LUMINESS Airbrush Vs. Traditional Makeup

Airbrush systems and traditional makeup appear to be very different at first glance. The physical difference is obvious, but I’m here to share the super important differences that us makeup lovers, MUST KNOW!

Airbrushing will elevate your makeup routine and provide a long-lasting flawless finish, so as your makeup mentor- I’m encouraging you to take the airbrush leap! Here are the differences between airbrush and traditional makeup and why millions are joining the dark side…


Airbrush=touchless application, Traditional = messy 

The touchless application factor doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you think about that stubborn foundation stain on your vanity-touchless suddenly becomes life-changing.

With airbrush, you can avoid stubborn makeup stains… For once your hand won’t look like you swatched the entire color wheel (I know you all can relate). 

The touchless application also means you don’t have to blend, which we all know can be super time-consuming. The airbrush stylus is specifically designed for accurate application, meaning if the stylus is pointed at your cheekbone while following the basic airbrush rules- the perfect amount of product will be released, and your contour will look on-point! Remember the basic airbrush rules? Don’t worry I’ll remind you anyway!

1) Always keep your stylus moving 

2) Keep four fingers away from face

3)LIGHTLY pull back on trigger

Also- here’s another goodie for you, just one of my many helpful tips…if you like the natural blush look, apply your airbrush blush first, and then foundation over it. No brushes necessary. 

Even though we have a variety of systems, the application is just as easy with all of them! Our cordless Breeze System might look a little different from the Legend, but you can achieve the same amazing results!


Airbrush= multi-functional, Traditional makeup brush= one purpose

Name a traditional makeup tool that you can use to apply eyeshadow, foundation, self-tanner, eyebrows, fill-in roots, blush, highlighter, bronzer, primer, and setting spray…. Any luck? 

Well, I have great news for you, you can apply all these products with any of our airbrush systems. Say goodbye to wasted time cleaning brushes and cluttered makeup bags!

Yes, you can apply airbrush eyeshadow and fill in your roots with the same system. Does it make sense now when I say airbrush elevates your makeup game? I thought so!  Save time and money using one tool to complete your makeup look. This leads to my next point…


Airbrush= long-lasting products, Traditional makeup= frequent refills

I’m sure it seems like airbrushing is expensive between the machine and the actual makeup but compared to traditional makeup you end up saving a ton of money in the end!

Airbrush products are high-quality that not only last longer on your face but last-longer on your vanity. LUMINESS airbrush systems (if used correctly) release the perfect amount of makeup.

I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve wasted a huge clump of traditional makeup, nothing is worse than completing your makeup look, but you dumped out way too much makeup already, such a waste!

Think about all the money you spend on makeup brushes and makeup brush cleaner or getting your roots done! LUMINESS minimizes these expenses and stresses for you!

For those of you who have commitment issues, LUMINESS offers a 30-day trial for only $19.95, you have 30 days to fall in love and practice! If you strangely aren’t loving the system, you have the option to return the system. See more info here!

As someone who wears makeup daily, I know cost is an important factor when considering a new makeup product. This is why airbrush just makes total sense for my budget and lifestyle.

Having a fast-paced lifestyle but being a makeup lover- I need a product that shortens my routine AND provides a flawless finish. I’ve found versatility and amazing results from airbrushing and I need my beauty squad to join me at the top of the makeup game! 


Airbrush= Flawless long-lasting finish, Traditional makeup= Cakey, and unnatural finish

This is the most obvious difference, but also the most important. We all want to look and feel beautiful in our skin. Airbrushing provides flawless results that last all day.. I don’t even have to reapply or touch-up during the day!

Although airbrush covers imperfections, it still looks natural and the furthest thing from cakey- this is rare in the makeup world. LUMINESS airbrush systems make the impossible, possible by providing a full coverage foundation that covers all blemishes without looking like you’re wearing ANYTHING.

As someone who struggles with pimples and discoloration, full coverage is a MUST for me. Therefore, LUMINESS airbrush foundation has given me the results I’ve been looking for my entire makeup career! 

P.S, because I love my results and want them to last forever, I always use Final Seal Setting Spray to protect my glam throughout the day!

Although a few of these differences may seem obvious, I hope it’s just as obvious that airbrush is the perfect beauty tool for everyone and ANYONE! Millions of makeup lovers like yourself have recently joined the airbrush world and they are loving it just as much as I am! Please comment below and share your airbrush love story so we can geek out together. 

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