The SPF Every Makeup Lover Needs

Finally, SPF that doesn’t ruin my makeup!

Happy UV Safety Awareness Month! I have the PERFECT way to celebrate. Makeup lovers, meet your new best friend, SPF 30 Setting Powder. 

This sunscreen setting powder absorbs excess oil, while providing protection from the sun, WITHOUT messing up your makeup. Keep your makeup fresh and your skin protected from ANYWHERE.

I used to choose between sunscreen or makeup because they never looked quite right together, but NOW, I never have to compromise. I can show off my flawless airbrush results, but also protect my skin with this easy to use SPF Setting Powder. 

This on-the-go setting powder is an absolute must-have, especially for summer. It’s convenient disposable packaging makes it travel-friendly, allowing you to touch-up on-the-go at all times. 

SPF 30 Setting Powder was recognized as one “The Best Powder Sunscreens, According to Dermatologists” on

Expertly formulated with zinc oxide for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, this non-greasy, non-irritating formula is perfect for all skin types and applies seamlessly over makeup or alone. 

Remember, it’s so important to protect your skin from sun damage all year round, but in honor of UV Awareness Month it’s a great time to start! Each box comes with 18 individual packets.

So, my lovely makeup lovers, run don’t walk to get this life-changing Sunscreen Setting Powder.