Editor’s Sneak Peak Black Friday Preview

Prepare to be amazed, because we’re about to give you a preview of our Black Friday sale. It’s the biggest sale we’ve ever had and just in time for the holidays – so now owning your very own airbrush system at home is easier — and cheaper! — than you ever thought possible!

Here’s just a sneak peak of the airbrush makeup sales we’ve got going on – it’s the perfect time to stock up on airbrush essentials for yourself — you know – treat yo’self! — and everyone on your holiday list. The below is just a sampling of the amazing sales we will be having, so be sure to click the “sales” tab to see all the goodies!

There’s something about boxes and packages that our Luminess Beauties love, so we’ve decided to create a ton of options this holiday season, perfect for everyone. Here are just a few of the airbrush makeup packages we’ve got going on sale:

The Mystery Box, which includes Translucent Powder, Lipsticks, Haute Polish Oil, Minus 10 – 5ml, Gel Eye Shadow, Stylus Cap Cover, Stylus Tails, Makeup Remover Wipes and Tip Top, which is perfect for the gal who has pretty much everything.

Naughty & Nude, which includes Naughty & Nude Palette, Nude Lipstick, Incognito, Naughty Lipstick and Blood Moon, which is perfect for the subdued makeup lover in your life.

Shimmer Glimmer Collection, which includes 0.25oz Metallic Gold, 0.25oz Metallic Bronzer, 0.25oz Metallic Silver, 0.25oz Metallic Pearlizer, to keep you shimmering all the way through the holiday season and into the New Year.

Got You Covered Collection, which includes everyone’s favorite Liquid Concealer, 0.25oz X-Out, and 0.25oz Eraser to help finish up your airbrush essentials collection.

Love Thyself Collection, which includes 0.55oz Love, 0.55oz Porcelain, and 0.55oz Moisturizer, which is the best way to really treat yo’self this holiday season. You can buy one for your bestie, but we promise you’ll want your own!

Filter Me Pretty Collection, which includes 0.55oz Love, 0.55oz Contour, and 0.55 oz Highlighter. Buy this collection and you can pretty much delete all the filters on Instagram because now you can create your own. Just be sure to include your #NoFilterNeeded humble brag in the post, because you’ve earned it.

Travel in Style Collection, which includes a slew of products perfect for travel near or far. The collection includes a Travel Bag, Go Battery, 0.25oz Metallic Gold, 0.25oz Metallic Bronzer, Makeup Remover Wipes, 0.25oz Primer, 0.25oz Soft Rose Blush. This collection is so on point; you’re going to want to book a trip somewhere after you buy the collection just to put it to good use!