Why Every Mom Needs Airbrush in their Life

It’s me again, your friend, your beauty advisor, your life-saver (Not bragging, just happy to hold that title). With Mother’s Day coming up and since I’m always thinking about makeup, I’ve realized that I found the perfect gift for my mom, it’s something that will make her feel beautiful every day, and that in itself is the gift that keeps on giving!

This perfect gift is a LUMINESS airbrush system. I share all the things I love about makeup (particularly airbrush), so why wouldn’t I physically sign my mom up for the airbrush world?

As I’ve said many times, we ALL need airbrush in our lives. However, a makeup tool that saves you time AND gives you flawless results…that’s a no-brainer for every mom out there!

Moms if your reading this, I really hope you’re a member of the airbrush world by now. Also, shout out to the airbrush moms that have been recruiting other moms to fall in love with this amazing tool, no wonder millions are joining the airbrush world!

Here’s why an airbrush system is a perfect gift for all the moms in your life:


In this day and age, we all want to save time, but a mom rarely has a lot of time to apply makeup. *Enters Airbrush* Airbrushing saves me sooo much time in my daily routine, by covering my imperfections so quickly and using one tool for almost my entire makeup routine!

I don’t have to worry about finding the right brush or making sure they’re clean because let’s be honest who has time to clean their makeup brushes? 

Mom’s are busy and all they want to do is achieve flawless results! Well, moms, I have great news for you…airbrushing will give you the results you want quickly and consistently!

With systems like the Legend, Icon, and the Icon Pro you can apply eyeshadow, blush, bronzer…fill in your brows and roots and so much more. 

For moms that are always on the go and need a portable tool..don’t worry there’s a perfect system for you as well! The cordless Breeze Airbrush System is travel and carpool-friendly (only if you are in the park). This system is so easy to use and provides flawless results. 


LUMINESS offers a variety of airbrush foundations and shades, there are many different skin types and skin tones and LUMINESS understands that! For those of you who are frequent foundation wearers, I know you appreciate that. 

LUMINESS also provides foundations that have different finishes and coverage. For example, when my skins clear and I just need a little foundation to even my skin tone, I use Silk 4-In-1 Foundation, which is considered sheer coverage.

When I have dark circles and bad breakouts, my go-to is the Rose 4-In-1 Foundation. Both of these foundations also act as your concealer, primer, foundation, and anti-aging serum.

So like I said earlier, not only does the system itself shorten your routine, LUMINESS also has multi-purpose products-which is always a plus! 

We cannot forget about fine lines and wrinkles…my two favorite LUMINESS products to help hide fine lines and wrinkles are Velvet Veil Serum and CC Concealer.

Velvet Veil is a perfecting serum that soothes fine lines and pores, it’s magical. CC Concealer is an airbrush concealer that works the same way as a traditional concealer, but 20 times better.

It provides ultimate coverage and looks so natural! So you’ll apply the magic serum Velvet Veil first (with your hands), then concealer and foundation with an airbrush system. 


Lastly and most importantly, you should officially invite your mom to the airbrush world because she deserves to feel beautiful and confident! Gift your mom this magical tool so she can enjoy flawless results!

Your mom will think of you every time she does her makeup and thank you when she’s finished…I promise.

So friends, which airbrush system are you gifting to all the moms in your life? I’ll go first, I’m going to get my mom the Icon because I know she’s going to want to do full glam with the system and I’m going to get my grandma the Breeze because now that she’s fully vaccinated, she’s ready to be a world traveler again! I can’t wait to hear your gift ideas!

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