Summer 2021 Makeup Trends

Hello hello, makeup squad! I’m in awe of this summer’s makeup trends and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. As you all know, I like to look at makeup trends as fun suggestions.

Of course, I stick to the routine that I feel confident in, BUT I’m not scared to test out a new technique or product because that’s how we grow as beauty lovers, right? Makeup is supposed to be fun, remember??? 

Let’s dive into this summer’s popular makeup trends….


You’re always a go-getter, but this season’s calling for some extra glow. This season is celebrating healthy and radiant skin! Good thing my makeup squad has been keeping up with their skincare routine, but if you’re new here, let me explain how important a solid skincare routine is for your makeup results! 

In order to have smooth and flawless makeup results, you MUST have a clean canvas. By clean canvas, I mean a hydrated and fresh face! To achieve a smooth canvas, please EXFOLIATE, this will remove all dead skin and impurities from your face.

I recommend the Bamboo Facial Exfoliant for thorough exfoliation, removing all impurities from the skin! Another important step in your skincare routine is hydration.

Hydrated skin will make it easier to cover fine lines and wrinkles by creating a smoother complexion. To moisturize, I use Kinetic AM lotion in the morning (hence, AM)  and Kinetic PM Lotion at night (duh).

Kinetic AM Ignition lotion is a lightweight, yet intensive moisturizer that hydrates skin while helping it retain essential moisture. Kinetic PM Recovery lotion is an intensive night cream that helps the skin recover while you sleep.

They both should be used daily to minimize wrinkles and achieve ultimate hydration! This skincare routine will definitely provide the glow-getter look EASILY. 

If you’re looking to enhance your natural glow, I’d suggest using Airbrush Love Illuminator. You can use it with or without makeup to add a subtle dewy shine to your face!

Just add a few drops into your airbrush system and spray where you want to shine. And don’t worry, there’s no shimmer, when I say subtle, I mean it!


This season’s eyeshadow is the furthest thing from shy! If you’re dying to have some fun with colorful shadows, then honey this is YOUR season. I’ve seen bright eyeshadow trends before, but NEVER like this.

This season we’re using the entire color wheel with tie-dye eyeshadows. I know tie-dye sweatsuits are in, but apparently, people are wearing it on their eyelids as well. Our Airbrush Eyeshadows are perfect for this look because the shadows are so pigmented and the airbrush stylus makes it so easy to apply. 

Along with tie-dye eyeshadow, another popular eyeshadow trend this season is pastels. I feel like pastels aren’t used enough for makeup looks and they should be! I can’t wait to show off a fun pastel look using Click N Play Eyeshadows

Whether you’re participating in these trends or not, LUMINESS provides so many different eyeshadows from airbrush to traditional, with an amazing variety of colors. With LUMINESS you will never be bored of your eyeshadow selection


Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend and in this case, a VIBRANT best friend. This summer is puckering up for bright and playful lip colors. Softs and neutrals we love you, but we won’t be packing you in our suitcase for this summer’s vacation!

Get ready to incorporate bright pinks, corals and bold reds into your makeup looks this season, specifically matte or high-pigmented lipsticks. 

Summer proof your makeup bag with my favorite bright and bold lippies: 

The PERFECT Bright Pinks:

Chromatic Lip Stain-Magenta Rock

Forever Reign- Alist

The BOLDEST Reds: 

Creme Confession-Red Cape

Obsession Liquid Lipstick- Big Poppy

The MUST-HAVE Corals:

Captive Lip Liner- Tangerine

Vinyl Slick Lipstick-Merengue


Oh, I am all about that blush, so I guess it’s my lucky season! Everyone can appreciate a classic blush look, to add shape and color to our faces, but what if I told you rosy, red cheeks are back to play?

Remember when you were embarrassed about blushing or ashamed of your sunburn? Well, forget about that this summer! The sun-kissed rosy cheek makeup look is in and I have to say, it’s soooooo cute.

This look is so easy to achieve with our Airbrush Blush because LUMINESS offers a variety of blush shades, so don’t worry-the perfect shade of sunburn is waiting for you.

All you have to do is pour 2 drops of airbrush blush into your system and apply to the apple of your cheek and then do a light pass over your nose, for that naturally sun-kissed look! 

Well, friends, those are the bold and daring summer 2021 makeup trends! How’s everyone feeling about these trends? Comment which trends you can’t WAIT to try!

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