Summer Vacation Must-Haves

It’s officially vacation season and I couldn’t be happier about it! Even though we all LOVE vacation, we also love all of our makeup products. So how do we decide which products get a spot in our travel bag? Have no fear, your favorite makeup lover is HERE! 

Thanks to LUMINESS, I don’t have to stress about achieving flawless makeup results when I travel, they make it easy! These are my go-to travel products that help me achieve beautiful makeup results on-the-go and take up minimal space in my travel bag. 


The cordless Breeze System is LUMINESS’ newest system, taking on-the-go glam to a whole new level. You need this system to travel as much as you need your airplane neck pillow.

As mentioned, it’s cordless- so it’s plane, car, sidewalk, spaceship friendly…meaning you can apply your makeup ANYWHERE. 

With this system you can apply foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer annnnd the list goes on. You can complete almost your whole makeup routine using the Breeze.

Forget about the hassle of packing all your makeup brushes, the Breeze is all your makeup brushes in ONE device. This handheld airbrush system is the definition of travel-friendly beauty, apply your favorite airbrush cosmetics with ease. No need to worry about a messy makeup bag with this handheld game-changer. 


So, for those of you who are new here, I love multi-purpose products in general, because it saves you time and money and just overall makes your routine easier.

BUT I love them, even more, when it comes to traveling. Rose 4-In-1 Foundation is the perfect travel-friendly foundation because it acts like four products in one.

It acts as your primer, concealer, foundation, AND anti-aging serum. This one product saves you a lot of room in your makeup bag and shortens your makeup routine, which is HUGE because let’s face it no one wants to waste their time on vacation getting ready.

Of course, we all want to feel beautiful on vacation but don’t want to spend a million years getting ready and it feels like that’s impossible to achieve. However, LUMINESS’ products make it very very possible. 

Rose 4-In-1 Foundation provides medium to full coverage and an absolutely flawless finish. For those of you who like less coverage and more of a sheer look, I recommend Silk 4-In-1 Foundation!

Silk Foundation is also multi-purpose but provides light coverage. So don’t worry there’s a vacay foundation for EVERYONE!


As someone who has struggled with razor burn and bumps from traditional shaving and waxing the Kinetic Smooth Duo Blade Hair Remover has made a huge impact on my results and my confidence.

This hair remover is so much easier than traditional shaving and it leaves my skin smooth and bump-free. This device allows me to feel comfortable in a bikini again!

No water and shaving cream needed to achieve a safe, painless shave, every time in or out of the shower. Enjoy your smooth skin all vacay long by removing facial and body hair so easily.

It’s an absolute no-brainer to bring this device for your summer vacay, forget that travel size shaving cream and disposable razor, your skin deserves better. So save your time and money and cancel that waxing appointment because, with the device, it won’t be necessary. 


Want to get rid of that midday excess oil, but don’t want to ruin your makeup? Well, the SPF Setting Powder is about to be your best friend. This convenient setting powder is packaged specifically for on-the-go glam. Therefore, this is a summer vacay must-have. The setting powder packets are so small they can fit in your pocket!

Not only does this powder absorb oil from your skin, but it also protects your skin from the sun with its SPF 30 formula. So again, another multi-purpose product, and that’s what we need people!! It can be used with makeup or alone. 

As someone who has extremely oily skin, this Setting Powder has helped my makeup last longer and look fresh throughout the entire day. I love how the SPF 30 Setting Powder Protects my makeup and my skin from the sun. So, before you leave for your trip, fill up your beach bag with the SPF 30 Sunscreen Setting Powder, you won’t regret it.

Ready to start packing? I promise you these products will make your suitcase a little lighter and allow you to enjoy your vacation…and always look amazing. 

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  1. ok SPF setting powder was a little weird to me, but this stuff WORKS! Luminess really pushes the limits of what is possible with cosmetics and skincare. Truly amazing.

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