Professional Results, At Home!

Well, it’s official-we are getting closer to normalcy which means we can finally celebrate special occasions with our loved ones. Although special events like weddings or graduations are super exciting, they can also be very stressful. I know the second you receive your invite, you’re thinking about your outfit, hair and makeup- don’t lie! 

But what if it didn’t have to be stressful? What if we didn’t have to worry about researching the perfect makeup artist and booking an appointment? Imagine achieving the professional looking results you desire but at-home, done by you and your airbrush system…

LUMINESS provides the tools to help you achieve flawless results for ANY occasion, but here are the products that will make you feel confident in your application and stress-free for your special occasion, no professionals required!


So, first things first, you’re going to NEED an airbrush system. I’m sure most of my fellow makeup lovers do, but if you don’t this is your sign to join the airbrush world. 

Airbrush Systems are the key to professional-looking results and it couldn’t be easier to use. Of course, it takes a little practice, but doesn’t every new makeup tool? After a few tries, you’ll be a pro-I PROMISE. 

Just be sure to follow these few simple rules:

-Keep the stylus/system four fingers away from your face

-Lightly pull back on the trigger

-Keep it moving in small circular motions

If you follow these easy tips, you’ll be showing off your makeup results in no-time! 


Now that you have the system, I’m sure you’re thinking…what do I put in it?? Well honey, we have many options for you. With an airbrush system you can apply most of your makeup, but we will get to that later. 

Let’s talk coverage, for a special event we want our skin to look flawless, we want to cover all wrinkles, blemishes-you name it! LUMINESS provides a variety of foundations that make it so easy to cover all imperfections and there’s a foundation for every skin type. 

My all-time favs are the amazing multi-purpose 4-In-1 Foundations. If you’re someone who likes medium to full coverage, I’d recommend Rose 4-In-1 Foundation and side note it smells like fresh roses (such a bonus!). If you like light to sheer coverage, your best bet is the Silk 4-In-1 Foundation. Both of these foundations act as your primer, concealer, foundation AND anti-aging serum, all in ONE! So, on the busy day of your special event, shorten your routine and achieve a flawless finish with these multi-purpose foundations!


Now that you’ve found the perfect airbrush foundation and system, let’s complete your look with airbrush cosmetics. From airbrush eyeshadows to airbrush blush, you can achieve a flawless makeup look with airbrush cosmetics. 

Your airbrush system is so versatile it can even save you a trip to the hair salon! You can fill in your roots at home using airbrush root and brow, which can be used to add shape and color to your brows as well!

Forget about figuring out which brush is for what product, your airbrush system is all your brushes in one, making it so easy to achieve a special look for your important event. Listen guys, I’m the furthest thing from a makeup professional, I’m just a makeup lover and I rely on my airbrush system for every occasion, so when it comes to stressful special occasions, I’m very thankful for my system. So don’t make these special occasions harder than they already are, let your airbrush system do the work!


As I mentioned earlier, I’m NOT a makeup artist and I have to admit, I’m so bad at applying fake eyelashes on myself. The glue gets everywhere, the lashes are crooked, it’s honestly scary, but I love the way they look (if done correctly). Thankfully LUMINESS has answered my prayers with the Lash Lure Magnetic Lashes. 

All you need to do is line, define and effortlessly apply any of Lash Lure’s three styles of silk magnetic lashes. These lashes come in natural, diva and glam- the three distinct magnetic lash styles add volume and fullness to any look and the 2-in-1 Magnetic Smart Adhesive ensures an easy application and comfortable wear. The process is so easy all you need is the magnetic liner to attract the lashes for a glue-free AND worry-free hold! 

Lash lure makes special occasion glam easy for anyone, with LUMINESS you don’t need to be a makeup artist to achieve perfect results!

I hope I took some stress off your plate….. or should I rephrase that? I hope LUMINESS’ user-friendly amazing products help you feel beautiful and stress-free not only during special occasion season but always! I want you all to fully enjoy your celebrations this summer, spend less time stressing and more time impressing!

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