The Most Natural Self-Tanner

Glow your way with Airbrush Tanning

It’s summertime or as I like to call it Glow Season. I know it can be hard to achieve a natural glow with your busy lifestyle and minimal sun exposure, so thankfully LUMINESS offers the perfect self-tanner for everyone. 

From airbrush to traditional mists, you can glow your way with LUMINESS’ tanning collection. 

See how you can achieve a natural-looking glow and which self-tanner is best for your lifestyle. 

Sunkissed Socialite

Do you have a special event coming up and your legs need a little extra TLC? Well, Airbrush Tanning Tonic is the perfect tanning formula for you!

Airbrush Tanning Tonic allows you to skip the salon and achieve an even and natural-looking sun-kissed glow at home!

Applying Tanning Tonic using your airbrush system, you will achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow INSTANTLY. This subtle but show-stopping glow develops 4-6 hours after application!

To ensure you have EVERYTHING you need for a perfect tan, The Icon Pro Tanning Airbrush System is your best bet! 

Serious Tanoholic

If you are someone who wants to be tan all day every day, Airbrush Tanning Solution is the PERFECT formula for you. 

After applying Tanning Solution with your favorite airbrush system, your beach bum tan will take about 2-3 hours to develop and continue to deepen for 14 days! With this formula, you can enjoy the ultimate long-lasting glow! 

For airbrush self-tanners, Tanning Solution, and Tanning Tonic, be sure to have the following for optimal results: Tanning Stylus, Tanning Hose, Airbrush System (preferably Icon Pro), and tanning formula of your choice. 

On-The-Go Glow Getter

This formula is for those of you who want to achieve the perfect glow, on-the-go! Say hello to Tanning Tonic Mist. 

Tanning Tonic Mist adds a touch of warmth to the skin for a youthful “back from the beach” sun-kissed tan with ease. This truly is a travel bag must-have!

No airbrush system is required, all you have to do is spray and wait 4-6 hours for your flawless tan to appear. Also, this mist is great for touch-ups-If you applied your original tan with airbrush tanning tonic or tanning solution, bring this handy mist with you for any necessary touch-ups! (Don’t worry it will fit in your clutch)

And this next tip goes for everyone self-tanners or not, you’re all going to want this summer must-have! You NEED to try the new way of hair removal. No, I’m not talking about waxing or laser. I’m talking about LUMINESS’ Silk and Smooth Hair remover. 

This hair remover gently removes hair without causing redness or irritation, no shaving cream or water required (which is amazing). In a Byrdie article, written by Rebecca Norris, Dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer L MacGregor recommends electric shaving devices (Silk and Smooth), if you despise traditional shaving. 

Now that you guys have seen my ultimate LUMINESS tanning guide. Which self-tanner are you dying to try? FYI: ‘All of them’ is an acceptable answer!