Shine Bright This Summer

It’s your time to shine! See what products can brighten up your beauty routine by making your complexion more youthful and radiant!

Upgrade your makeup bag and elevate your results this summer with these 4 LUMINESS must-have products!


Summer is a busy time of the year, which means we want to spend less time inside getting ready and more time outside to enjoy summer festivities. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a multi-purpose foundation to make your makeup routine shorter?

Well, great news, this life foundation exists and it’s called Rose 4-In-1 Foundation. Airbrush Rose 4-In-1 Foundation provides medium-full coverage and acts as your primer, concealer, foundation, and anti-aging serum.

This is the perfect foundation for summer because it shortens your routine and gives you flawless natural-looking results. Oh, and I’m sure you guessed this, but it smells like fresh roses. Isn’t it the best when your foundation smells fresh and clean? It doesn’t even feel like foundation at that point it’s more like a spa treatment! 

If you don’t need medium-full coverage, but love all that Rose 4-in-1 offers, I’d recommend Silk 4-In-1 Foundation. This foundation is also multi-purpose but it provides sheer to light coverage giving you a natural-looking beautiful finish.

LUMINESS offers foundations for all skin types, with a large variety of shades. To see the full collection, visit the airbrush foundation page:


This product just screams healthy summer skin!!! Airbrush Love Illuminator hydrates while adding subtle illumination, warmth, and glow to the skin, keyword subtle. It’s not overly shiny or greasy looking at all, it’s the perfect soft dewy-finish we’ve been searching for!

If you want a dewy glow all over, you can apply the illuminator the same way you would apply your airbrush foundation, or you can even mix it in with your foundation!

If you’re like me and just want a little glow in certain areas, after applying foundation, apply Love illuminator to your brow bones, cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow! Both applications look gorgeous, it’s all preference! 


Time to get rid of that stubborn dead skin that’s holding you back from flawless results. The Bamboo Polish Facial Exfoliant reveals a revitalized appearance, while greatly reducing clogged pores and removing dead skin. This will help you achieve amazing results because it will create a smooth canvas for your makeup. (AKA healthy and clean skin). 

If you have super sensitive skin, I’d recommend Superfruit Cleanser for a gentler exfoliation. This unique cocktail of papaya and pineapple enzymes balances moisture without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

The Superfruit Cocktail Cleanser smells just as good as it sounds, of course, it’s the perfect product for summer-it smells like a fruity tropical cocktail!

Both exfoliators thoroughly remove skin impurities, you cannot go wrong. Just please, don’t turn your back on exfoliating-be sure to exfoliate twice a week! Remember, we’re not just cleansing our skin, we’re prepping our canvases!! So pretty please, the flawless results you desire-take care of your skin!


So, as I literally JUST mentioned, it’s important to take care of your skin by using the right products in your skincare routine, but a part of taking care of your skin is protecting your skin from the sun.

That’s why I use SPF Sunscreen Setting Powder for midday touch-ups! It’s great to protect your skin from the sun while absorbing excess oil, without ruining your makeup (you know how much I love multi-purpose).

The blotting powder also comes in the most convenient on-the-go packaging, they fit perfectly in any purse, wallet, or even your pocket!

OH…and I can’t forget about …..LUMINESS REWARDS!

Earn points while upgrading your summer makeup bag! Did you know that LUMINESS has an awesome rewards program? You can earn free shipping, store credit, birthday bonuses, and extra discounts! Walk don’t run makeup lovers and get to earning, see more info here:

So, who’s ready to glow all summer long? Get ahead and prepare for a summer filled with flawless makeup days. Which summer-ready product are you most excited about? 

How to Look Younger With Airbrush

Everyone wants a flawless finish and to achieve a perfect complexion- you need a high-quality product, and you must apply that product correctly.

Now, when I say flawless finish, I mean no blemishes, no fine lines, and wrinkles…NOTHING but radiant younger-looking skin (emphasis on younger-looking). Here’s how I use airbrush as a beauty time machine-my tips will take years off your face, 


When searching for a foundation, it can be overwhelming- dewy, matte, sheer-oh my! However, if you are concerned about fine lines, you have to make sure you’re considering coverage.

Many times, when people see “full coverage”, they think it’s just for acne..but it’s actually for all imperfections-including fine lines and wrinkles. My personal fav foundation for covering fine lines and wrinkles is Rose 4-In-1.

The clean and vegan ingredients provide ultimate coverage and side note…it smells like a fresh bouquet of roses. Not only does it hide wrinkles, but it’s also a multi-purpose product-which is always a win for me.

Rose 4-In-1 acts as your foundation, concealer, primer, and anti-aging serum. This foundation takes years off your face and hours off your morning routine- it’s the definition of a makeup must-have.

I know it can be scary picking your color online but don’t worry LUMINESS has a virtual try-on feature that eliminates the stress of finding the perfect match! You HAVE to check it out:


I’m always stressing the importance of a consistent skincare routine because it’s essential to achieve flawless results. We have to create that clean canvas people!!

Part of that skincare routine is moisturizing, which is especially important for those who are concerned with fine lines. Invest in a moisturizer or a serum that helps eliminate wrinkles.

A serum that I cannot LIVE without is the Snapback Serum. This serum’s ingredients tackle fine lines and wrinkles by increasing elastin and collagen levels that greatly reduce wrinkles.

Since using Snapback, I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my crow’s feet and frown lines. My sweet makeup lovers, If your serious about looking younger, add this to your skincare routine…NOW. Run don’t walk!


Primer is mainly used to smoothen your skin for a more even complexion, but there’s a primer for all skin types. Look for a primer that softens pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

For example, Velvet Veil is the perfect primer for someone looking to hid wrinkles-it softens harsh fine lines with only 2 drops. Apply after moisturizer and before airbrushing for the best blurring results! 

Like I mentioned earlier, It’s super important to keep your skin hydrated, especially the areas with fine lines and wrinkles. Airbrush Moisturizing Primer is another great way to hydrate your skin-just have to point out that this is another multi-purpose product, just saying!

It’s the perfect blend of moisturizer and primer by preventing dryness and creating a smooth canvas for foundation.


Now, that we know what to apply let’s talk about where and how you apply airbrush foundation and concealer to cover wrinkles like crow’s feet.

To cover fine lines and wrinkles under the eye, you can break ONE of the airbrush rules…you can get two fingers away from your face for ultimate coverage but continue to follow the other basic airbrush rules: Keep your stylus moving in a circular motion, while LIGHTLY pulling back on the trigger, keeping it 2 fingers away from your face (in this case).

This simple step will help hide fine lines quickly and almost effortlessly. If you need help with this application, don’t worry honey-LUMINESS is here for you! Book an appointment with a LUMINESS makeup artist to perfect your anti-aging skills or anything airbrush!! Set up a quick appointment now!

So, my friends, this blog post just took 10 years off your life-you’re welcome in advance. I promise that these tips will help you look younger and fall in love with your airbrush results.

Airbrushing is truly equivalent to a magic wand. Let me know how the magic of airbrush has impacted your makeup routine in the comments. 

Common Makeup Mistakes

As beauty lovers, we’ve all had a fair share of makeup fails. I’m guilty of putting eyeliner in my waterline and wearing foundation like its self-tanner for about six years straight.

But, thankfully for my beauty community, I’ve learned from my makeup mistakes and I’m always open to learning how to improve my makeup game. Here are common makeup mistakes that I’ve witnessed and how I avoid them! 

Overspraying When Airbrushing

This is a VERY common mistake when airbrushing. As in, I have done this like every time the when I first started airbrushing, Overspraying is so common because we’re so used to traditional makeup, we want to see the makeup instantly, but that’s not how airbrushing works.

Overspraying happens from pulling back on the trigger way too hard and spraying too close to your face. Remember to keep the system four fingers away from your face and ever so LIGHTLY pull back on the trigger-so lightly, you want to question if it’s even releasing the product and always keep the system moving.

After one full pass around your entire face, check to see if you like the coverage. If you feel you need more coverage, you can repeat the process! These quick and easy tips will make a huge impact on your results and give you the flawless results you deserve. 

Giving up on Airbrush After your First Try

 Listen, guys, I know I’ve said many times in my previous blog posts (maybe too many) BUT airbrush takes practice before you feel totally comfortable with it. Don’t let your first try discourage you, I’m here to help you feel confident in your application.

My first time using the airbrush was with the Legend, and it was super intimidating to me at first, but after playing around with my new toy a few times, I became quite the airbrush pro!

But I couldn’t have gotten to that place of comfort without following the basic airbrush rules. Like I mentioned earlier, hold your airbrush four fingers away from your face, always keep the system moving, and lightly pullback in the trigger.

Not only am I here to offer tips and tricks, but LUMINESS offers 1:1 appointments and group sessions to answer any makeup-related questions you may have. So you know LUMINESS has your back and you are never alone on your airbrushing journey! Click here to book a 1:1 appointment or group session!

Not Prepping your Skin Properly

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know how important it is to have a clean and healthy canvas for makeup application. And for those of you who are new, by canvas, I mean face!

I’m a firm believer in consistent skincare routines that make your skin fresh and smooth. Start with exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and bacteria. I use the Bambo Polish for thorough exfoliation, it makes my skin glow and rejuvenates my complexion.

Then, cleanse your canvas with Superfruit Cleanser! This multi-purpose cleanser provides regeneration of skin cells and helps improve overall skin tone and texture. Not to mention, it smells absolutely amazing – papaya and pineapple just smell like happiness!

Consider skin care a part of your daily makeup routine and you will see big improvements in your results. Also, don’t forget to apply primer before applying foundation. My favorite primers are Velvet Veil and Airbrush Boost it Primer.

If you’re looking to hide all fine lines and pores, Velvet Veil is a must-have for you. If you need a complexion boost to brighten your skin, start your makeup routine with Airbrush Boost it Primer.

Incorrect Concealer Application

As much as we love concealer and it’s a lifesaver for many reasons. Shoutout to Nude Illusion Concealer for covering up many sleepless nights and discoloration.. Have I ever told you you’re my hero?

With that being said, if over-applied or applied incorrectly your concealer can take away from your beautiful glam and we do NOT want that. I guess you can call concealer your frenemy… BUT, as always I have my fellow makeup lover’s backs. Let’s talk about the top do’s and don’ts of concealer. 

First things first, DO NOT over-apply.  With concealer, a little goes a longgggggg way. Too much concealer will emphasize fine lines and look cakey. Remember your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation to brighten your eyes, but if you apply too much you can look like you fell asleep with your sunglasses on at the beach. So please, with concealer less is more-trust me!

Now, let’s talk about where you put your small, yet mighty, amount of concealer. Using the Nude Illusion applicator, apply two short lines on the outer corner of your lower lashes and then apply from the inner eye to halfway down your nose.

Then, blend concealer in a dabbing motion around the entire eye. Lastly, use Blending Sponge or brush to press Setting Powder into the concealed area to prevent makeup from settling into fine lines.

More Mascara More Problems

I’m sure you guys don’t need me to tell you this, but clumpy is NEVER cute. It’s a common misconception that certain mascaras are clumpy because of their formula, which may be the case, but your application is usually the main cause for clumps.

You should never apply more than two coats of mascara and you shouldn’t feel like you need to (if it’s good quality). Be sure to use a mascara that makes it easy to coat all lashes with only two strokes!

For example, Distraction Mascara’s brush allows you to coat the inner lashes with its thin tip while applying mascara to the outer lashes with the thicker end. (It’s amazing!) You also avoid every makeup wearer’s worst nightmare….getting makeup on your nose after completing your makeup. There will be NONE of that with distraction mascara!

Also, side note, you should use a new mascara every month to avoid infections and achieve optimal results. Give your lashes the love they deserve, bye crusty clumps! 

These common mistakes have very simple solutions, it’s just a matter of applying these tips to your makeup routine! As we’re all passionate makeup lovers, I’m so curious to hear what common makeup mistakes you guys are seeing and how to fix them! Share your makeup do’s and don’ts in the comments below. Looking forward to learning from my makeup posse!

5 Must-Do Makeup Hacks

Listen up makeup junkies, these hacks are life-changing! Although I love doing my makeup, I just don’t have the time! These quick tips have shaved off time and truly elevated my makeup game.

Check out these simple, but super helpful hacks that have really given me noticeable and flawless results. 

  1. Blush Before Foundation

Blush, a personal fave and major staple in my makeup wardrobe, has had quite a whirlwind career in the cosmetics world. At one point in history, it was called rouge and was the only thing separating the healthy-looking from the less fortunate.

Fast forward a few hundred years to when some decades skipped the trend completely. Then, here comes the 80’s – making blush almost as important as those frosted shadows that crept up to your eyebrow. No wonder why blush can be intimidating!!  


With airbrush, you can forget those blushing mishaps because you can switch it up! There are many differences between airbrush cosmetics and traditional makeup. One of the most important differences is the order of application! 

Step 1: Using any LUMINESS airbrush system, apply blush to your cheekbones. 

Step 2: Apply your fav airbrush foundation over it. 

The Result: Perfectly blended blush, every time. 

  1. Powder Before Airbrush  

Is your face super oily? Or oily in just your t-zone and dry everywhere else? Applying powder before foundation will prevent oil breakthrough. Applying powder over airbrush foundation takes away from the flawless finish, making it look dry and we do not want that! 

And because it’s airbrushed, you don’t have to worry about moving the powder underneath! (Remember, airbrushing is touchless!)

Step 1: Start with a hydrating spray.

Step 2: Apply setting powder where necessary to absorb excess oil.

Step 3: Apply airbrush foundation. 

The Result: Soft matte, but not dry looking, foundation. I recommend the Translucent Setting Powder!

  1. Open Your Eyes

 Lining our eyes can backfire – quick! We love to accentuate and draw attention, but too much liner can make our eyes look smaller and closed. To avoid heavy eyeliner overload, switch to shadows for lining under your eye. 

  • Step 1: With a medium-toned shadow and a dense brush (try brush L210 and Click N Play Shadow in Cave), buff the color from the outer corner of your eye to about ¾ of the way towards the nose. PRO TIP: Gently lift on the brush as you come towards to nose to lighten the application and avoid hard lines
  • Step 2: Take the same brush and a darker shade of shadow (Try Click N Play Shadow in Coffee), repeat step 1 ( yup! Right on top of the Cave) but stop ⅓ of the way and blend into the first color. This will draw attention to the outer corners making your eyes look bigger. 

The Result: Softer looking liner, but more defined and open eyes. 


Unsteady hand or a little intimidated by liquid? No worries. Line away! The liquid liner will give the depth of color that a shadow just can’t do on its own, (yes, even if you wet it!) and the precision that is unparalleled. Add the soft blur of shadow and you look like a master liner!

Step 1:Line and let the line dry completely. 

Step 2: With a deep shadow color (Like Click N Play Graphite) or a pop of color (Like Click N Play Iris) and a dense brush (Like L210) buff over the liner staying close to the lashes. 

The Result: Blur out any imperfections and create a soft, blended line.

5) Lighting is EVERYTHING

I’ll say this one loud for the people in the back… DOUBLE CHECK YOUR LIGHTING after applying your makeup. Match your lighting to your destination.

Step 1: Determine what look you’re going for based on time of day/ occasion

Step 2: Check your light based on occasion.If you’re going to an outdoor daytime wedding check your lighting outside or by a window. If you’re going out to a romantic dinner or a dark club, check your makeup in dimmed lighting.

The Result: Desired colors and coverage, allowing your features to pop for each occasion. 

Whether you are a makeup artist or a makeup junkie, we all want to achieve amazing results in a shorter time! Less time in the makeup chair, more time flaunting your fresh beat face. Make these little changes to your routine, for a big impact on your results!

Beauty Spotlight: Olivia Hancock

Introducing the beautifully courageous Beauty Editor and Podcast Host, Olivia Hancock.

The need for more inclusion and representation in the makeup world is very important to me and as members of the beauty community, it’s something that we all should strive to change.

The beauty industry is infamous for its exclusive past of ageism and falsifying reality through ads, but I’m so glad that beauty companies like LUMINESS and beauty professionals are recognizing those flaws and creating a better future for the beauty world. 

It’s super important to recognize individuals who use their platforms and dedicate their work to make a positive impact in the beauty industry. I’d like to introduce you all to Beauty Editor and Podcast Host, Olivia Hancock.

Olivia provides a community of recognition and inspiration for the black community in the beauty industry.

I’m thankful for people like Olivia and companies like LUMINESS  that support this change by promoting genuine content that speaks to all ages, races, and ethnicity.

Olivia Hancock is an Associate Beauty Editor for a very well-known and respected beauty outlet, Byrdie. Olivia’s stories mainly consist of beauty news and beauty profiles, with a focus on acknowledging and celebrating powerful black women or businesses in the beauty industry.

I truly enjoy her content because she has a great variety of feature pieces and must-know beauty news, which is perfect content for a dedicated makeup lover, like myself! 

Olivia is also the founder and host of the podcast, The Hue Report. She created this outlet to talk about beauty through the eyes of black beauty founders and entrepreneurs. Through her podcast, Olivia strives to be a destination for black inspiration and connect the black beauty community. 

She covers all things beauty from natural hair tips to hustling in the beauty industry as a black journalist and I am here for it all! Advice and tips from successful women in the beauty industry?

Um yes, please. It’s so interesting to hear her guest’s experiences and how the industry has impacted their career paths. 

And get this, Olivia just graduated from Georgia State University in December of 2020 with a B.A. in Journalism, with a minor in African American Studies.

It’s so impressive that she’s been able to inspire the beauty world through her very own platform at such a young age! I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

As someone who creates content for makeup lovers, I truly respect and enjoy her makeup tips and industry insight because she offers a unique balance of fun/product-focused content, but also brings attention to conversations that need to be heard. (yes I look to her for inspo).

I’m so proud to be a part of a company that was founded by a family of South-Indian descent, LUMINESS understands the importance of diversity and inclusion and we provide products that can make all races and ethnicities feel beautiful by offering a wide variety of foundation shades and color cosmetics.

And of course, we would NEVER forget about different skin types and age groups- there’s a perfect foundation for everyone. LUMINESS recognizes that makeup is for enhancing an individual’s qualities, not changing what makes them unique. 

So my makeup lovers, I know we love learning makeup hacks and tips to look even better but we should also take the time to see this beauty world through other’s eyes and always remember to make other’s feel beautiful as well. 

The Hue Report is available on Spotify and Itunes. See link for more information!

To see more of Olivia’s awesome work, check out her archive:

Face Forward: Spring 2021 Makeup Trends

*Breaking News* Face-makeup and skin trends

Spring is in full swing and so are these must-do face makeup trends. Trends are popular changes or developments within a category. If you’re anything like me, change may scare you-especially drastic changes!

I like to look at trends as inspiration to fuel my creativity and enhance my makeup routine in my own way! So freshen up, grab your airbrush kit and let’s get trendy! Look alive makeup junkies, were elevating our makeup game with new techniques and products. 

  1. Blush is BACK

Your old friend blush is back and bolder than ever! (If you missed it, I talked about some blush hacks in our 5 Must-Do Makeup Hacks post) Rosy cheeks are in so get cheeky with airbrush blush.

Airbrush blush will add color and give you a youthful look! Remember, apply your airbrush blush before foundation for the most natural and blended look. 

  1. Contouring with Self Tanner 

The definition of long-lasting contour. Apply Airbrush Tanning Solution to areas where you would normally apply dark tones for contouring: cheekbones, upper forehead, and underneath the jawline.

I would recommend using a regular Stylus for precision and accuracy. By using self-tanner for contouring, it will add dimension and shape to your face.

The darker tone of the sunless tanner will create shadows on your skin giving the illusion that this area is pushed back (aka sculpted and more defined). 

  1. Dewy Highlight

Powder is soooo last season – especially if you are trying to achieve the highly coveted glow that only comes from the most perfectly, hydrated and illuminated, healthy skin to achieve this liquid highlight look- you need look no further.

With our Exposure Highlighter, you can create this look so flawlessly that it will leave them wondering where the light came from.  It’s so easy to use, you don’t even need a brush.

After applying highlighter with the applicator use fingers to blend by dabbing lightly. This will enhance your complexion with a subtle but glowing, finish.

I’ve personally always been a little hesitant about shiny highlighter, but I feel totally confident in the application for Exposure Highlighter, I can probably do it with my eyes closed! Quick and easy to apply for natural results? Yes, please!

  1. Skin is Sacred 

If I didn’t stress this enough in my last blog post, here’s your reminder: in order to achieve these looks flawlessly, you must be kind to your skin! 

Let’s take a moment to get real. And I mean real, real. Every single one of us is concerned with our skin for many different reasons. We see the pressures everywhere to look younger and have flawless skin.

But I am going to tell you how to achieve the perfect palette (palette = your gorgeous face) so you can rock these new trends, flawlessly. 


Step ONE – Remove your makeup. Take a Makeup Eraser Cloth and get rid of the makeup, oils, and environmental impurities of the day. 

Step TWO – CLEANSE YOUR SKIN. And no, we didn’t just do that in step one. Let me put it to you this way…. Step One is taking off your clothes before you get in the shower.

Step Two is the shower part. (Hear me?) Now that you have taken away your day, your cleanser can actually clean your skin, as it was designed to do.

If you go right in with a cleanser on your makeup, you are just moving the makeup around. Use Superfruit Cocktail Cleanser to eliminate excess oil and skin impurities for a clean and brighter complexion. 

For a deeper and more renewing cleanse, use Bamboo Polish to exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin cells, this will allow your makeup to apply evenly and give you a smooth finish.

Use Superfruit cocktail cleanser to eliminate excess oil and skin impurities for a clean and brighter complexion. Lastly, moisturize your entire face with our Snapback Serum.

This serum will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate your skin. This will provide a tighter palette for your eyeshadow and make your primer’s job a little easy. 

Last but not least, ALWAYS protect your skin (#1 from above) from the sun. I don’t leave the house without our Sunscreen Setting Powder. It absorbs excess oil, keeping my finish smooth and shine-free.

And get this, it’s SPF 30 and comes in cute little on-the-go packaging! So please makeup junkies, give your skin a little TLC for better makeup results. 

So my fellow makeup lovers, who’s ready to elevate their face makeup game with these Spring 2021 trends? I know new trends and products may be intimidating at first but at the end of the day, this is our passion-we live and breathe cosmetics!

New products and new techniques just take a little practice to achieve awesome results. Happy spring my cosmetic queens!  Ready… Set….Glam! 

Spring 2021 Eye Makeup Trends

Neons, flashy liner, and crease shadow, oh my! We are springing into a season full of colorful and bold eye looks. As usual, these Spring 2021 trends are full of oldies but goodies, but also new techniques that I’ve never seen before.

I use makeup trends as inspiration and put my own creative spin on them! Here’s how I’ve been embracing and loving Spring 21’s eye trends! Now, don’t feel pressured at all to take on these in full force and definitely not all at once in the same look.

These trends are suggestions and I encourage you to play around with them! Unlike trends in fashion, (which can go sideways fast with regrettable consequences!) makeup trends are low risk and super affordable.

1)Pop of Color Eyeshadow

This spring, don’t be afraid to add a little POP to your shadow. For my spring pop shadow, I’ve been using airbrush eye shadows Royal and Sheer Purple.

This is great because you don’t have to worry about having the right brushes for eyeshadow, you’re already using an airbrush system for foundation, all you have to do is change the product in the foundation well – so convenient!

So my fellow makeup lovers, have fun and embrace neon and sparkly bright colors, apply them to your eyelid and your lower lash line, it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days! Not wearing shadows? Check out the next trend. 

2) Colored Eyeliner

I know it’s hard to believe, but bright eyeliner is making a strong comeback. (Think 1980s but better technology!) Personally, I’m excited about this because blue eyeliner makes my brown eyes really pop!

I love using our Persuasion Liner in Nautical. Yes it’s blue, but no panic needed -the color is subtle, and it compliments my brown eyes beautifully! For makeup lovers with light eyes, try warm tones for liner like gold or coral.

I’d recommend our Temptation Liquid Liner in Champagne to accentuate the cold tone of your eyes- it’s also waterproof and smudge-proof (bonus)!

Emerald Persuasion Another way to spice up this trend is going mono-chromatic – Emerald Persuasion eyeliner makes green eyes the envy of this trend. 

3) Cut Crease Shadow 

Cut crease is a technique of using eyeshadow to create a line above your natural crease line. This will add more dimension and depth making your eyes appear bigger.

This technique works for all eye shapes, but cut crease is especially popular for hooded eyelids because it adds extra depth to the lid. It’s super easy, this is how I apply cut crease shadow:

Step 1: Blend a dark brown eyeshadow into your crease and wing it out! 


Step 2: Using a flat line concealer brush, apply a thick layer of our Nude Illusion concealer (because the coverage and color are AMAZING) over your crease!

Step 3: Cover the rest of the eyelid with foundation and add setting powder over your entire lid.

Step 4: Add some shimmer! Apply eyeshadow until desired shimmer is achieved

4) Emerald Smokey Eye

If you can’t tell, this season is all about adding color. Apply Click N Play shadow in Moss in the inner part of the eyelid and use a dark brown or black in the outer part of your eyelid. Not a huge fan of the smokey-eye or dark eye makeup?

Don’t worry, you can rock the emerald eyeshadow by itself! The green is powerful enough to be worn alone!

With the crazy year we’ve all had, I’m sure we all have a serious case of Spring fever. I want to see you all shine- whether it’s in your own home or out and about!

So, my fellow makeup lovers, test out and play with these trends! Don’t be afraid to be bold and creative this season, all the colors of the rainbow are in. Have fun with your glam this Spring, I know I will. Happy Spring, go show off those wink-worthy eyes!

Springtime Prep for Glowing Skin

Have no fear, my Spring Forward Survival Kit is here

Uh oh! It’s that time of year again, your skin is dry and dull, your body’s been covered up for months, but it’s almost time to put those spring break shorts on.

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered-I’m happy to share my annual transition secrets with my fellow makeup lovers! Not only do I survive this transition…I thrive. Here’s how:


It’s always good to start with a clean canvas and yes, your face, well anywhere you want to tan, is the canvas. Use our Bambo Polish (you only need a dime size) to exfoliate your face. ( You can use this yummy scrub on those dull, notoriously dry areas on the body, too. Think elbows, knees, and ankles.) 

This exfoliant will make your skin brighter-looking and remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin is key to a silky smooth finish because it prevents pockets of sunless tanner from collecting on those dry, dull skin areas! 

PRO TIP: Speaking of sloughing away the skin, don’t forget to give your lippies some love with our Pomegranate Lip Scrub. This will buff away any dead skin cells on your lips and provide lots of moisture. There will be NO crusty lips this season. Remember, new season, new canvas. 


Sunless tanning comes in many forms. From barely-there color to “wowza, when did you get back from vacation?” From gradual color build with clear application to sun-kissed in an instant.

No matter how many different formulas there are out there, I think we can all agree on a few fears we have when it comes to application.

  1. The dreaded orange hue – it’s a big fear and there are many tanning products out there that fail to capture that natural tan essence. (Some by inches, and some by miles.) 
  2. Streaks! – full body application can be just scary enough for us to want to skip it altogether. And just imagine… what if you got distracted and forgot a whole limb!

Let me tell you, I have tried so many sunless tanners and have had my share of tanning turmoil. I’m going to make it easy for you with two easy remedies for your application fears.

Flawless Formulas

Tanning Tonic and Tanning Solution. Two flawless formulas that won’t steer you wrong.

Tanning Tonic – a juicy concoction of good for your skin ingredients. Makes my skin look healthy with zero traces of the off-putting orange. And if you like to feel like you have been whisked away to a tropical island, just close your eyes and take in the aroma of a Caribbean breeze.

Tanning Solution – This seemingly magical formula not only gives me color that lasts up to fourteen days, I get instant color. And forget about that telltale tanning odor… not with this formula. 

Airbrush application

Always even. When you go to the salon to get sunless tanning, what do they use? A modified airbrush device. So why would you settle for anything less at home?

The reasons why salons use airbrush application is because it’s reliable and even. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Skip the streaks and use what the pros use – but at home!


After completely drying, I like to sleep in my new tan and yes COMPLETELY DRY. We’re giving our skin a glow, not our bedsheets! While I know that my tan starts to kick in 4-6 hours after application, I also know that if I sleep in my tan, it soaks in a little longer and motivates me to hop out of bed a few minutes before my alarm to check out my new glow!

I also sleep soundly because I know that (once I am dry), my new glowing color won’t transfer. Trust me, it’s worth the wait. Plus, it’s really hard to keep checking your tan line (obsess much?) while you are catching your Zzzzzzs.

Shower (not scrub)

Be sure to skip any scruffy, rough cleansing, especially the day after you apply. Your tan is fresh and even and you want to keep it that way. It’s best to use cold or room-temperature water when showering.

Be sure to dry with caution, dry in a light dabbing motion to avoid streaks, and accidentally removing your tan! 

Touching Up

Days after tanning, you might need a little refresh or touch up in certain areas. Our Tanning Tonic Mist is great for a quick and easy touch-up or as I like to call it on-the-go glow-it’s the perfect size to fit in your purse!

It’s clear and the color aligns perfectly with Tanning Solution or Tanning Tonic. And let’s not forget that ‘take me away’ tropical scent! 

I hope my survival kit has calmed your spring scaries and you’re excited to feel confident in those spring break shorts! Remember prep is key (clean canvas), follow the simple aftercare steps, and always keep your Tanning Tonic Mist in arm’s reach. Now, GO GET YOUR GLOW ON!

Airbrush Foundation is Perfect for Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out — or GNO as some call it — is a tradition unlike any other. It’s a chance to get together with your gal pals and forget about — or maybe obsess over — work and all those boy problems that are keeping you up at night.

It’s a chance to laugh, flaunt a new outfit, try out a new local restaurant or bar and of course – perfect your airbrush makeup look at home and make all your friends jealous.

And because using a Luminess Legend Airbrush System at home is so quick and easy, you can invite your girlfriends over to get ready together and make it part of the fun.

With the starter kit, you’ll be able to color match for each and every skin tone of each of your friends and you’ll all have flawless-looking skin in no time – so no need to fight over a filter later when taking pictures. You won’t need it!

Choose the airbrush foundation that’s perfect for you and in just a matter of minutes — before you’ve even finished that first glass of pinot — you’ll have radiant and perfect-looking skin, ready to lead your girl’s night all the way. And the best part is that airbrush foundation is long-lasting and will likely outlast you and your girls throughout the night, since it lasts up to 18 hours!

The full coverage of airbrush foundation is lightweight and won’t look caked on and heavy like traditional makeups. So instead of going back and forth to the bathroom to touch up your makeup every fifteen minutes, you’ll have more time to chit chat about your ongoing drama or bust a move on the dance floor – which we believe is what girl’s night is all about!

Everyone does GNO a little different – what’s your favorite thing to do with your girlfriends?

Demystifying Airbrush Makeup

One common theme we hear about airbrush makeup is that it’s intimidating. Even celebrity Makeup Artist Nikki DeRoest admitted that the technique gave her pause at first. But, it didn’t take her long to realize how easy it really is.

“I must admit that I have been a little intimidated myself about airbrushing. I had played with it here and there throughout my career, but never fully found something that worked for me,” Nikki confessed on her blog, “I love airbrushing because it allows the skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage, doesn’t look cakey or thick, and it definitely has a beautiful ‘camera ready’ finish. When I got my hands on these machines, I couldn’t believe how simple it was and how beautiful the result could be! Luminess Air really broke it down from the beginning, and from the second I opened the box I was well on my way to being a pro!”