5 Easy Ways to Stay Flawless All Summer

Summer is arguably the most fun time of the year. (We were going to say magical, but obviously that’s reserved for the sequined, snowflake-bedecked, gift-giving days of winter.) It’s filled with picnics, fireworks, pool parties and, best of all, vacations.

What do you do, though, to keep your makeup looking flawless, no matter where you are in the world, without carting around your entire vanity?

Luminess Air’s airbrush makeup line is surprisingly easy to pack up and go. The Legend systems are the smallest airbrush systems in the world, and, thanks to the automatic perfection that comes with airbrush, you don’t need too many products. Read on for these incredibly easy ways to take perfection with you, everywhere you go.

  1. Pack it up and go. The Legend fits perfectly in our travel case, with plenty of room for your foundation, sunsreen + primer, bronzer and sealant.
  2. Power it anywhere. Even though every system comes with an American power adapter, we’ve also got you covered abroad. We have European and British travel adapters as well, and, if you’re going somewhere more tropical, a portable battery pack. Just pop in some batteries, plug it up, and you’re set to airbrush, even if there’s no outlet in sight!
  3. Take fewer products. Our new Mystic foundation packs a full coverage punch because it’s formulated with primer, corrector and concealer. You only need one product to do the job of four, saving room in your carry-on, and time getting ready so you can hit the beach quicker.
  4. Protect your skin. Like Mystic, our sunscreen has, as the name suggests, primer built in. What’s better is that this broad spectrum SPF 30 was specially formulated to be worn beneath airbrush foundation so it won’t look cakey or feel tacky. Bonus: it doesn’t have that all-too-familiar sunscreen smell.
  5. Protect your look. No matter what you’re doing on vacation—swimming, hiking, skiing—you can protect your makeup look from water and sweat with Final Seal. This waterproof airbrush sealant locks in your look to keep you flawless all day.

No matter what, vacation should be fun. Use these tips to simplify your beauty routine so you can focus on enjoying yourself this summer.

What are your vacation plans?