5 Tricks to Taking a Great Photo

We love Instagram filters just as much as the next gal, but sometimes we recommend posting a photo sans filter. And while we agree certain filters can make you look tanner or slimmer (yay!), there are some other tricks, outside of apps, that will help you take great photos too.

Here are 5 of our favorite tricks to taking better photos:

  1. Change it up. Maybe you already know “your good side” or maybe it just depends on the day or the angle, but it never hurts to have options. Don’t stand in the exact same position (think head, smile, hand position, etc.) in every photo. Once you learn your angles, you’ll be wishing you had signed up for America’s Next Top Model.
  2. SMILE. No one on this planet likes being told to smile more, but there is some truth to that. (And guys, if you’re reading this, do not tell us to smile more.) You want to look like you’re having fun and loving life (even if you’re faking it), and it’s much easier to do that with a smile on your face.
  3. Airbrush it. There is a very valid reason many brides get their makeup airbrushed on their big day and models get their makeup airbrushed for fashion shows and photo-shoots and it’s because airbrush makeup just looks 10 times better in photos. Try Luminess Airbrush Makeup Systems for your everyday routine – not just a fancy photo-shoot – and see the difference it makes in your photos.
  4. Get your lighting right. Let’s face it – lighting can make or break a picture, and you’re not always guaranteed to have natural light to help with your photos. If you’ve asked someone to take your photo, don’t be afraid to check it and see if you need to switch to the other side (so the sun isn’t behind you). Shooting at sunset is ideal.
  5. Be comfortable. Whether it’s a professional photoshoot or just snapping a selfie with your bestie, being comfortable is key. Whatever you’re feeling at the moment will likely show up in the photo. Are you laughing hysterically? Yeah – that’ll probably be evident in the picture. Are you angry and grumpy? Yes, again. Make sure you’re comfortable (that goes just as much for attitude as it does what you’re wearing) while you’re taking your photo so you don’t look like Awkward Annie.

Those are our top tricks and tips for taking the best photos. What are yours? Leave us a comment in the section below and let’s talk!