How to Look Flawless When Meeting the Parents for the First Time

The day has finally arrived and you are meeting your significant other’s parents and family for the first time. Boy do we remember those jitters. It’s such an exciting time, but also such a nerve-racking time. Good think you look flawless and radiant.

Here are just a few reasons airbrush makeup is the perfect at-home look for meeting the parents:

Airbrush foundation is long-lasting, sweat-proof and waterproof. So when it feels like his parents have been grilling you for hours upon hours, your makeup won’t give you away. Your makeup won’t run or start to fade away after just the first course – you’ll be set to carry on conversation long into the evening. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Natural-looking and flawless skin. Airbrush makeup goes on as a fine mist of makeup that gently lays on your face – not in the fine lines and wrinkles. The makeup looks natural and flawless and doesn’t look caked on and heavy like a traditional foundation. And we can pretty much vouch for every mom to ever walk the planet – they don’t give a thumb’s up for a girl that wears too much makeup.

It’s quick and easy. It never fails – anytime you need to be on time somewhere, something will inevitably happen and you’ll run late. Whether it’s an important meeting or a business dinner or meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time – being punctual is a must. That’s why using airbrush makeup at home is key here – it’s so quick and easy to apply a full face of natural-looking makeup that you’ll have extra time in case you notice a wardrobe malfunction leaving the house.

It’s dermatologist tested and recommended. Once you’ve made it through that first meeting of the parents, the coast is clear. Or is it? Using airbrush foundation won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts like traditional makeup. Plus, since you don’t use dirty sponges or makeup brushes, your skin will remain in tip-top shape. No one wants to break out after managing to make it through one of the toughest nights of your life, right?!

Those are just a few of our favorite reasons to use airbrush makeup — especially airbrush foundation, which is key to flawless coverage — before important events like meeting your significant other’s parents.

A few other things to remember include: minding your manners, not talking with your mouth full, listening — you should listen at least 60 percent of the time and talk maybe 40 percent — always saying positive and uplifting things and staying true to yourself. Applying those few tips along with flawless airbrush coverage will have his mom and dad singing your praises for a long time – we promise!