Airbrush Away Your Acne

It’s no secret that makeup can be bad for your skin. We know makeup can clog our pores, cause infections or even wrinkles, but we still apply it daily. Whether your style is natural or glam, there is a way to make your cosmetics work for your skin.


Airbrush makeup has the daunting reputation of being a product used only by professionals or for special occasions. We argue that it’s for everyone. With light, water-based formulas ideal for any skin type, and an easy on/off button, an airbrush makeup system is perfect for everyday use, whether you’re young with acne-prone skin, mature with fine lines and wrinkles, or anything in between.

No dirty brushes. Raise your hand if you should be more diligent about cleaning your makeup brushes. Don’t worry. Our hands are raised, too. Most women don’t regularly clean their makeup brushes and sponges, which can transfer bacteria onto your skin, worsening your acne and even causing infections. With airbrush, you simply put a few drops of makeup into your stylus and let air do the work for you. There is no need to touch your face with dirty hands, brushes or sponges; it’s completely hygienic. Bonus: Because you’re never touching your face, you’re also never pulling on your face, so you won’t develop wrinkles from makeup application.

Your skin can breathe. If you have acne or even a minor breakout, chances are you also have a full face of makeup to conceal the blemishes. When you pile on makeup to cover up pimples, though, you’re only making it worse. Most makeups are oil-based and comedogenic (meaning they clog pores), so they block your current blemishes from breathing and healing, and clog your pores, causing more pimples. Airbrush makeups are lightweight and made with water, so they allow your skin to breathe while providing perfect coverage. You can use airbrush eraser, concealer, or just foundation to cover up your acne, and you’ll be left with a flawless finish that lets your skin heal itself.

Get flawless coverage. As mentioned above, you never have to sacrifice perfection for lightweight coverage. With airbrush makeup, you can apply as little or as much foundation as you want. You’ll always look flawless, and your skin will always be able to breathe.

No irritation. Luminess Air airbrush makeup contains no fragrances, citrus extracts, menthol or denatured alcohol, which are the most common skin irritants found in cosmetics. While you should always check your skincare and makeup products for ingredients you may be allergic to, you never have to worry about common irritants from us.