Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As my loyal makeup lovers, you know I’m always here to give you makeup advice, but for this blog post, I’m blessing you with an amazing Mother’s day gift guide. This is the perfect time of year to thank the woman who shaped you into the beautiful makeup lover you are today.

I totally get that every makeup lover is different, depending on lifestyle or just personal preference, so I know it can be challenging buying beauty products for other people, but LUMINESS makes it easy. (and of course, I’m here to help)

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but remember without a solid skincare routine-it’s almost impossible to achieve flawless results without taking care of your skin. So don’t rule out skincare as a gift for your Mother! I’m breaking down the ultimate gift guide for every type of mom and beauty enthusiast to ensure your mom feels beautiful this Mother’s Day. 

Here’s a list of products your mom NEEDS this Mother’s Day.


I’m sure you guys saw this one coming, but all LUMINESS airbrush systems are PERFECT for moms. Airbrushing saves you so much time, by covering my imperfections so quickly and using one tool for almost your ENTIRE makeup routine!

You don’t have to worry about finding the right brush or making sure they’re clean because let’s be honest, who has time to clean their makeup brushes? Not moms!

They will most likely just buy new makeup brushes because it’s easier..which leads me to my next point. Airbrush also saves you so much money compared to traditional makeup!

There’s no need to replenish your makeup brush collection with airbrush, you use one tool for almost everything! With a LUMINESS Airbrush System, you can apply your eye and face makeup, fill in your roots, and also give yourself a natural-looking at-home spray tan!

LUMINESS Airbrush Systems are so versatile. Are you a super busy mom that’s always on the go? Don’t worry, the cordless breeze system can help you achieve flawless results from just about anywhere! There’s a perfect airbrush system for everyone, check out all the LUMINESS Airbrush Systems here:

And of course, the most important part, the results. You can achieve flawless results so easily with all LUMINESS airbrush systems. They cover imperfections so quickly and easily, making your routine shorter, but also give you AMAZING results. What’s better than that? I think my point is proven!


Okay so remember when I said you or your mom shouldn’t be sleeping on your skincare routine? Would you believe me if I told you, I know a way to exercise your face that doesn’t involve cardio? Well, it’s time to start exercising your skin!

My new favorite toy, the Conture Toning Device is a non-invasive anti-aging tool that tones your face and reduces wrinkles. The Contoure Toning Device utilizes Isometric Compression combined with low-frequency vibrations to gently stimulate and tone skin.

All you need is the Kinetic Treatment Serum and you can get to toning. This is the perfect gift for your mom because it’s easy to use and the results are insane! What’s a better gift than youthful-looking skin? Your mom will LOVE this and NEEDS this. 


Velvet Veil Skin Perfecting Serum is so necessary for everyone…can’t you tell by the title? This serum smoothes fine lines and pores creating the perfect base for your makeup!

And it doesn’t stop there, Velvet Veil is essentially a primer that instantly mattifies and hydrates the skin, I even wear it without makeup sometimes- that tells you something about the results!

This allows mom to take a break from makeup for a day, but still feel confident in their skin. If you’re eyeing an airbrush system for your mom, throw in a bottle of Velvet Veil to enhance her airbrush results.


This hair remover is an absolute lifesaver..have you ever met anyone that enjoys the tedious process of traditional shaving? This hair remover can be used from ANYWHERE, no water or shaving cream required!

This powerful shaver easily removes hair without redness or bumps while covering larger areas with ease-if this isn’t a mommy must-have then I don’t know what is!

The fun doesn’t stop there, with this device you can switch the head for ultimate self-care. The Pumice Head can be used on rough areas like your feet, hands, and elbows to remove dead skin cells to achieve more radiant skin.

The Polishing Head works to remove surface oils and impurities from your face to brighten your complexion. For those of you with sensitive skin, I recommend the Silicone Cleansing Head.

It gently, but thoroughly cleanses the skin by massaging away all impurities. Can anyone say at-home spa day? And I’m not finished just yet, there’s one more!

The Smooth Massaging Head stimulates the skin for better absorption of serums and lotions while improving the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eye. Every mom deserves a relaxing spa day, why not give her the tools to do it from home! 

I hope all my fellow makeup lovers know EXACTLY what to get all the moms in their life for Mother’s Day. You are all about to be the favorite child for these AMAZING gifts.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Flowers are great, but nothing beats a gift that keeps on giving! So give your mom or a special mom in your life a gift that will make them feel confident and beautiful every day, that is the greatest gift of all. 

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