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Getting Selena’s Grammys Look

Last night we saw the giants of the music industry walk the red carpet for the annual Grammys awards show. From Taylor to Adele, talent, style and beauty ran rampant, especially in the case of Selena Gomez. The singer took her “come and get it” mantra to heart with a serious smoky eye, glam waves and killer sexy Calvin Klein slinky, sequin dress in midnight blue.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a Hollywood starlet to get red carpet glamour.

  1. After applying your silk foundation, contour with bronzer. Hold the airbrush stylus roughly six inches away from your temple, just in front of the center of your ear. Using a gentle sweeping motion, brush the color down toward the corner of your mouth.
  2. Apply a light iridescent shadow to the inner corners of your eye, and just below the brow.
  3. Using a good black eye liner, trace your upper lid. Start at the center, then work outwards in a dramatic cat eye. Finish the line from the center to the inner corner. Repeat on the bottom, blending away harsh lines.
  4. Fill in the negative space between your liner and your light shadow with a dark bronze or purple shadow. Blend for a seamless transition.
  5. Finish the look with two coats of mascara and a statement brow.

Practice a few times before wearing this out, so you can be sure to nail the technique. You can get everything you need for this look on our website

The Newest Trend in Contouring

We’ve seen contouring progress over the years from simple contouring to clown contouring, strobing, baking, contouring, and everything in between. (Christmas contouring? Really?) The latest trend to rock perfectly sculpted faces is tape contouring.

Tape contouring began with Beauty Blogger Huda Kattan, and has taken over the beauty world.  Huda has you use the tape as a guide on the areas you are going to apply your darker contouring color, then peel off the tape and add your lighter contouring color or highlighter.

While this may make for precision contouring when using liquid foundations, we still prefer our method: airbrush. With airbrush makeup systems contouring is basically done for you.

When you spray on your makeup, the foundation blends automatically without harsh lines or the need for excessive blending. No office products required.

Part of the beauty of airbrush makeup is that you use 10x less makeup than liquid foundation! (Especially when half of your foundation gets left behind on scotch tape.)

Airbrushing for the First Time

We get it. The idea of using an airbrush system to apply your makeup can be daunting if you’re not a professional. It’s surprisingly easier than you think. It may take one or two practice applications before you master the technique, but you can do it! Don’t believe us? Still on the fence? Take a gander at Beauty Vlogger FacesbyStacye’s first time using the Luminess Legend and see for yourself. (She even throws in some bonus tips she learned from experience.)

January Luminess Highlights

2016 is up and going, and as usual there’s no shortage of reviews for our Luminess Air Systems! Many women are taking advantage of this professional makeup tool and achieving their beauty goals. Check out some of these blog reviews and youtube videos to hear what they have to say about Luminess.

Helen Berkun (of has waited years to have her own airbrushing system. She shares how thrilled she is to have a professional makeup application at home or on the road with the compact Luminess Legend.

3 Quick Steps to a Fresh-Faced Finish

Keeping a clean, fresh face will always give you great results when applying your makeup. You’ll look more youthful, lines and wrinkles won’t be as pronounced and your skin will glow. The first thing to remember is when starting your makeup regimen, you should thoroughly cleanse your skin and moisturize it. Here are three items that will assist in getting that perfect fresh-faced finish:


Eraser is a must-have beauty essential. It is a product you put on before the foundation that is applied with the airbrush system to transform the skin, removing the signs of redness, blotchy and uneven skin. Your skin will be smooth and blemish free, allowing a clear canvas for smooth makeup application.


Glow is a skin brightener that brings the luster back to dull, lifeless skin. This product will give the appearance of dewy and supple skin that provides a youthful appearance. Glow can also be added to the brow bone for highlight and the high planes of the cheekbones.


Foundation is applied for that smooth, creamy finish. There are a number of foundations available, depending on your skin type and color. Matching the right color to your skin tone is essential in having a finish that enhances your look. There are a number of colors in the selection palette to choose from that will enrich and nourish your skin while performing beautifully.

These three essentials for a fresh-faced finish can all be applied with the Luminess Airbrush System. Versatile and easy-to-use, you can apply all three steps to your skin through the convenient stylus. By using this regimen, you will have a foundation in which to build. These steps will have your face ready to apply the other elements of your beauty regimen to achieve winning looks that stand the test of time.

Choosing a Perfect Lip Color

When choosing a lip color that will make a statement, knowing which colors and type of lipstick finish that will work best with your needs is the first order of business. Depending on your personal preferences and how long it has to stay on during the course of the day makes a huge difference in your selections. Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect lip color and finish:

Identify your undertones

The undertones of your skin plays a huge role in the lip color you choose. Whether you’re seeking a subtle or dramatic look, the undertones will help you in determining the colors that will work well with your skin tone. How can you determine the undertone of your skin? Look at the inside of your wrist to determine whether you have cool or warm undertones. This will steer you in the right direction.

Know your finishes

It is best to determine the type of finish you like while choosing a color. Depending on the finish, whether it is matte, something with bold color, or a sheer glossy look, this will assist in the choice of a lasting lip color. Matte lip colors last longer, creamy lip colors are rich in texture and add more shine, and satin lips are delicate and glossy.

Factor in the eyes

Your eyes are an integral part of the overall effect when choosing a lip color. Your lipstick should blend effortlessly into the presentation, and the color should help your eyes pop. Your lip hue should balance the coloring in your skin and eyes.

Think hair

Choosing a lip color that will also blend in with the color of your hair is smart. Your hair is also a major factor when choosing a lasting lip finish. If the color doesn’t look good next to your hair, chances are it’s not the right color for you.

Your overall goal when choosing the perfect lip color should be to choose a color that will flatter your eyes, hair and skin tone for a successful presentation. Factor in the other elements of your makeup, such as your blush and eye shadow colors. With a little research, you’ll be able to pinpoint hues that work every time!

Cool Considerations for the Perfect Blush

Having the right blush shade is important to accentuate your skin and overall appearance. It’s important to know what colors work for you, and how to properly apply it, whether you want a soft, pink glow or a tan, sun-kissed look. The Luminess system has many shades to choose from that will work with your skin tone to perfect luminosity and an even skin tone.

What to consider when choosing a blush

When choosing a blush, you must think about a number of elements:

Your natural blush color

If you’re going for a natural look, applying colors that naturally enhance your skin when you blush is the key. Pay careful attention to the color of your cheeks when you exercise, pinch your cheeks or are embarrassed about something. This will be a good start in selecting the right colors.

Your skin type

This plays a huge role in the blush you use. Luminess shades cover a wide spectrum of options, and is good for any skin type.

Your skin tone

Does your skin have cool or warm undertones? This makes a difference in choosing colors that will accentuate your skin. You want to have a natural look, staying away from colors that may be too dark for you.


You want to have a blush that is easy to apply and will avoid the look of racing stripes. Practice using the Luminess stylus to learn how to apply the right amount of blush that will leave your skin glowing with color.

How to apply blush

When you are applying blush using the Luminess airbrush blush, it’s important to remember that you only need one drop of color. The beauty of this system is that the color goes on and intensifies over time. Blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks to achieve the right effect.

It is important to take your time in finding the right colors that will look good with anything you wear. One of the best things you can do in achieving the perfect look is staying close to colors that will make a subtle impact while giving you a flawless finish. With a Luminess blush color, you’ll achieve that and more!

From Flawless Foundation to Sun-Kissed Bronze Skin

Adding Luminess Air Matte or Shimmer Bronzer to your everyday airbrush foundation routine is the perfect segue into Spring Trend 2015. Luminess bronzers can be used to lightly contour cheekbones, to imitate a sun tan without the skin damaging sun exposure, or to give the illusion of a sun-kissed glow. With so many bronzers available, selecting the right color and texture can make all the difference in the world.

All About Bronzers

When choosing a bronzer the first thing to consider is skin type. Luminess bronzers are ideal for those with normal, combination, oily skin, or acne prone. Our products are water-based so you don’t have to worry about the clogging of your pores or chemicals that may disagree with your skin.

The next step in choosing a bronzer is skin tone. Generally you want to pick a shade that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone. If you have fair skin we suggest a slightly rose or peach colored bronzer. Those with olive skin should try sheer copper and those with dark brown skin should use a rich chocolate brown color.

While bronzers are available in airbrush, powders, liquids, creams, and gels, the same rules apply. Create the number 3 on both sides of the face when using Luminess matte bronzer to lightly contour. Start at the top of your forehead, dust along the cheeks, and sweep across the jaw line. When using Luminess shimmer bronzer to achieve that sun-kissed glow, apply across the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, above the cheekbone, and down the center of the chin.

Never worry about your skin being exposed to the damaging effects of the sun again. Simply apply your preference of Luminess Air Foundation in Ultra, Satin, Matte, or Silk, then add 3 drops of the Luminess Bronzer to the stylus for that Sun-Kissed Glow. Features Luminess Air in Holiday Gift Guide

For their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, suggest giving the beauty of air to your friends and family.

Quote-OpenLuminess Air makeup artist Heather Hughes uses her artistry to pursue her main passion: making women feel beautiful and confident.

Hughes believes that when women feel great about their outward appearance it alleviates some of the barriers for women to feel better on the inside as well. She also understands that most women have busy lives so simplicity is key.

While airbrush makeup systems are generally perceived to be the domain of professional artists, Luminess strives to reshape that perception, and pushes the bounderis of what women should expect from the cosmetics they reach for everyday.

Hughes embodies that mission, teaching women that beauty can be uncomplicated, fun and empowering.

Examiner caught up with Hughes to learn about what pulls her heart-strings and how to keep it simple and fabulous through the holidays.

EXAMINER: Which winter holidays do you celebrate? How do you celebrate them?

HEATHER: I celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with Family when I’m not working.

EXAMINER: Please share your favorite holiday memory.

HEATHER: Every year when we do our family Christmas my mom gives the grandkids their gifts in a special way. It could be a poem or a scavenger hunt around the house, even “joke” gifts that lead to the real gift. Ever year it gets more and more creative and puts huge smiles on our face.

EXAMINER: What is the best gift you ever received and why was it so special to you?

HEATHER: When I was young I had a huge stuffed teddy bear. My parents gave it to me when my brother was born. I slept with the bear every night. My dad even had to tape him up because the stuffing was coming out. I finally put him away. I thought my parents threw him away. Then a couple years ago my mom and dad gave him to me for Christmas. They brought him to a “doll” doctor and he was just like new! It was an amazing gift because it brought back so many childhood memories.

EXAMINER: Do you believe in Santa? Why?

HEATHER: Yes, I believe in any man that brings me gifts.

EXAMINER: You are creating beauty gift bags for your annual holiday bash, what goes into it?

HEATHER: Rouge Underground Eye Primer, Luminess Air Pewter Gel eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara and Luminess Air Professional Matador red lipstick.

EXAMINER: What have you learned this year that other people should take into their thoughts to improve their lives in the New Year?

Quote-ClosedHEATHER: It sounds cliché’ but I have learned that anything is possible if you believe.

EXAMINER: Any final words of advice for how to look great and feel great all the way through this holiday season?

HEATHER: Get some rest, drink plenty of water and spread love.