July 4th Must-Haves

Do you have these summer staples? 

The 4th of July is right around the corner, summer is in full swing and if you haven’t fully “summer-Ized” your routine yet, don’t worry- it’s not too late! 

With one of summer’s biggest holidays quickly approaching, I figured it’s the PERFECT time to remind my fellow makeup lovers what they need to achieve flawless makeup results this season. 

Here’s a few of my summer routine rescuers…


No matter what you have planned for the 4th the NEW cordless Breeze Airbrush System will help you achieve flawless airbrush results from anywhere. 

Yes, I said cordless, so if you’re traveling for the holiday the Breeze Airbrush System is a travel bag must-have- allowing you to never leave your amazing airbrush results behind.

This handheld system can help you complete almost your whole routine, making your makeup bag lighter (say goodbye to your hefty makeup brush collection). 

From eyeshadow to contouring the Breeze Airbrush System is your makeup magic wand. This system can even save you a trip to the hair salon….you can fill in your roots with absolute ease using Airbrush Brow and Root! 

So moral of the story, the Breeze Airbrush System is a great summer beauty tool to achieve beautiful results AND shorten your routine this season. 

4-In-1 Foundations

So now that we know the Breeze is a life-changing and routine rescuing beauty tool for summer that we need, you’re probably asking…which airbrush products do I need to make my routine even easier? Say hello to LUMINESS’ 4-In-1 airbrush foundations, Silk and Rose. 

These 4-In-1 foundations shorten your routine by acting as your primer, concealer, foundation and anti-aging serum. Save money and time by completing four steps at once!

Silk and Rose foundation provide the same flawless finish; however, they do provide different coverage. Rose 4-In-1 Foundation is medium-full coverage, it covers all imperfections with absolute ease and smells like fresh roses. Silk 4-In-1 Foundation provides sheer-light coverage, enhancing your skin’s natural radiance! 

These lovely multi-purpose foundations are a great reminder that beautiful results don’t have to take FOREVER. Spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time getting ready by incorporating the 4-In-1 Airbrush Foundations. 

These foundations will allow you to spend more time enjoying your 4th of July and less time getting ready! 

SPF 30 Setting Powder

Although you should ALWAYS be protecting your skin from the sun, SPF is especially important for your outdoor summer festivities and get this, it won’t mess up your glam!

Makeup lovers, say hello to SPF 30 Sunscreen Setting Powder. With this powder, you can protect your skin from the sun without messing up your makeup. 

Awarded one of the “Best Sunscreen Setting Powders” by Martha Stewart editor, Sophie Moore.

This powder absorbs excess oil keeping your makeup fresh all day long and providing sun protection. It’s convenient on-the-go packaging makes it easy to protect your skin and touch-up your makeup from ANYWHERE. 

Before you leave for your 4th of July getaway be sure to throw a few of these in your beach bag!

Silk and Smooth

I know when we think about our summer beauty routines we tend to only think about makeup and skincare, but you won’t want to sleep on this beauty tool. This tool is an absolute game-changer and I PROMISE it will elevate your beauty routine.

The Silk and Smooth Hair Remover is the “new” way to get rid of facial and body hair. This device allows you to remove hair with ABSOLUTE ease, no water or shaving cream required. 

Like the Breeze, this device is travel-friendly allowing you to achieve silky smooth skin all summer long! Leave razor bumps and redness behind, your skin deserves better. 

Not only is this device great for your beach bod, but it’s also great to eliminate all peach fuzz from your face. Removing facial hair will create a smooth canvas for your makeup and allow it to apply seamlessly resulting in a smooth flawless finish. 

With Silk and Smooth, you’ll be the softest person on the beach this summer!

So, my lovely makeup squad, who’s ready to achieve effortless perfection this summer? This is your sign to incorporate these few routine rescuers to achieve the results you deserve! Which one of these summer must-haves are you dying to try??