish, I mean no blemishes, no fine lines, and wrinkles…NOTHING but radiant younger-looking skin (emphasis on younger-looking). Here’s how I use airbrush as a beauty time machine-my tips will take years off your face, 


When searching for a foundation, it can be overwhelming- dewy, matte, sheer-oh my! However, if you are concerned about fine lines, you have to make sure you’re considering coverage.

Many times, when people see “full coverage”, they think it’s just for acne..but it’s actually for all imperfections-including fine lines and wrinkles. My personal fav foundation for covering fine lines and wrinkles is Rose 4-In-1.

The clean and vegan ingredients provide ultimate coverage and side note…it smells like a fresh bouquet of roses. Not only does it hide wrinkles, but it’s also a multi-purpose product-which is always a win for me.

Rose 4-In-1 acts as your foundation, concealer, primer, and anti-aging serum. This foundation takes years off your face and hours off your morning routine- it’s the definition of a makeup must-have.

I know it can be scary picking your color online but don’t worry LUMINESS has a virtual try-on feature that eliminates the stress of finding the perfect match! You HAVE to check it out:


I’m always stressing the importance of a consistent skincare routine because it’s essential to achieve flawless results. We have to create that clean canvas people!!

Part of that skincare routine is moisturizing, which is especially important for those who are concerned with fine lines. Invest in a moisturizer or a serum that helps eliminate wrinkles.

A serum that I cannot LIVE without is the Snapback Serum. This serum’s ingredients tackle fine lines and wrinkles by increasing elastin and collagen levels that greatly reduce wrinkles.

Since using Snapback, I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my crow’s feet and frown lines. My sweet makeup lovers, If your serious about looking younger, add this to your skincare routine…NOW. Run don’t walk!


Primer is mainly used to smoothen your skin for a more even complexion, but there’s a primer for all skin types. Look for a primer that softens pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

For example, Velvet Veil is the perfect primer for someone looking to hid wrinkles-it softens harsh fine lines with only 2 drops. Apply after moisturizer and before airbrushing for the best blurring results! 

Like I mentioned earlier, It’s super important to keep your skin hydrated, especially the areas with fine lines and wrinkles. Airbrush Moisturizing Primer is another great way to hydrate your skin-just have to point out that this is another multi-purpose product, just saying!

It’s the perfect blend of moisturizer and primer by preventing dryness and creating a smooth canvas for foundation.


Now, that we know what to apply let’s talk about where and how you apply airbrush foundation and concealer to cover wrinkles like crow’s feet.

To cover fine lines and wrinkles under the eye, you can break ONE of the airbrush rules…you can get two fingers away from your face for ultimate coverage but continue to follow the other basic airbrush rules: Keep your stylus moving in a circular motion, while LIGHTLY pulling back on the trigger, keeping it 2 fingers away from your face (in this case).

This simple step will help hide fine lines quickly and almost effortlessly. If you need help with this application, don’t worry honey-LUMINESS is here for you! Book an appointment with a LUMINESS makeup artist to perfect your anti-aging skills or anything airbrush!! Set up a quick appointment now!

So, my friends, this blog post just took 10 years off your life-you’re welcome in advance. I promise that these tips will help you look younger and fall in love with your airbrush results.

Airbrushing is truly equivalent to a magic wand. Let me know how the magic of airbrush has impacted your makeup routine in the comments. 

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