The Best Way to Spend your Staycation

Dying for a vacation, but don’t feel comfortable traveling right now? Contrary to popular belief, a vacation doesn’t have to include Pina Coladas and Palm trees.

A vacation can still be relaxing and fun from your own home. My staycation has been filled with self-care and playing with new beauty products like their toys! Here’s how you can give yourself the relaxing staycation you deserve.

1) Selfcare

 There are days I dream of wrapping my hair up, putting a mask on, for like the full recommended time suggested, then plopping on the couch with a box of truffles and binging Rom-Coms till the TV asks me if I am still there. 

It just feels like I never have the time. But hey, you’re on staycation! Throw on your robe, pour a glass of wine, and slice a cucumber because we’re having a spa staycation!!

This is the perfect time to enjoy that face mask that you’ve been dying to try! For my dull and tired skin, I like to use our Reco2very Oxygen Mask. This mask gives my skin energy making it bright and radiant- it truly is the ultimate reset.

It’s also fun to watch the mask change on your face and feel the tingling- you can feel the mask working its magic! This mask only takes 15 minutes to achieve amazing results and it’s so entertaining to watch it change color and texture (just thought you should know).

2) Practice Airbrush

As we all know, airbrush takes a little practice. Take this downtime to MASTER your airbrush makeup kit and explore all of its features! Practice your whole makeup routine with your airbrush system.

If your already an airbrush pro, have some fun with the airbrush eyeshadows, or fill in and shape your eyebrows! Haven’t been able to get to the hair salon?

Fill in your roots with our airbrush brow and root! Although these applications don’t take a ton of practice, it’s always fun to just play around with all the great features your system offers!

3) Play with Techniques

Spend your staycation testing out all the new trends and techniques from my posts last week! Nowhere to go and no one to see? Test out new techniques with no pressure at all. This is the best way to see which trends you’ll be following this season!

Remember the cut crease trend I mentioned? This definitely takes a few tries to master, so get your concealer, powder, shadow, and foundation ready because you’re going to be a cut crease expert by the end of your staycation.

Like I said guys, I’ve been playing with my makeup like a kid on Christmas morning and I’m loving it! A staycation is a makeup lover’s dream- when do we have the time to sit around and play with all our products with nowhere to go? I’m telling you guys, staycation was meant for makeup junkies.

4) Give yourself a Sunless Tan

You don’t need a tropical island to get a gorgeous tan! I’ve achieved my sun-kissed look by using Airbrush Tanning solution- I need instant results this staycation.

When my tan faded towards the end of my staycation, I’ll use my tanning tonic mist to freshen up my glow. Remember guys it’s important to exfoliate and moisturize your skin 24 hours before tanning to remove excess oil and dead skin cells.

I recommend Bambo Polish to exfoliate and Snapback Serum to hydrate the skin! This will allow your tan to apply evenly and smoothly! So friends, spa day first and then tanning the next day! 

I know we’re facing challenging times and we all need a vacation more than ever. Give yourself the gift of a staycation to unwind, reset and improve on your makeup skills!

Open that sealed lipstick that’s been sitting on your vanity and test out your airbrush eyebrow stencil because you finally have the time to enjoy it all. So my makeup lovers, continue to think positively and treat yourself to a self-care and beauty-filled staycation. 

 P.S. Here are some other things I’d personally like to try (if I have the time).

  1. Actually letting my hair air dry. A break from the heat is a great idea and you can finally see what your version of wash and wear is!
  2. Practicing with my opposite hand. I have always wanted to nail a home mani but I totally need the practice, so why not now!?
  3. Soaking my feet. I know I get a good soaking at the salon but why not at home. We really put our feet through a lot. They deserve a good soak.
  4. Stretching. And not just a quick quad stretch before a walk around the block. I’m talking about a yoga-style stretch sesh to refresh my body. Goal? 10 min. 

3 thoughts to “The Best Way to Spend your Staycation”

  1. Practicing my airbrush has been so helpful during my spring staycation! Also, watching Luminess’s live videos on Facebook every morning has taught me so much about how to airbrush correctly and unlearning everything I used to know about traditional foundation.

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