Airbrush Foundation is Perfect for Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out — or GNO as some call it — is a tradition unlike any other. It’s a chance to get together with your gal pals and forget about — or maybe obsess over — work and all those boy problems that are keeping you up at night.

It’s a chance to laugh, flaunt a new outfit, try out a new local restaurant or bar and of course – perfect your airbrush makeup look at home and make all your friends jealous.

And because using a Luminess Legend Airbrush System at home is so quick and easy, you can invite your girlfriends over to get ready together and make it part of the fun.

With the starter kit, you’ll be able to color match for each and every skin tone of each of your friends and you’ll all have flawless-looking skin in no time – so no need to fight over a filter later when taking pictures. You won’t need it!

Choose the airbrush foundation that’s perfect for you and in just a matter of minutes — before you’ve even finished that first glass of pinot — you’ll have radiant and perfect-looking skin, ready to lead your girl’s night all the way. And the best part is that airbrush foundation is long-lasting and will likely outlast you and your girls throughout the night, since it lasts up to 18 hours!

The full coverage of airbrush foundation is lightweight and won’t look caked on and heavy like traditional makeups. So instead of going back and forth to the bathroom to touch up your makeup every fifteen minutes, you’ll have more time to chit chat about your ongoing drama or bust a move on the dance floor – which we believe is what girl’s night is all about!

Everyone does GNO a little different – what’s your favorite thing to do with your girlfriends?

Demystifying Airbrush Makeup

One common theme we hear about airbrush makeup is that it’s intimidating. Even celebrity Makeup Artist Nikki DeRoest admitted that the technique gave her pause at first. But, it didn’t take her long to realize how easy it really is.

“I must admit that I have been a little intimidated myself about airbrushing. I had played with it here and there throughout my career, but never fully found something that worked for me,” Nikki confessed on her blog, “I love airbrushing because it allows the skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage, doesn’t look cakey or thick, and it definitely has a beautiful ‘camera ready’ finish. When I got my hands on these machines, I couldn’t believe how simple it was and how beautiful the result could be! Luminess Air really broke it down from the beginning, and from the second I opened the box I was well on my way to being a pro!”

5 Reasons You Should Try Airbrush Makeup At Home

Kristina at has dabbled in airbrush makeup since her mother gifted her with a “cheap” system from Amazon. After moving into her current home, though, that system was lost and she needed an upgrade.

We were happy to fill the void. After trying our systems, Kristina came up these 5 Reasons to Try Airbrushing at Home.

With her traditional makeup, Kristina says “there have been times when my foundation just does NOT want to cooperate with my skin. Whether my skin is too flaky, too acne-prone, or just too reddened from harsh treatments — sometimes it seemed like it would just be best to go without makeup than to cake foundation on my face and make the problem even more obvious.”

  1. Quote-OpenAirbrush foundation has the benefit of allowing skin to breathe without sacrificing longevity or coverage, it doesn’t look cakey or thick. It’s great for “camera-ready” skin, fabulous for video, or even selfies.
  2. Many people tend to think of airbrush makeup as “special occasion” makeup, but I would argue that it is actually incredibly simple. I can apply airbrush makeup in less time than it takes me to painstakingly bounce a beauty blender sponge across my face to ensure even, blended coverage. With airbrush, the blending is done for you–by the air we breathe.
  3. This system can be very easy to use and I found the effects and finish to last as long if not longer than standard foundation. I especially liked that it did not cling to dry patches
  4. You have an endless range of color possibilities. You can use the same type of makeup in summer as in winter, and you can custom mix you own shade any time you like – and always have the perfect match for your skin without buying another $25-50 bottle of foundation!Quote-Closed
  5. The effects are near-flawless, and I quite like that it felt like I had literally nothing on my face.

“All in all, if you have been thinking about dabbling in airbrush makeup, I would wholeheartedly recommend Luminess systems as your go-to choice–and most specifically, the Luminess System, for reasons I outlined earlier in this post.”

What Shape Magazine Thinks of Airbrush Makeup

Earlier this month, put our Luminess airbrush makeup system to the test for their research on beauty gadgets. Photo Editor Erica Meneses experimented with the system for the magazine’s story, “Do Fancy Beauty Gadgets Really Work?”

The verdict? An excited “Yes!”

After testing multiple products, Meneses found that the Epic 2 delivers natural-looking results easily (though she had her qualms at first). “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to apply the foundation or blush evenly on my face, but the machine took care of everything,” she said. “It didn’t take a lot to make my skin look smooth.”