We Don’t Want to Brag, but our Mascara is The Best

If the eyes are in fact the window to the soul, then it’s imperative your eye makeup, including eye shadow, brows and yes, even your eyelashes are on point.

Our Mascara is the top of the line and one of our best-selling products by new and repeat customers alike.

The key to great mascara – not only the product but the application – are buildable results. Most professional makeup artists will attest to the fact that you need you apply mascara multiple times, but some mascaras don’t make it easy to add extra applications as they get stuck or are too clumpy. The Luminess mascara is created with buildable results in mind. This mascara is both lengthening as well as curling, providing depth and dimension to your eyes.

Our mascara is long-lasting — up to 18 hours, which is the best on the market — and water-resistant, so it can make it through the day looking flawless, no matter what the day throws your way.

Just like all of our beauty products and cosmetics, our mascara is never tested on animals and is dermatologist tested and recommended, so it’s safe for your skin.

So what are you waiting for? Stock up for yourself and yes – these make excellent stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays!

Our mascara is currently on sale for $7.99 and it won’t last long!