Hand holding the Breeze, the newest airbrush created by Luminess Air

Let the Luminess Beauty Tools Do the Work for You!

Hint: we’re not talking about makeup brushes, instead we’re going to share all about the Luminess beauty tools

Welcome back, folks!

I’m sure the term “beauty devices” made you curious and no, we’re not talking about makeup brushes people.

Today we’re talking about the life-changing tools your beauty routine needs.

Starting from skincare to makeup application, these Luminess beauty tools will help you achieve flawless makeup results.The best part is these beauty devices do all the work for you!

Are you ready to sit back and let your beauty tools do all the work?

Trust me, adding these devices to your routine will make it SO much quicker and easier- it’s a no-brainer! 

Ladies and gentlemen these are the must-have tools that will change your routine FOREVER…

Airbrush Systems

LUMINESS Airbrush Systems help you achieve professional and flawless results in the comfort of your own home AND get this…it’s so easy!

As you guys know, I am NOT a makeup artist, just a makeup lover.. if I can apply airbrush easily, so can YOU!

Unlike traditional makeup, airbrush systems do the work for you.

Say goodbye to long tedious blending and perfecting with your bare hands. With airbrush systems, you can skip the messy work!

Now that you know the important stuff, which is that airbrush systems provide beautiful results and it’s so easy to apply, BUT it gets even better.

Did you know you can apply more than just foundation with airbrush systems? 

Airbrush systems are pretty much every makeup brush on your vanity..in ONE device. Using your airbrush system, you can apply your eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, and MUCH more!

You can even save yourself a trip to the hair salon and fill in your roots with Airbrush Brow and Root. 

If you’re traveling and nervous to bring your new airbrush system with you, don’t worry…LUMINESS has the PERFECT airbrush system for your summer vacay.

The NEW cordless Breeze System is your new travel buddy. This system allows you to bring your flawless airbrush results with you everywhere!

My dear makeup lovers, please make your daily routine easier on you and treat yourself to a LUMINESS Airbrush System.

Now is the perfect time to buy a LUMINESS Airbrush System because today is the start of their PRIME event!

Conture Kinetic Toning System

Since we’re in summer mode right now, I’m sure you’re working on toning your bikini bod, BUT have you ever thought about toning your face?

The Conture Toning System is an anti-aging beauty device that tones skin to restore radiance and firmness to the three main areas: décolleté, eye area, forehead. It’s basically a facelift minus the extreme pain and the giant price tag. 

Your face will be “summer ready” in no time! For best results, I recommend using this device twice a day and no it’s not time-consuming (10 mins TOPS).

All you need to do is apply a few pumps of the Kinetic Treatment Serum and then it’s toning time. 

After every treatment, be sure to moisturize, in the mornings I use the AM Ignition Lotion which provides the intense hydration I need to wake my skin up and make it look like I didn’t get 3 hours of sleep (very thankful for that).

After using my toning device at night, I moisturize with the PM Recovery Creme which helps my tired skin recover at night. 

If you weren’t already giving yourself an at-home facelift with this life-changing device, then I’m sure you are now.

This device is realistic and ideal for everyone. In a fast-paced world people can’t afford painful plastic surgery or time off from their daily responsibilities.

So, sit back, relax, and let your Conture device give your skin the extra TLC it deserves. 

Silk and Smooth 

I know when we think about our beauty routines we tend to only think about makeup and skincare, but you won’t want to sleep on this beauty tool.

This tool is an absolute game-changer and I PROMISE it will change your beauty routine, forever!

The Silk and Smooth Hair Remover is the “new” way to get rid of facial and body hair. This device allows you to remove hair with ABSOLUTE ease, no water or shaving cream required. 

Like the Breeze, this device is travel-friendly allowing you to achieve silky smooth skin wherever, whenever! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the silky skin you desire.

Leave razor bumps and redness behind, because your skin deserves better. 

Not only is this device great for your beach bod, but it’s also great to eliminate all peach fuzz from your face.

Removing facial hair will create a smooth canvas for your makeup and allow it to apply seamlessly resulting in a smooth flawless finish. 

Cancel your wax appointment, throw out your crusty old razor and put your new hair remover to work!

So, who’s ready to improve their makeup results and make their lives so much easier by trusting these beauty devices to do the hard work for them? Hint hint, that’s a rhetorical question-you NEED these beauty tools!

Add these lifesavers to your routine and save with the prime deals event, happening now! See special offers here.