Why I Ditched Traditional Makeup

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was passionate about makeup and always eager to try new products. She’s spent her whole life wearing makeup, loving makeup, talking about makeup and so she thought she had all the beauty bases covered.

Then, one day, she discovered a different way of applying makeup that required a shiny new tool. That tool was an airbrush system and that curious girl was me! 

For those of you who’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ve heard my love story with airbrush and my discovery process. However, the list of why I ditched traditional making is on-going and growing..

For those of you who have NEVER read my blog before, you’re in for a treat because I’m going to introduce you to the world of airbrush. I’ll explain why you NEED airbrush in your life, how you achieve flawless results and you, my friend, will be tossing your liquid foundation in the garbage by the end of this post. 


As for makeup lovers, we can spot a high-quality product from a mile away. However, people will claim that a product is high-quality because it’s expensive and that is not always the case.

Since I use makeup every day, I need long-lasting, affordable products and thankfully my LUMINESS airbrush system is the gift that keeps on giving! First and foremost, if used correctly the airbrush system releases very little product. (Like up to 10 times less than my regular makeup!) 

This is because of the great coverage and active ingredients in all LUMINESS foundations. 

Second, not only do you achieve a flawless finish from airbrush foundation, but you can also use your airbrush system to fill in your eyebrows, roots, apply eyeshadow, full contour, and give yourself a glow with self-tanner!

Do you know how much time and money that saves you? Say goodbye to soaking your makeup brushes for days or buying multiple brushes for different products because your airbrush system has you covered.

I can’t even imagine how much money I’ve wasted on makeup brushes and spray tans throughout the years… 

It’s a no-brainer – airbrushing allows you to achieve professional-looking results AND you save money? Hello, sign me up! Airbrushing is a makeup lover’s best friend because of its affordable, easy, quick application and the results are unmatched! 


Airbrushing cuts my makeup routine in half! (Seriously, I have timed it.) Airbrush covers imperfections much quicker than a traditional foundation brush, so say goodbye to blending with stubborn brushes and hello to the magical mist of airbrush.

So yes, the actual system applies the perfect amount of foundation with ease making your routine shorter and your job MUCH easier! It does all the blending for you!

LUMINESS also has multi-purpose foundations, which saves me SO much time on a daily. I am #TeamMultiPurposeProducts. I’d like to introduce you to two life-changing foundations Rose 4-In-1 and Silk 4-In-1.

These foundations are also your concealer, moisturizing primer, and anti-aging serum. And, there’s a perfect multi-purpose for everyone. Rose Foundation provides medium-full coverage (and smells like a spa day).

Silk Foundation, is sheer-medium coverage, silky smooth finish – allowing the best you to shine through (the name is SO fitting). See, I told you airbrushing is the gift that keeps giving!

Are your foundation brushes in the garbage yet? 


Personally, I like to purchase products from brands whose values and vibe align with mine. I like to think I’m super caring and supportive, I mean this blog for example…I’m here to support fellow beauty lovers because I care and I want everyone to feel beautiful! And that’s exactly how LUMINESS operates.

LUMINESS provides support in so many ways, starting with hosting FB lives M-F @9:30am CT to talk everything airbrush, but if you’re not a morning person, don’t worry!

You can book a 1:1 appointment or group session with an airbrush artist for any makeup support you may need. Sign up now and tell them Liv sent you. Trust me, I’ve learned from the best, you’re in GREAT hands.  Here’s the link: https://luminessbeautybar.as.me/schedule.php 

Another commendable action by LUMINESS is their new partnership with ASPCA. LUMINESS is teaming up with ASPCA to join the fight against animal cruelty.

For every airbrush system sold, LUMINESS will donate $1 to ASPCA, with a maxim donation of $50,000. It’s great to see a brand that gives back, I love how LUMINESS cares about its customers and community. 


Although the other perks of airbrushing are MUCH appreciated and wonderful, the ultimate goal is to love your results! We all deserve to feel beautiful and thanks to airbrush, I feel confident no matter how tired I am or how many blemishes I’m fighting-airbrush always has my back.

Airbrush foundation also lasts all day long – no touch-ups necessary! This is super important to me because my days are packed. I barely have time to apply my makeup the first time – you think I have time to fix it?

Even though airbrush foundation is long-lasting on its own, to ensure your face stays mask-proof/life-proof, I use Final Seal Setting Spray. Once you’re done applying your makeup, just give your face spray and you’re good for up to 18 hours!

So, friends, I hope my airbrush fairytale made you rearrange your vanity because it’s time to make room for a makeup routine upgrade. Comment below and share your airbrush journey with me, I can’t wait to hear about your amazing experience. Happy airbrushing!

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