The Newest Trend in Contouring

We’ve seen contouring progress over the years from simple contouring to clown contouring, strobing, baking, contouring, and everything in between. (Christmas contouring? Really?) The latest trend to rock perfectly sculpted faces is tape contouring.

Tape contouring began with Beauty Blogger Huda Kattan, and has taken over the beauty world.  Huda has you use the tape as a guide on the areas you are going to apply your darker contouring color, then peel off the tape and add your lighter contouring color or highlighter.

While this may make for precision contouring when using liquid foundations, we still prefer our method: airbrush. With airbrush makeup systems contouring is basically done for you.

When you spray on your makeup, the foundation blends automatically without harsh lines or the need for excessive blending. No office products required.

Part of the beauty of airbrush makeup is that you use 10x less makeup than liquid foundation! (Especially when half of your foundation gets left behind on scotch tape.)