More Than Just a Makeup Tool

How airbrushing elevates your makeup game 

For my loyal makeup lovers, you totally understand my love for LUMINESS Airbrush Systems, and not just because I talk about it all the time, but you’ve seen the amazing results for yourselves. You’ve felt the airbrush magic!

And for those of you who are new here, I’m sure you’re wondering what an airbrush system is and why it is so special. An airbrush system is more than just a makeup tool, it’s a magic wand.

Of course, one of the main reasons is because you can achieve flawless makeup results, but did you know airbrush can replace almost all of your traditional makeup?

LUMINESS airbrush system makes it possible to complete most of your makeup routine with one accessory. That’s right, no brushes necessary here folks. You can apply your foundation, contour, brows, eyeshadow…the list goes on! 

You can even skip a trip to the hair salon with our airbrush root and brow. Push your hair appointment back and fill in your roots with your airbrush system, it’s so quick and easy! Like I said people, airbrush systems are more than just a makeup tool, they’re life savers. 

Speaking of life savers, how many times have you struggled finding the perfect foundation for you? I can answer this one, and the answer is WAY TOO many times. With LUMINESS airbrush foundations, you have the ability to customize your own shade from home and here’s how…

Once you’ve used our virtual foundation finder, you can mix together the suggested shades to ensure you have the perfect shade now and all year long! This is huge for someone like me who used to buy a new foundation every season to match my skin tone

Are you starting to see the hype, newbies? I’m sure your traditional makeup brushes are making their way to the garbage pretty soon and you are fully ready to join the airbrush world. It’s time to elevate your makeup game and achieve the results you deserve!

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  1. the airbrush root and brow is literally a lifesaver for the days between getting my hair done. it’s literally the best!

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