Spring 2021 Eye Makeup Trends

Neons, flashy liner, and crease shadow, oh my! We are springing into a season full of colorful and bold eye looks. As usual, these Spring 2021 trends are full of oldies but goodies, but also new techniques that I’ve never seen before.

I use makeup trends as inspiration and put my own creative spin on them! Here’s how I’ve been embracing and loving Spring 21’s eye trends! Now, don’t feel pressured at all to take on these in full force and definitely not all at once in the same look.

These trends are suggestions and I encourage you to play around with them! Unlike trends in fashion, (which can go sideways fast with regrettable consequences!) makeup trends are low risk and super affordable.

1)Pop of Color Eyeshadow

This spring, don’t be afraid to add a little POP to your shadow. For my spring pop shadow, I’ve been using airbrush eye shadows Royal and Sheer Purple.

This is great because you don’t have to worry about having the right brushes for eyeshadow, you’re already using an airbrush system for foundation, all you have to do is change the product in the foundation well – so convenient!

So my fellow makeup lovers, have fun and embrace neon and sparkly bright colors, apply them to your eyelid and your lower lash line, it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days! Not wearing shadows? Check out the next trend. 

2) Colored Eyeliner

I know it’s hard to believe, but bright eyeliner is making a strong comeback. (Think 1980s but better technology!) Personally, I’m excited about this because blue eyeliner makes my brown eyes really pop!

I love using our Persuasion Liner in Nautical. Yes it’s blue, but no panic needed -the color is subtle, and it compliments my brown eyes beautifully! For makeup lovers with light eyes, try warm tones for liner like gold or coral.

I’d recommend our Temptation Liquid Liner in Champagne to accentuate the cold tone of your eyes- it’s also waterproof and smudge-proof (bonus)!

Emerald Persuasion Another way to spice up this trend is going mono-chromatic – Emerald Persuasion eyeliner makes green eyes the envy of this trend. 

3) Cut Crease Shadow 

Cut crease is a technique of using eyeshadow to create a line above your natural crease line. This will add more dimension and depth making your eyes appear bigger.

This technique works for all eye shapes, but cut crease is especially popular for hooded eyelids because it adds extra depth to the lid. It’s super easy, this is how I apply cut crease shadow:

Step 1: Blend a dark brown eyeshadow into your crease and wing it out! 


Step 2: Using a flat line concealer brush, apply a thick layer of our Nude Illusion concealer (because the coverage and color are AMAZING) over your crease!

Step 3: Cover the rest of the eyelid with foundation and add setting powder over your entire lid.

Step 4: Add some shimmer! Apply eyeshadow until desired shimmer is achieved

4) Emerald Smokey Eye

If you can’t tell, this season is all about adding color. Apply Click N Play shadow in Moss in the inner part of the eyelid and use a dark brown or black in the outer part of your eyelid. Not a huge fan of the smokey-eye or dark eye makeup?

Don’t worry, you can rock the emerald eyeshadow by itself! The green is powerful enough to be worn alone!

With the crazy year we’ve all had, I’m sure we all have a serious case of Spring fever. I want to see you all shine- whether it’s in your own home or out and about!

So, my fellow makeup lovers, test out and play with these trends! Don’t be afraid to be bold and creative this season, all the colors of the rainbow are in. Have fun with your glam this Spring, I know I will. Happy Spring, go show off those wink-worthy eyes!

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