Lipstick for Every Occasion

Reunited and it feels so goooood. 

Hi, my fellow makeup lovers, welcome back! I’m happy to relay this important message from an old friend of ours……

Remember me? The thing that gives you the perfect pout?

I used to complete all your makeup looks and I was always by your side throughout your workday, special events, and more. 

You guessed it….. I’m your lipstick!

Although I’ve been hiding under your mask for the past year, I’m ready for a bold comeback.

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, must’ve misspoken because lipstick is a girl’s secret weapon. 

I know it’s been a while so In case you forgot let me remind you when you need me…..

Special Occasions

As your best friend, I’m ALWAYS by your side.

So, I make you feel beautiful on your special occasion whether it’s a wedding or prom, I’m here for you. That’s what friends are for, right? 

Forever Reign Lip Stain: Provides a beautiful velvety finish, up to 18 hours! Comes in 14 gorgeous shades. Try it on now!


Now, I know you like to tone down your glam for work, so I have the perfect lippie for your business meetings. 

Vinyl Slick Liquid Lipstick: high-shine liquid lipstick formula that offers an incredibly glossy, vinyl-like finish. Comes in 6 high-pigmented shades!

Date Night 

Now, let’s give you the perfect pout for a nice romantic evening out! I know it’s been a while so let’s be bold, shall we? 

Chromatic Lip Stain: delivers bold, long-lasting color with a wearable metallic finish for a truly unique look. Achieve kissable and transfer-resistant lips with a selection of 5 bold colors. 

Serious Staples

I know you always need me, so remember there are lip products for every occasion. These are always in your purse, pocket, or car! 

Pomegranate Lip Jelly: Soften and protect lips from dryness and add fullness and definition to the lips while helping to reduce fine lines with the added plumping agent.

Lip Finishers: wear alone or add onto other lipsticks, achieve the perfect finish or subtle gloss with these must-have lip finishers. Choose from 5 different shades/finishes to complete your daily routine and never get bored!

Okay, makeup squad, it’s Liv again! Weren’t you happy to hear from our old friend lipstick? I know I was. I can’t wait to start showing off my beautifully done-up lips. Who’s with me?