Summer Skincare Routine

Summer’s officially here and it’s time to show off our radiant and young-looking skin. Of course, we know LUMINESS’ Airbrush Systems help us achieve flawless results, but these gorgeous results start with skincare. 

It’s time to refresh your routine and give your skin the pampering it deserves! Here’s a sneak peek into my summer skincare routine, get ready to shine bright my lovely makeup lovers. 


When you think of summer, I’m sure you think of getting your bikini bod toned and ready. BUT have you ever thought about toning your face?

The Conture Toning System is an anti-aging beauty device that tones skin to restore radiance and firmness to the three main areas: décolleté, eye area, forehead. It’s basically a facelift minus the extreme pain and the giant price tag. 

Your face will be summer ready in no time! For best results, I recommend using this device twice a day and no it’s not time consuming (10 mins TOPS). All you need to do is apply a few pumps of the Kinetic Treatment Serum and then it’s toning time. 

After every treatment be sure to moisturize, in the mornings I use the AM Ignition Lotion which provides the intense hydration I need to wake my skin up and make it look like I didn’t get 3 hours of sleep (very thankful for that). After using my toning device at night, I moisturize with the PM Recovery Creme which helps my tired skin recover at night. 

If you weren’t already giving yourself an at-home face lift with this life changing device, then I’m sure you are now. This device is realistic and ideal for everyone, in a fast-paced world people can’t afford painful plastic surgery or time-off from their daily responsibilities. So, it’s time to give your skin the extra TLC it deserves and start toning!


From peach fuzz on my face to the hair on my legs, the Silk and Smooth Hair Remover has me feeling confident all summer long. Throw out your overpriced shaving cream and your crusty razor, it’s time to remove hair without getting bumps and irritation (no soap or water required). 

Silk and Smooth hair remover target unwanted hair with absolute EASE. AND it’s perfect for on the go with this hair remover your body will always be beach ready. Skip your wax appointment and let your silk and smooth do the work for you!

And of course, removing peach fuzz or facial hair creates a smooth canvas for makeup application. Creating a smooth canvas will help makeup cover imperfections easily and allow you to achieve the flawless finish you deserve. 


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you MUST exfoliate. It is super important to exfoliate at least 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin cells. For a thorough exfoliation, I use Bamboo Polish Exfoliant to fight bacteria and reveal brighter skin. 

Remember when I said it’s important to remove facial hair to create a smooth canvas? Well, it’s the same situation with exfoliating, it’s just as important to remove dead skin.

Exfoliating will remove dead skin and impurities creating a clean and even surface…so obviously your makeup loves exfoliated skin? As we all know, airbrushing allows you to achieve a perfect finish, but taking care of your skin will help reduce the amount of product you use and make it so much easier to cover imperfections!


So far, we have all the prep steps before you apply your makeup, but did you know your skin can still benefit post makeup application? Well with the help of my best friend, SPF 30 Setting Powder, you can protect your skin from the sun AND remove oil spots on your face without ruining your makeup. Yes, you heard me right. 

With its convenient on-the-go packaging, touch-ups are easy from ANYWHERE! As someone who can be an oily mess at times, my SPF setting powder always comes in handy and I truly appreciate that it doesn’t mess up my makeup. Oh, and helps protect my skin from the sun, who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product? 

With this summertime skincare upgrade, you will have toned radiant skin instantly and jaw-dropping makeup results. Prioritize self-care this season, starting with my simple summer skincare routine. Happy summer everyone!

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