How You Can Support ASPCA with LUMINESS

LUMINESS is teaming up with ASPCA to join the fight against animal cruelty!

LUMINESS will donate $1 for every airbrush system sold until June 2021, with a maximum donation of $50,000. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides animals medical care and behavioral rehabilitation. This non-profit organization also helps thousands of animals find loving homes every year.

Are you ready to join the fight? Buy an airbrush system when it counts! If you need help finding the perfect system for your lifestyle, don’t worry as always- I’m here for my makeup lovers! 

LEGEND: You’re classic! You want to enjoy the system that started it all. You’re excited to achieve a flawless finish, but also intrigued by all of the Legend’s versatile functions like eyeshadow, brows, roots, and contour! YES, you can complete most of your makeup look using airbrush. 

ICON PRO: You’re glowing! You’ll be using this system for your daily makeup routine, but you can’t wait to get your glow on. You’ll love the two-speed feature, which makes it so simple to self-tan and apply face makeup! Get your GLAM and GLOW using one system. 

ICON: You’re ICONic…You love making a statement! You are ready to complete your makeup look with the Icon system, by filling in your brows, contouring those cheeks, and making your eyes pop with airbrush eyeshadow!

BREEZE: You’re a traveler! Glam is important to you, but it has to be travel-friendly! You need a cordless system that gives you flawless results on-the-go! 

In the end, no matter which system you chose, your results will be flawless-you cannot go wrong my friends. It’s simple to achieve perfection with all LUMINESS airbrush systems. 

I hope all my makeup lovers are excited to try a new airbrush system and contribute to a great cause-show some support to our furry friends! 

Now that I’ve given you the ultimate airbrush system guide, comment below which airbrush system are you eyeing?

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